Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Truck For Sale

We REALLY Want To Sell Our Truck. We LOVE the truck, but we have other places we can really use the mula. So, for any of you out there who mightpossiblymaybeplease know someone who wants a truck under the following description, please let us know.

(insert picture, that I don't have yet, but hopefully will soon)

Black Nissan Frontier
An old man owned it before us and hardly ever drove it, and we've taken great care of it so really guys, it's in pretty much perfect condition.
Stick Shift
30,000 miles. (ya, this thing still has like a million miles left in it-Nissan is great)
gets great gas mileage
brand new stereo with usb port and everything
exhaust that sounds sweeet (flowmaster)
Price: 14,000 (or best offer)

Seriously folks, Colten loves this truck. He has totally bonded with it. It has nothing wrong with it, as I said we just need the money to go into other investments. If you are interested, please call Colten, phone # 435-215-3847 or email him,

Monday, December 27, 2010

Funny Hubby.

So on Christmas Eve, Colten and I took the fourwheeler out for a little spin. We rode out to Sand Hollow, and followed roads I'm 90% sure we weren't supposed to be on. But, Colten wanted to, and I did too. So we got to one of our special places out there, overlooking the lake, and we enjoyed each other's company, and we laughed, and then decided to head back. Previously on our ride we had discussed how it would be crazy if a ranger came out there and got mad at us. We expressed our slight worry of that possibility, and then we headed out. On our way back, Colten started driving really fast. Like really fast. Like this is the moment I just close my eyes and start praying/hoping that we dont crash. I yelled out to him, "Why are you driving so fast!" But, because of my lack of voice (i've had a bit of the larangitis this week sp?) and the loud rumble of the fourwheeler he didn't even hear me. So when he finally decided it would be okay to slow down so we could go through a gate, I said, "Why are you driving so fast!!!" (3 exclamation points that time if you noticed) He didn't answer me--he finished closing the gate and hopped back on the fourwheeler and then answered--right before he shot us into the 400 mph speed---"In my mind the ranger is chasing us!" ...........

the next little while of the drive I spent silently laughing because you couldn't hear me laugh from the rumble of the fourwheeler, but oh i was laughing. I believe its true that men never (ever) get over the little boy inside of them who likes to play cops and robbers, cowboys and indians, or what have you. When Colten is on that fourwheeler, or even when he's about to get on the fourwheeler, or even when he just got off the fourwheeler, his face never ceases to hold a smile and he gets all jumpy excited like it's the greatest thing in the whole world. I love it! It makes me happy to see him get all giddy. He loves that fourwheeler so much. I'm just always praying he doesn't hurt himself on it. He is a good driver though, and fourwheeling will always be a passion of ours. I do prefer, however, that he doesn't get any more ranger-chasing-us-ideas cuz i did get a bit worried.

p.s. that picture is actually colten on his trusty ole 400EX. In high school one of our buddies took the picture and I cartoonized it and we put it on his debit card-but no one ever believes its really him! so for the record- thats my hubby, and i'm pretty sure he's even wearing his wranglers :) i sure do love him!
p.s.s. we got good stuff for christmas. colten made one of my favorite old wooden chairs into a rocking chair, we got a new laptop, I got a kitchen aid, a printer, i got colten a sweeeeeet jacket, and colten got a bunch of tools for future house building (yay!) and i got a cute purse and a shirt and scarf, and we both got an awesome, beautiful big picture of the temple. I'm quite excited :) next up: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Friday, December 17, 2010

3 Months. Whoa.

So, we've been married for a whopping 3 months. CRAZY!? CRAZY wonderful!!!!! I wuv my hubby. Following pictures.....The first two, Colten in Ghana eating the most attractive way he knows how :)
Colten's food of choice: fu fu

Me, in London, eating the most attractive way I know how! (i think i win) To my credit though-- during that trip our regular mornings began at approximately 5 am. Therefore, I do have a reason to look like I'm on drugs. Colten's just hungry; Sammy just shoving food in her mouth cuz she's so stinking tired. (but i loved the trip dont get me wrong:)) what am I eating?

(please read the next line in your best English accent)

Why, fish n chips ole chap! What else would I be eating?

The picture below, (you can continue the accent if you want to--i did in my mind for a second there) is of Colten and I in Disneyland right after he got home. This was our attempt at getting a cute fireworks picture........ the fireworks ended up being in the exact wrong spot. But, we'd already tried like 5 times, and at least you can see the fireworks in this one. Do me a favor, pretend the fireworks are in the giant black area of the photo, where they were intended :) Oh, and pretend that the persons arm who blocked part of our firework, is not there.
Ah, Kolob. The best place on earth aside from the temple. Secret...My eyes are actually partially closed in this picture- however, you never would've noticed so I think it's a beautiful picture anyway. of all the pictures this is colten's favorite.

I wuv this pic, but more importantly, I just wanted to say, I love my husband. I'm so glad to be married to my best friend. I'm so thankful for his love and support. I love how he keeps me laughing, and how he is always mindful of my needs. I am so grateful I don't know quite how to express it. My heart has been so full with gratitude for my honey bunches. There have been times since we got married and since he got home where I've been in shock because I still couldn't believe he really was home. Now he and I will be together forever, and that feeling is greater than any feeling I've felt yet. I feel so blessed. I love you Colten, never forget.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


we not getty housey. BUT. we still are thinking of building, and that seems more and more like the thing to do. BUT. we would still like the (cheaper) plan of getting a old junker and fixin it upper. Dang schools takin up our lives. BUT one day we both shall be even more grateful that we have our degrees...i hope...:) peace.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


My sister posted a video this morning about the heroes in her life. It inspired me share some thoughts i've already had this morning and it's only 9:37 AM. (that's kindof a big deal folks cuz normally i'd be snoozin still)

So, let's start with a little bad news. We've all had bad encounters with people right? Moments where you feel like you seriously don't want to leave the house because you're sick of being hurt. I could go on about this- because i know we've all been there, we've all been offended, and we all get frustrated.

The good news is: for every raunchy encounter--many of us would agree that we've had TONS of amazing encounters. Small, but nonetheless spectacular moments that touch our hearts and lead our minds back to one person. This has been the theme of my life-lesson learned this week. Among institute classes, moments of pondering, sunday testimonies, and i don't really know what else--- i've realized how wonderful it truly is to experience Christ's love through other people. I have been so blessed to know people who have manifested His love for me through their actions. Through their actions, their words, and their Christ-centered life, they have helped me to know my Savior. They help me to understand in little ways more and more how much Christ loves me. I have found that one of the best truths in this life (I believe) is: people have an intent to do good. Even the roughest of folks on the outside feel the brightness of infinite joy, in a tiny moment, when they find themselves serving someone else. Every one of my family members has shown me a way to love someone else. Love--is an action word. It's not complete just as a feeling. I hope, I sincerely hope, that in my actions, my words, my thoughts, and my life, I can somehow show Christ's love for every person I encounter. Yes, I have said things that weren't nice--I've done things that weren't the best---and I am positive I've hurt feelings many a time. but i dont want this to be a confession moment--it's a learning moment. This is what I've learned, and hopefully I can take it and apply it in my life to the people I know and love, and the people I don't know or don't love...
Matthew 5:44 "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;
45. That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.
Merry Christmas everybody. I'm thankful for a season that humbles me. A season that teaches me, and refocuses my thoughts and my heart.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Exciting Things.

It's true, this post will be about exciting things. No pictures.....but exciting things nonetheless.

#1 exciting thing: i have absolutely no more homework. (unless you count studying for finals). Next week i will be done with the most stressful semester yet. Every girl in my classes has commented: "I still don't know how you ever got married during the semester!" And that's true, it was a crazy task. BUT, the nice thing was, we had just started our classes so it wasn't bad, and even though we were doing homework on our honeymoon, everything was still a blast and I don't regret it one bit. In fact, I got the pictures back that my cousin took of our wedding day, and Colten and I were looking through them....and I started tearing up again! Had to walk away or else I woulda lost it! haha. I take that as a good sign though. :) Anyway, we're almost done. Our schedules have been so insanely crazy that I'm excited for what (maybe) will be a break for us. Why the maybe? because......

#2 exciting thing: i guess that i thought this would jinx something if i posted it. but now...because i'm so stinking curious as to what's going to happen if it does jinx something that'll be ok, because i'll at least have my answer. are you going nuts not knowing what it is yet? haha well, its just something simple, but could be really exciting. we put an offer on a house, just a small-piece-o-junk-house, but it's got loads of potential. And it was in our price range. :) Its been taking the Bank so ridiculously long to decide though that at this point- i'm just wanting an answer. Even if its no! That'll be totally fine! I just needa know Bank of America! Decide! Take our offer or leave it! URGH. We have so many good ideas of decorating it and making it look saweeeeet. But that does nothing it they don't want our money. IF we do get the house, we'd be doing serious-everyday-hardcore-speedmode-remodeling. IF we don't get it, then we'll get ourselves a nice break from school before it starts again and then we'll wait for another opportunity.

#3 exciting thing: It's Christmastime! me wuv Christmastime.
Merry Christmas everybody. :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Good Stuff

Here's our tree. It's pretty right? Guess how much we have spent on our tree?
Total Cost: $4.50
Family Dollar is who we gave our money to, and they supplied some red and gold sparkly ornaments. Then, my mama let us borrow a small set of ornaments cuz I helped her decorate her tree (and she has approximately too many ornaments in general). Also, because i tied the big ole' ribbon for her tree, she let me do one for ours. And my dad is the one who brought home the real tree for us. (pretty exciting) :) ME LOVE CHRISTMAS.

This is a pretty braided bread creation. I braided it, and even made it! Cool huh? My mother has also shown me this really good bread recipe which is Colten's new favorite bread, and i like it a Lot too. Maybe I will get the recipe up here one day--if y'all want me to, comment and I will, if not, i won't worry about it. But i will tell you this, it only takes a half a cup of honey and an optional tablespoon of sugar (aside from the Tbls used for the yeast) and the only other thing my mom changed about it is she puts some cream as a substitute for some of the water. (oh and it makes two big loaves) My cousin Matt was down for the past week (seriously Matt is a rad dude, aside from the fact that he has a kagillion sweet toys that many of the guys in our family like to play with....guns/explosivestuff/i didn't tell you though...he is always so willing to help my mom with everything and anything she needs, and she is very appreciative-they are buddies :) Anyway, and he kneaded the bread so good that the bread was nice and tall. Who knew he could make bread? And wear an apron too? Ha Ha, we had a good time.
Bottomline: I like the holidays. I like a nice pine tree in my living room. I like bread/making bread. I love family.
p.s. sorry my pictures are so junky. I'm not good with bringing a camera. Thanks Verizon for supplying me with one that follows me everywhere I go. Even if the pics are blurryish.

Monday, November 29, 2010

i have a cute hubby.

This morning while I was at my mother's house, in my dad's office, sitting at the computer, printing off coupons, I turned around just in time to see this....

AND thanks to Verizon, and all cellphone companies (sorry I can't give proper thanks to whomever is really responsible cuz i just don't know...) for providing cellphones with cameras, I was able to snatch up my phone, snap a picture, and smile:) My hubby was waiting for me (ready for me to be done) and I'm pretty sure that most of the time he sits down, if it's for a long enough period of time, he falls asleep (cuz he works so hard every other second of the day) AND turbo, the dog of everyone's dreams, thinks he's small enough to be a lapdog, but yet knows he doesn't fit so he's always got half of himself on your lap and the other half hanging off the side. Too cute huh. I know. Most the time I generally think Turbo looks uncomfortable, but he falls asleep in this position. Kid you not.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CooopAn Expereenthe....again

That title says Coupon Experience, if you couldn't read it. I was tryin to be funny. I know. BUT okay, here we go.

I bought 5 boxes of Royal Jello,
and 2 can things of Comet cleaner.

Total, 2.09
Savings, 3.72
that was just straight In-store Ad coupons. Main goal: (for me) is to save more than I spend. So, this trip, although not perfect, was successful. (no picture for this cuz it's pretty easy to imagine.)

This is what I got at Smiths. First let me tell you what I got, then I'll tell you what I did wrong.

5 cans of pringles
1 package of activia yogurt
5 Swanson broth cans (2 varieties)
4 cans of cream of mushroom soup
4 cans of chili
4 bags of pasta
2 things of Welch's grape juice (where I went wrong)
2 boxes of Hot Chocolate
3 cans of pears
1 gallon of milk

Okay, so, the grape juice, even with a deal and a coupon was still pretty expensive. Looking back over my receipt, I am also not 100% sure that the cashier rang it all up right, but close enough for me to just go ahead and go with it. I also could've used a better pringles coupon (bad call on my part) and I would've had one less thing of Pringles, and I could've maybe gotten one more thing of somethin else. Not everything I got had a coupon, but the store has sweet deals. Sad part- because I'm still not hardcore I did this all on the last night of the sale. Therefore, one of the items I was going to get for free (which would've downed the price a lot and helped me get more items) was already way gone. So, thanks to my Sis-in-Law Kathie for her help in helping me get this all figured out, and sorry to her too cuz she didn't get her cough drops:( (the item i would've gotten for free) So ya wanna know how much this bunch was?

Total Savings: 30.16
Total Price: 23.23

But again, if you don't count the milk and the juice, I would've been about 5 dollars cheaper. But hey, I'm still learning. Colten is such a trooper- he came with me, and although it wasn't maybe his favorite thing at first, he was quite impressed with the deals we got. So I might be able to sucker him into going again:)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Life question # 5000

So, since getting married I have learned a lot about my husband I never knew when he was my boyfriend, and I still didn't find out when he was my fiance. That sentence may bring the word (DUH) into most of your thoughts, I know I know, I'm just sayin. Anyhow, 1 major thing comes to mind as i type this post,

#1: He likes doing dishes...............................yep. (SWEEEEET HUH!)

A) (i've been writing a lot of outlines lately, just go with me here.)
B) About this doing dishes thing, he does them the opposite way I do them.....

let me explain, I fill up the sink on the side opposite the garbage disposal, then as I clean them I rinse the junk down the garbage disposal. I don't think it's too crazy!? But, he puts the plug on the side of garbage disposal, cleans them in that water, then rinses them in the other side of the sink!? I guess I grew up thinking everyone did them the same way. So, here is my question for y'all, what side of the sink do YOU do the dishes on? Although my bet is that 99% of you have dish washers so this isn't totally applicable, but I'm just wondering. and now that I've set your curiosity on a lit firework, we DO have a dishwasher, however, we don't use it. Why? We both agree (strangely enough) that it takes less water to just do them in the sink, and it's faster, and we just like it better. I can honestly say I took part in that vote and I am fine with doing dishes so no big deal :) but tell me? which side of sink do you start with?

P.s. I like the Pioneer Woman. I just realized I'm like 1.5 million people too late to figure this out. but I do, she has a good website.
and i just cooked up some pork chops from one of her recipes, it went over well. :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

guilty by association...dishes?

Does anyone else clean some dishes simply because they are guilty by association? Maybe you pulled out the dish to use it, and you never ended up using it, but at the end of the cooking mess you see it surrounded by dirty dishes, and you can't help but just throw it in the sink along with the others. This happened to me today- particularly with measuring cups. If they are all attached to the same ring its hard to grab only one and anyway, i end up washing the whole thing. Then the phrase "guilty by association" came into my head and I thought it fit perfectly for those unlucky dishes who, even though they didn't get into anything dirty, they still get thrown in the suds. Random thoughts:)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Good ole Franky

pic from,

Frank Sinatra, I just want you to know
you have a one in a million voice.
You make me smile.
You may be a little old-fashioned,
but that just makes you all the more worthwhile.
Not many young folks understand
but if I lived in your time I would've danced to your band
You bring a certain lightness and peace
wish you weren't deceased (sp?)
You should've taught the guys today how to sing
even though most the time I reach for the country swing,
you make even more of a great thing
I know your buddy Bing, (Crosby)
he's accompanied me and my family on many a Christmas Eve
You all had so much talent-velvet vocal chords
not to mention the beauty in your words
Thank you old timer for singing to me
You had a hard time being kind outside of sung lines,
but at least you shared your talent and I find
that when I'm sick, when i'm happy, feelin in love, or maybe a little blue,
You bring music to the moment and I just wanted to say thank you.

-Samantha Iverson, no stealin this poem please... ( cuz i know you're all dying to... ) ;)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good thoughts

I like the Fall.

I like Root Beer.

I like movies.

I like flowers.

I like Holidays.

I love my husband.

I love the temple.

I love Christmas.

I love sweaters and boots.

I love pizza.

I love my whole family (both sides).

I love the people I'm blessed to know.

I love a break from the summer heat.

I love poems.

I love music/singing.

I love how blessed I am.

I hope I can give back in some way or another.

I hope I can always see the blessings in my life.

I hope I can let others know how much I love them.

I hope for eternity (in the truest form of the word).

"A single thankful thought towards heaven is the most perfect of all prayers" -Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Big or small, shouldn't we be thankful for all?
It's that season again where we all post what we're thankful for- and ya know what? i like it because for a short time, we all become a little more grateful, a little more humble, and a lot happier. am I wrong? I really think there is a change amongst all people after halloween until the 1st of january. (including and most especially within myself there is a change) we all look upon the world with a little less judgement, and a little more love. I am sure this season won't be any different, those who enjoy giving will give, and those who enjoy giving thanks will give thanks. The best part of all when it comes to the Holiday season, is that people everywhere talk about Christ. They talk of Christ, they rejoice in Christ, and some without even knowing it preach of Christ. (go look up that scripture:)) It's a beautiful time of year folks and hopefully we all take advantage of how easy the holidays make it for us to focus our lives around Christ. He gave all, and we will give too, with the economy the way it is, many of us will be doing and giving just about all we can or have. I'm excited. I love how much better I feel this time of year. Hopefully I can keep that feeling with me throughout all of 2011 not just the two months at the end of the year. Happy Holidays, let the season begin. :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Couponing. (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can)

Well, my 2nd actual-ever-real-somewhat-trying couponing experience of my life I thought I did pretty good. (I still got a long way to go, but hey I'm still a beginner) I will say this, I saved more than I spent. And that's (in my beginner's book) in the category of "pretty good." So, technically today's experience would be my 3rd time actual-ever-somewhat-trying-harder to coupon experience. I didn't save more than I spent, but I only spent a dollar and some cents more than I saved. And, according to my boss' guessing of how much I could have spent on the items I bought, I saved approximately 4 dollars more than I saved. (confusing? I know) Either way, I'm excited about it, and I think I will get better with the help of a couple of my sisters-in-laws who are hardcore couponers- they got serious skills most of us would never even imagine of having. haha, seriously they are impressive, and with a little mentoring maybe I can one day be considered among the greats. Thanks to coupons I also got my boss and I two free drinks at Taco Bell, ya know those drinks that usually look pretty good but that ya never even consider because they are not in your price range? (price range for drinks meaning that it looks something like this: water-----water) Yep. Two limeades coming right up! I thought that was pretty sweet.

----trademark of today's couponing experience-----
The [priceless] fact that after I had recieved help two times from a worker to find certain items in the store, (keep in mind I didn't buy that many items so walking around until I needed to ask for help two times is kindof a lot of times) I finally get to the register, excited and relieved that I'm about to witness the kind of savings I haven't seen yet before in my lifetime------then all of a sudden, as the checker rings up the last 2 items, and as I reach into my purse to grasp my wallet I realize something----------my wallet is NOT THERE but in my wonderful school back pack----good thing----------as I frantically search my mind for a way to pay for these beautifully couponed items I cross out most options: I know I don't have cash in my wallet (which isn't a helpful option anyway seeing as how the wallet isn't with me), I don't think I can round up enough coins to pay for all this, (even if I could i don't know that I could do that to an unsuspecting cashier-i've already couponed every item, then to pay in coins? No way) and my mind joyfully lands on the last option: my car. The phrases Do I have money in there? I've got to have money in there---please tell me there's money SOMEWHERE IN THE CAR! and There hasn't been money in there in a while but this time there's gotta be... continue to run through my mind while the words coming out of my mouth are somehow explaining to the cashier that I don't have money, but I will get her some. THEN I remember. (angels sang at this precious moment) I DO HAVE MONEY IN MY CAR. My total price was $9.26 and my name was sitting on a ten dollar bill sitting in the console of my car awaiting it's turn to be spent. So I ran, I grabbed, I ran back, and I conquered. Then I carried my couponed items out to my car, shut the door, and breathed a sigh of relief.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Life Questions: And Ramblings

Life Question for y'all. I'm really hoping at least some one tells me they do this too, but if not it'll just confirm my nerdness.

Have you ever gotten so bored (at work/at school/at play/or home) that you sat on your computer, well, not actually sat on top of your computer i've never done that, but i mean sat at your computer, and after checking facebook, email, and/or blogs you're still bored so you close all the windows you had open on the screen and in the purest form of boredity you start making squares with the mouse? ya know the ones that make it so you can select a bunch of items on your desktop... and you just keep clicking and pulling, seeing all sorts of different sizes and shapes of squares. I cannot say that i've ever actually used this function to it's full intended purposes. I just play with it. It doesn't do anything but make squares. I bet it doesn't actually get used more than once a year for every 100 million people. But I hope i'm not alone in this one silly thing that i have done a time or two.

I just want some feedback. Has this happened to you to?

Last Question: There is a movie that recently came out titled "Legend of the Guardians." It's all about owls. I struggle with the desire to see this movie just for that simple fact, its all about OWLS. An animated movie all about lions, tigers, or bears (oh my) would have been much cooler in my opinion, even though it's been done many a time before (The Lion King, Simba you rocked my world as a child, and you still do). But, owls? really? 2 admittedly cool facts: they can turn their heads all the way around and they fly silently. Tigers however, now there's an animal. Flexible, Huge, Strong, Pretty, and Intense is really the last word to describe them. So now that i've rambled, here's the actual question, are owls in the category of intense too- or are they really not as cool as the movie portrays them to be? Bottomline: I suppose you could take just about any animal, make it hyper-masculine and put a crown on its head and call it a King. Then have that King have a son who has to prove his worthiness of the thrown by defeating an evil villain and in the process fall in love with a peasant animal (not pheasant, peasant, and by the way somehow that just brought a picture in my mind of a pheasant-owl, that was weird) and let the new king and new queen live happily ever after and you'll make some money in movie theaters- i guarantee it. Just tell me, owls? really?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Playin Around with Windows Live Writer…

Amy Bigelow Photography:


  She rocks.

And I love my husband.

He makes me laugh.

Although he didn’t laugh as hard as I’d hoped he would when it came to my spider story- but i am not sure guys understand? Ok, the truth? I’m not sure anyone fully understands my spider phobia- but for those who (hopefully) do, we’re in this together y’all! we’ll make it through!

We are going to General Conference tomorrow, the Sunday afternoon session- I am very excited. I love love love General Conference. There is spiritual learning that occurs during General Conference that just doesn’t happen anywhere else- except the temple. But, that’s a whole different greatness in itself so really General Conference still stands as something special.

Colten and I took Hwy 89 up here to Provo, it’s a much longer route, but I quite enjoy a difference in scenery. Lots of cute towns exist along that road and it makes the trip seem just as fast because it’s more appealing to the eye.

Sara is back home! I still haven’t seen her or the baby, but I think she will need some rest before i try and visit. Thanks to everyone’s prayers, wonderful surgeons, and Divine Intervention, Sara is home, and I believe she will be better and I really think she’ll be able to use her hand just fine again…My dad is living proof of reattachment of limbs coming through- he went head on into a semi once, in his truck. his arm was on the window sill (what do ya call that on a car?) at the time and basically it was hangin by a thread afterward. My grandma persuaded the doctors to sew it back on although they didn’t believe he would have full use of his arm ever again, well, guess what? Those of you who know my dad probably didn’t know that story and would’ve never known the difference because he uses his arm just fine. My prayer is, and my hope is, that sara’s fingers will have the same comeback. (i think they will :))

This is a random post, but we gonna see how Windows Live Writer treats me for blog posting….

Peace out…

Friday, October 1, 2010

Substitute Spider Killer

I found a new use for an unuseful item so now its very useful. :) ha. Basically, Here is what happened today. I was cleaning, and cleaning, and i came across a little spider. (i hate that part of cleaning, you always find what you don't want to-am i right?) well, the carpet we have is tan and shaggy---in other words, perfect for spider hiding. So, when i saw the lil twirp crawling along, i was trying to concentrate on it but then it stopped bueno...cuz then i lost it. I couldn't find it! so i pretended like i never saw it...(i have to for my sanity) (even tho it doesn't really work) BUT THEN!---the same spider (at least i'm pretty sure it was the same that i think about it i certainly hope it was the same one...) surprised me on the floor of the bathroom. (evil laughing then occurred) I thought, "I gotcha now buddy you can't hide on tile!" sidenote--has anyone noticed some spiders are smart? most the time they are dumb and they stop moving and ya can just hit em, but occasionally you get demon-hiding-and-speedily-running-never-stopping-spiders that just run and ya really can't catch em. This was one of those spiders. (URGH) but then fantastically, when it got in a corner it couldn't crawl into (thankfully) it stopped. it blessedly, wonderfully, amazingly, stopped. AND it stopped right underneath the counter that holds a sacred spider killing tonic commonly called hairspray. so, i slowly opened the cupboard door, (spider still stopped in its idiotic tracks) and to my unfortunate surprise, there was NO HAIRSPRAY!!!! This is one of those swear word moments, but i don't swear so therefore i just said "agh" or something to that affect....

I stood there, towering above what was, to my dismay, about to be a very unvictorious moment. BUT THEN! I noticed inside the cupboard was sitting a white bottle of Biolage gel. (sp?) Up until this fragile second of life, I never knew why I had kept that bottle tell ya the truth, the stuff sucks. Biolage gel does not hold a single thing in place. it's purpose was unknown to me and my husband. and then, a lightbulb of wonder went off in my head. and i slowly reached over, picked up the gel, opened the lid, and squirted that dang spider before he ever knew what hit him. He attempted to crawl, but he couldn't. (sucker) and THAT ladies and gentlemen is how i came up with the Substitute Spider Killer. The stuff I thought was useless, is now quite useful and actually makes it into my best friend category. It wasn't the easiest form of clean up, but thats only because i got a little excited and carried away when it actually came time to kill the spider. so, for future reference, if your in a jam, or in a corner with a running spider, grab the gel folks, grab the gel.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Yesterday, Colten and I were doing the usual run around get as much stuff done as possible while we momentarily dont have school or work or homework and Sammy played a little joke on him... He loaded up his brother's trailor and he was in the bobcat and he told me to drive the truck&said trailor up to my mom &dad's house, and he would meet me up there with the bobcat. Well, obviously a truck is much faster than a bobcat, therefore i cruised on up the hill and made it there way ahead of him. when i got there i couldn't remember where he wanted me to park it so i called him, then i got this genius idea, so i told him when he answered, "I hit something." (theatrical pause) he goes, "What!?" I said, "I hit something!" and ya know when you know someone so good you don't need to see their facial expression cuz you already know what it looks like? this was one of those moments, and it was a good face.

Then i busted up and told him the truth. and he was ticked. but he got a good laugh too :)

KARMA. last night he said something that required me to give him a little punch in the ribs, and so when i did, he FREAKED OUT so i hit it again (one of those dumb things like touching a bruise and asking the person if it hurts) and he sounded almost like he was gonna cry and was just repeatedly saying "Ow, ahhh Ow." and I was like "yeah whatever" but he kept going so then i got worried and then I started asking "what's wrong!" and of course being a girl my thoughts started going 100 mph worrying he had some scary issue i didn't know about and i basically stressing.... JUST like he wanted me to, and when i'd gotten to the point that satisfied his prank-pulling side, he busted up laughing. my next thoughts, dangit.

i love that i'm married to my best friend though, and that we have good times like these. i love how he makes me laugh. i'm glad to be the new Samantha Iverson.

Our wedding went great by the way! our cake was all animal print, the top layer we had to take down to cut it, so thats the red tiger striped one but picture all four tiers and it was pretty (freakin) sweet. my cake was one of my favorite parts of the decor.

picture by Amy Bigelow. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Married Life.

Been Great! our honeymoon could've been longer- but seeing as how we got married 'in a hurry' we did it during the school year and it was back to school on monday for colten. we've just been running around here and there with homework, work, and attempting to move in. its been good though- we got a lot of very much needed stuff. Thank you to all those who came to the wedding, and for the wonderful gifts:) If ya didn't come-we still love ya and hope to see you soon. Here is just the little update for ya- i'm exhausted and need to go to bed. i'll try and keep ya 'posted' haha....punny... :) and one of these days i'll post pictures.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good Stuff

So i worked all weekend. double shifts friday, sunday, and monday. BUT i got saturday off and it was a good day, bridal shower during the day and then we helped out with the Peach Days Rodeo Saturday night. I will be honest, I was quite nervous to help out, but it went way smooth and it was really fun :) Colten and his bro Kelby won first in the Hide Race, I wish i had pics (mental note for next year) but it was awesome! they did it in 12.35 seconds! For those who dont know what the Hide Race is- one person rides their horse as fast as they can to the barrel on the other end of the arena, where the other person is waiting to jump on the old stiff cow hide that the rider is draggin around the barrel. Anyway they drag the hide and (hopefully) the person, back to the other side of the arena. whoever does it fastest wins- there was another couple who did it in 13 ish seconds, so that was awesome, but Kelby and Colten beat em by .30 ish seconds it was sweeet!

(this pic is from my phone and its blurry lame I know but its all i had haha) This here is awesome. We were cleaning up the casita we'll be staying in, and He wanted to vacuum the room haha so he did! and he did very well. He is so awesome. This was just a classic moment, that i hope will be repeated throughout our life together...haha. I just love him!

Friday, September 3, 2010

do ya like the new look?

i do. ;) life is good. i still have issues completing all the tasks set before me but I shall conquer!
so we bought a bed and couches :) for a good deal at big lots! i like them. I am getting more and more excited to decorate what i can in our own little place. Somehow Ill fit that in, but only after the big day is over. This is my new mindset:

I WILL do my homeowrk to the best of my abylitees. (prob need wurk on speling)

I WILL accomplish the nitty gritty details of whatever else needs planning for this weddin.

I WILL somehow clean and pack my room and all that goes with it.

I WILL (try) to do it all with a smile on my face...and then when the real smile comes it will be because I will be married forever to my best friend.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i dont know.

second bunch of invites? check.
dirty room full of future home stuff? check.
found a bed AND couches for WAY good deal? check.
do i like Big Lots? check.(Lots)
pile of laundry still sky high? check.
sad that with all my efforts put towards invitations I STILL have blonde moments?
frustrated that no matter what I do I guarantee I'll miss someone?
wishing I would've started an address list as soon as I could write?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Well. here's my new list:

First bunch of invites sent out. check

school stuff started. check.

back to work. check.

million things to do-down to 999,999 things to do. check.

loving life though, through the midst of the lists of things to do? check.

ready to get married? ready as i'll ever be? check.

extremely excited? check.

totally in love? check.

ready to spend forever with my babay? (yes i spelled it that way on purpose) check.

ready to start writing my name as Samantha Iverson? check.

awkward doctors appointment. check.

place to live? check.

good times ahead? check.

smile on my face? check.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Love Colten.

So, everything's gonna be alright. I still have lots to do, but its all worth it. I get to be with him forever. Y'all don't understand how blessed I am! I'm so thankful.

p.s. I like country music. It soothes me.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So then why? why am i blogging? because i'm afraid if I don't, then I won't actually get anything done because my mind will explode. So, rather than exploding, i'm blogging. It helps. Today:

-homework (good thing college is so awesome,------ because i've only been to one day of classes and i have homework, but of course i was expecting it)

-make zucchini bread (which i've never done before, but i have to bring it to the relief society activity tonight (oh and it's out of wheat flour) so let's hope it turns out)

-send invitations (i dont like the post office very much)

-call members of the family who are for sure coming to the sealing- which if you are a member of the fam and you willlll be there, just comment on here and tell me :) save me a phone call:)

-attack laundry--it's been acting up (really up, like there's a jumping over requirement now) up, up, up, higher and higher, so we must attack! the first attack was staged last night, but guess what? now there's a mountain of cleeeeeeaaaaaan laundry that needs attackin.

list of things i really ought to do......but come second to the above mentioned items:

-my quilt, and pillow shams and pillow. yeah i'm making them-but have yet to finish. anyone wanna do pillow shams and a pillow for me for a weddin present?? i have the material :):):) ???
if not its cool, i'll get er done.

-start packing, right? cuz we'll be moving in on sept 10th...seems long ways away but it'll come up before ya know it!

-i dont know. my brain just stopped working. so the list is done for now.

p.s. the song that played throughout the typing of this song, was "Ooo heaven is a place on earth...." lol......i thought it was funny.....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Being Engaged. Updates. and Random Thoughts.

Well well well.
Living life as an engaged couple. what can i say? the happiest time of yer life? yes AND no. haha.
Especially after 2 looooong years. It's amazing to really think about what's ahead for Colten and I. Sealed forever? FOREVER?! YESSSSSSSS.
and i can't wait.
but that's the tricky part folks, is even tho it's been 2 years of a life of waiting, ya got him here, and ya gotta wait some more! dangit. 3 weeks and 4 days still to go and i'm going crazy. I wanna be married to my best friend. I wanna NOT say goodbye at 10:30 (we're tryin to be good and set a curfew although some nights we are wild and stay till 11 haha) I want to be able to stay and just be with my hubby! Its so crazy though, life's coming at me fast now when for so long it was too slow. It felt like I'd never see him again, and now he's REALLY here, and we're REALLY getting married and it's REALLY happening September 17th, 2010.
I feel like i've been going at 200 miles an hour everyday because i've only got Colten on the brain, were always together, and if were not together we're catching up on what we didn't get done while we were together, and/or at work. Which is another thing, planning a wedding+school starting+both of our Math class situation sucking real bad+work+remembering that I'm gonna have to pack up my room+realizing that I still have to actually get the invites out that aren't here yet+thinking about the people who i may have missed on the list for invites+ again going home alone every night to my parents house+oh idk=kinda crappy.
more on the math subject:basically Colten and I both found out this week that Dixie apparently thinks we're dumb and is making us both take lower math classes. In fact, I may have to retake the math class I've already taken because I didn't take the next harder math class and it's been two years (if that makes sense) so i have to try and test in to math 1050 and come on folks, is that even possible? for me? i really think not. i'm bugged. Colten's bugged. We hate math. Math can go jump off a cliff if ya ask me.
We took Bridals yesterday and it was really hott, but my cousin Amy Bigelow (whose blog is on my blog list) is amazing at photography, and her editing skills are awesome cuz she makes the pic so dramatic. it was so fun hanging out with her and her husband Drew they are sooo funny, and they're fun, and they're just so nice, and I can't wait to see how everything turns out. We went all over the place too, Kolob, the temple, the Dixie red rocks, and a friends orchard. It was cool. She put some of the pics on facebook so check those out if ya want
I'm mainly doing an update tonight cuz so many things have been going on, and i haven't had time to blog. I am just in a daze watching life escalate(sp?) to the most important event of my life up to this point, and really the event that will affect eternity. I feel so blessed to be able to be sealed forever to my best friend. I'm glad we can laugh together over thee dumbest stuff. I'm thankful for the moments we fight (cuz then we get to make up haha) because it shows how much we trust each other to open up and say how we feel knowing the other person will still always love us. I'm contented to know that Colten is a man of God, and that he will always honor his priesthood. I'm grateful that Colten listens to me, that is a quality that will turn our marriage into an eternal marriage because if we can listen to one another then we can teach one another, and as we teach, we will each learn more and grow together as one in the gospel.
Life is just crazy right now. I want to go to the temple. I want to learn more about the gospel. I want to be better. I want to grow and learn and be better with Colten throughout our lives, always changing always flowing (get it- like pocahontus tells us rivers are, "what i like most about rivers is, you can't step in the same river twice, the waters always changing, always flowing" haha) but always progressing! Understanding our imperfections but committing to put every effort into becoming perfect through Christ. Only through Him though, we can't do it alone. we're not perfect, and we can't be without Him, that's why i liked Sammi Beardall's blog about mother's tryin too hard to be perfect cuz she's right y'all needa take some time to yourself and relax, and remember that Christ told us in Mathew 11:28-30 to
"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light"
Moroni tells us to (in chap 10 vs 32) "Yea, come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness; and if ye shall deny yourselves of all ungodliness, and love god with all your might, mind, and strength, then is his grace sufficient for you, that by his grace ye may be perfect in Christ; and if by the grace of God ye are perfect in Christ, ye can in nowise deny the power of God."
That's my favorite scripture. That's my life's goal. Even though I spend too much time in the realm of fear rather than faith (worrying runs in my family) I know that in the big scheme of things everythings gonna be alright (rockabye...haha) Life's meant to be enjoyed, and it's also a test, a test of a lot of things, faith, a desire to follow God's commandments, a follow-through with the best of our abilities to follow God's commandments, and it's a test to see if we can love the blessed people that God has sent us to be with. We show our love for God by showing love to those around us, and that is the center of all good things, Love. Love for Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Understanding of the love Jesus Christ has for each of us and the love our Father in Heaven has for each of us. It doesn't matter what people around us choose, it's not up to us folks! Our Heavenly Father understands our hearts, and He loves us no matter what. I hope that throughout this life, Colten and I, can always convey the love that is in our hearts for each of God's children. I know that I have too many judgemental moments, and that I struggle with understanding the pure love of Christ, but I know that it's real, and that I can recieve charity as a gift from Heavenly Father, and that I can then share it with those around me and they will feel the love I've felt from my Heavenly Father. I also hope, that I can always, always, always, convey the love I have for Colten to him. My hope for our marriage is that we will never stop talking, that we will always keep laughing, and that we will always be able to lean on each other, and that we'll both be able to turn to God to help us along the way.
Well. Well. Well.
Looks like another post goes from sour to sweet. haha. Math doesn't have to go jump off a cliff. but the math policy at dixie still can. I feel better though. I like blogging/journaling. It helps your mind focus on what's really important sometimes. I hope you guys liked my long post. I did :)
and i hope it all made sense...:)

Monday, August 9, 2010

ok already. here's the ring:

the most important pic, the one directly above, is blurry. as hard as i tried it didn't work. i don't have skills like some of y'all do. but you can basically see it. the blurriness almost makes it look bigger than it really is haha. it's a simple ring and that's what i love, just one diamond. but some sweet angles and what not. it's the ring i fell in love with. and now i get to look at it everyday!
i hate getting addresses together. it's official. i never want anyone to have to go through this. lol. between my dad and our family, and the Iverson family, I'm bound to miss someone. and I really don't want to do that. I am slowly but surely assembling a list and gettin addresses and getting them in the labeler dealio. as i do that, i am scanning pic after pic for the weddin video. and blogging. Love it. Ya know as a lil girl (ok pretty much until you actually get engaged) you picture how exciting it's gonna be to plan a wedding, and it is don't get me wrong! i Love the ideas we've collectedly come up with and it's gonna be a hit haha but everybody kinda skips over the address part and for some reason i'm really struggling with it. the computer isn't even helpin out. but i shall conquer! i believe in me!
p.s. we went to disneyland. hope i get those pics up on here...eventually............once my mind stops going through names, numbers, streets, and zip codes.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fun Stuff.

Here's what we've been up to. Too much to do, too little time. Love it. Got a wedding to plan now. Sweet. but here's some pics :) Colten's way good at remembering to take pics so now my blog will have even more pics haha :) So this is Susannah and her...boy :) Forrest, and me and Colten at the Tim McGraw Concert.
Charlee, Me, Colten. Buddies.

there's a billion people huh!?

Tim McGraw concert last weekend :)

this was just at Kolob after the proposal :)

Just before the proposal :)

This was after the proposal :) beautiful view eh?

This was the Kolob trip we took the day after he got home. Fun Fun. :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Engaged!

It is official :) i will post a pic of the ring as soon as i get the actual one. it's beautiful! and unique! and perfect! more important than the ring is the promise i have now made to Colten Iverson. He is my best friend and i cannot wait to start our life together. I love him and have loved him for a long time. It's only been a week and 2 days since he's been home but I definitely know he's the one. So, here's the story!

He told me that (yesterday) he was supposed to meet some guy up on Kolob to discuss somethin or other about some cows and some fenceline or somethin. I didn't really know exactly what he meant but he said he needed someone to go with him so I (of course) said I'd go. We head up the mountain like normal, he was dressed like he normally would be to go to Kolob, and I didn't really suspect anything. We stopped at his cabin, and then we switched to his fourwheeler and he starts driving super fast. (He said it was in part because of a storm coming in, but it was also cuz he was just so stinkin nervous!:) So we get to the top of the mountain basically and just picture this for a second before i go on, it's overcast and rainy (which i love) and Kolob is SO green right now, and we have this amazing view in front of us that makes you feel like you can see the whole world, and it is literally one of the prettiest places I've ever been to on Kolob. Once we get there, we park the fourwheeler (because we couldn't go any further) and he's like well let's start walking, and at this point i pretty much knew something was up cuz it finally dawned on me that DUH nobody would meet anyone here to talk about no stinkin cattle! so he takes me to the breathtaking view...and starts pointing out "significant places" such as, Sand Hollow, Kolob Reservoir, and so on, and then he goes, so "What could make this place significant?" and then I was like OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY (in my head) and then he grabs the back pack that had our sweaters in it and says "let's put our sweaters on" (lol) which was somewhat reasonable at the time cuz it was getting kindof chilly, but then he pulls out the sweaters and goes "Oh what's that?" in the bottom of the backpack was a little white he pulls it out, opens it up, and at that point i'm not exactly even sure what he said because I just kept saying "Colten, Oh my gosh! Gosh! OH my gosh! Colten!" but i'm pretty sure he asked me to marry him because he was down on one knee, and the box was open and displaying the most beautiful ring ever! and I shook my head yes and don't really know what i said (it was all basically saying yes) and he goes "wait, so was there a yes there cuz i don't think i heard it" which just made me laugh. He later said he didn't hear cuz his head was just going crazy at that point. hahaha. so then (he's so sweet) he pulls out his scriptures and reads some key marriage scriptures and had me read some which was quite awesome i must say, and then he pulls out some FastBreaks (my favorite candy bar) and an iPod and we listened to "Lane's theme" which is both of our all time favorite piano piece...and thats when the tears came a lil for both of us but I was just in shock and also thinking, Finally! So, then we headed back down the trail while it was pouring rain and as we both got soaked I couldn't help but leave the smile that was on my face the whole time. As cute as that detail is, it wasn't cute when mud splashed on my face cuz then i tasted it.dangit. but i was still smiling. :) it was beautiful, amazing, peaceful, and the memory of a lifetime.

SO, save the date folks! we are officially getting married September 17th. I gotta get goin on invites and the whole shabang. I am just excited to finally be getting married! But more than that, I am just excited to finally be getting married to my best friend of all time, my one and only, the one who I'll always love, and trust. I feel good. I feel great. I feel wonderful :) LIFE'S GOOD :) Oh, and i'll post pics if i get em from his camera...but the story is pretty good for now:)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This is the scene y'all realllly wanna see, it's out of order, the first pics are actually later, but this was our actual first meeting after 2 long years. I actually surprised him at the airport, he didn't know i was gonna be there ;) i so tricky... but i had my dad release him there, then i came in and surprised him. my dad took him in a little room, released him, and then when he came out, i was standing behind a giant smiley face, and they moved it out of the way and bam! we hugged for a while... haha. Neither one of us cried, which might seem weird, but honestly, we were both just in shock! but we cried later.

this pic is of colten and his bro kylynn who on the same day, got his mission call to canada! so that's pretty exciting :) it was a good day to say the least haha.
so, i know your all dying to know whats goin on, and i would've blogged but i can honestly say i've been with Colten every single day since he's been home and that means all day long we've just been together. haha so needless to say i wasn't gonna be like oh, can i just blog real quick? (even though truthfully i have been excited to tell y'all how things are going) to sum it all up let's just say: Life's Good. :) NO we're not officially engaged good gadfreys half or more of hurricane thinks we already are, but to clear up some confusion we're not engaged yet. Patience people, patience :) haha. He's happy, I'm happy, and things are goin good. The pic below is me and Jen prior to him getting there. :) haha we were both pretty excited.
This is of Colten and his papa. Long time no see eh? haha. can you feel the love? i can :) Colten's got one amazing family and these pics i hope you all know are...priceless.

Last the best of all the game, the reuniting of mother and son after 2 long years. Colten's mom sure is a trooper, one son comes home just as another one is about to leave. It's just because she's amazing and has raised such amazing boys there comes a time they gotta go serve the Lord :) i wish the pic wasn't so blurry but the moment was still amazing.

Monday, July 19, 2010

yeah, 2 days.

2 days. 2 people. 2 years. 2 long. (but) 2 worth it. 2 many good times ahead. 2 thumbs up.

Monday, July 12, 2010

9 days.

So do you remember this?
Well, now its this: the flowers in the vase are the months that passed (one of em lost its head in the move to provo) and the single rose is the last of the bunch all by itself hangin on my wall. there were moments i never thought i'd see this vase filled up, but its finally happened. i'm trying to think of something cute to do with all of them to keep them. either a better vase (cuz this one is just huge and not cute) or boxing them up i don't know. got any ideas? cuz i could use em.
p.s. i never thought i'd say this, but i think i've become a fan of scrapbooking. ill always at some point or another refer to it without the "s" in front of the word...haha but i'm admitting it free and clear, i like it. i liked it way back when in middle school ish but then that didn't last long- but now i like it again. who knew? not me. quilting, scrapbooking, what's happening to me? speaking of quilting, i need to get back to that, i think thats all i do these days. but i'm determined to get this quilt done. i still have pillow shams and another pillow to make too so that's why i gotta get on the ball!
P90x update: im takin a break. why? because if you don't sleep, then exercising hurts you more because your just completely running your body into the ground. or so i hear? if that's not true let me know, but also the heat from this southern utah weather drains out my energy. does anyone else feel this way? and quilting too! it can be kindof tiring believe it or not! so i'm focusing on the quilt right now, but i bought my own set of P90X videos so i can BRING IT for life! i really do enjoy it, and i've gotten a lot stronger. but for now, i'm kinda having a rough time sleeping, and then i'm tired all day so i'm putting it on hold but there's no way i'm done with it yet.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

13 days. yeah. 13 days. wo. 13DAYS! thats it?

here are some pics from the mish. i dont know which ones i've put on here... but these ones are some of my fav. 2 years is a loooooooong time folks. i can't believe were down to 13 days. gotta love it.

here are some cute pics of some of my nieces and nephews. These two are obviously adorable. (sorry this pic is from my phone) but they actually did this on their own, i think one of their moms may have said something like share with him or her but i know for sure we weren't expecting to look over an see this adorable picture goin on. did i already say they were adorable? maybe just one more time, they're so adorable! this is Colten's niece, she is also adorable. her and I are best friends, she told me herself :) i went to California with some of Colten's family to do some shopping and we had to go to the beach! so this was in Carlsbad, California. (I'm pretty sure) it was cool, but the beaches in Hawaii were cleaner...

Oh and the adorableness continues. My mother has a small bench for kids, and popsicles, could you ask for anything more? especially in this heat? Grandma's house rocks!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

hey i have something cool to show you!

This folks is my first quilt! yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! if you look closely you can see the stitching. yeah its taking me a long time cuz i'm stitching it all by hand. but, i'm only stitching one side of the stems, and the inside of the petals on the flowers, if that makes sense. i saw this fabric like 2 years ago ish in wal-mart and i fell in love with it. it's taken me an obviously long time to start this baby but i've got good reason to quicken the pace...if ya know what i'm sayin. i'm going to make pillow shams. I'm probably not going to quilt them- but we shall see. I also got some cute yellow fabric for the back of the pillow shams, and i'll probably make one pillow with it to go in front but we will also see about that. I can't wait to be done- but i've got a long time before that so i'm just stitching along... i thought i'd share with you my crafty side. :) cuz i do have one. i didn't know i did. but i do. :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

HEY Sammy Grace- what's goin on around your place?

....i thought it was funny. but ya wanna hear a really funny one that i came up with? nana posted it on facebook but here it is again. Susannah and i were driving to manti to pick up our friend who needed a ride to st. george (susannah and i also needed a lil road trip so it worked out quite well) and along the way i was itching my nose and it was really irritating so nana asked if i needed a tissue and i said no, then i paused, and said "it just feels like my nose is being attacked by sneeze bugs" NOW is that or is that Not the perfect description of what your nose feels like just before you have to sneeze? i sure thought so. Susannah just giggled up a storm after that one. I'm not sure if that sweet phrase even comes close to my nieces dream of future employment- yep that's right folks she wants to be a 'cooking skydancer' and who wouldn't want to be one? i sure dont know. i don't know why i didn't think of that earlier. i probably coulda skipped out on college. dangit.

this will most definitely be a long post. but i neeed to just type my thoughts. its kindof...theraputic i guess, at times. ahhhh life. how is my life? its weird. right now it is anyway. i love it, dont get me wrong. but its weird. we're now down to 3 weeks and a few days. to be specific 24 days until Colten gets home. Can you believe it? i can't. but then again i can. cuz its sure been a (freakin) long time. In 2 years (ish) what have i accomplished? I don't know. I set a lot of goals and achieved a lot of em, don't get me wrong if you really wanted i could bust out a list right now of what i've accomplished. but in the BIG scheme of things what have I realllly accomplished?

Patience? not so much. I mean i think i'm better, but seeing as how my mom currently wants me to change my name to patience i think i've still got a lot to learn. (She literally is calling me patience on a regular basis)...i'll keep working on it.

Grown Spiritually? You better believe it! I know loads more now than i used to, yet i still feel completely...what's the word... Not knowledgeable? couldn't think of the word...dang. but anyway, and ya wanna know what i reallly wanna be when i "grow up"? a seminary substitute teacher. hahaha and i'm completely serious. i still wanna get my associates degree- and maybe try out for american idol (just for fun) but i love the gospel. i really do. that's all there is to it. I could go on forever about how much I love learning the gospel, and how much I love my Heavenly Father and how grateful I am for His Son Jesus Christ, but I wont. But truly, if I could help others learn what I know, I know I will learn even more and I will be able to be an instrument in the Lord's hands in a very useful way. I've learned so much, and i'm ridiculously excited to continue learning throughout the rest of my life. Plus, being a substitute seminary teacher I won't have a full time job, I'll meet lots of people, get paid, and still be home by the time my future children get home from school------while were on the subject though, what do I want to be even more than anything? where could i make the biggest impact? the biggest difference? in my home. yep folks being a mom is where its at. i'm obviously not one yet, and won't be for a while, but that is my true dream, my true desire, and what i've really always wanted. i really remember when i was a little girl, laying in bed, i thought over and over in my head what do i wanna be when i grow up? and as weirdo as it sounds, i thought of being a mom and the most amazing feeling came over me, and i was done for- that's what i really want. (p.s. maybe i REALLY should have entitled this post REALLY, cuz i sure say it alot)

Learned a lot about the real Samantha Grace? yes. oh yes. to a point (and my family will testify to this) over the past few...(many) months, i haven't been completely myself.... it's been hard to be. but i'm moving forward. at least always trying to. in the process i'm learning what i really love, what i want out of life, and just simply who i am. like for example- i do better talking to people one on one, not so good in groups. i just sit quietly in groups which is actually better cuz then i can just listen and i don't say anything stupid :) haha. i'm a white/blue personality, according to The Color Code (dun dun dun) yeah thats right its intense. so that taught me a lot about how i think and why i do certain things. I even just read a book called "The 5 Love Languages" and i found i'm a Quality Time kind of lover (that just sounds funny but idk how else to say it) and Words of Affirmation are very important to me. Look this stuff up folks its very interesting. what it means is i show love and need love by spending quality time with people. this can just mean sitting next to someone and talking to them. but words also fill up my "love tank" haha and so the words "I Love You" to me, mean so much more. anyway, those are all just specifics, but there's been a lot of other experiences that i've had that have taught me a bit more about who i am and some of its been great, and some not so great. but that's whats great is that i know where i need to improve, and i'll just keep swimming, just keep swimming, and then just keep swimming.

Met some amazing people? too many to count. I have made some serious friendships, and i'm so grateful for that. I've also learned more about friendship, and relationships, and people in general. I know i've got tons more to learn about people. I know i've made many mistakes, and too often I have hurt people I love, but I'm thankful for forgiveness, and hope to always be worthy of it. I hope even more so that, in the future, and everyday, that i don't take the people in my life for granted. They ARE what we take with us when we go, and knowing them, loving them, caring for them, teaching them, learning from them, and just being there for them is what it's all about. Through people we learn to be Christlike, through service and love. Obviously repentance and obedience are right up there with life's lessons, but the first and great commandment is to Love God, with all your heart, might, mind, and strength. and the 2nd is like unto it, to love thy neighbor as thyself. and isn't one of the ways we show love for God through serving our fellow men? i think so. so, I'm sorry to those I've hurt, I feel sorrow that I can't explain for ever hurting anyone. I do know now though, and this is one big huge important lesson, that even though we make mistakes, once we truly repent, we have to learn to move on. Sometimes I think I make myself think that if i feel sorry enough, then i can change how someone else feels, like if somehow I suffer enough then they will finally forgive, but that's not the way it works. God is our judge, and it is up to us to forgive all men. All the time. in every situation. So I have to let go of grudges, and pray that others will to, but sometimes they won't because they have agency, and I learned that thats ok. Men are that they might have joy, not sorrow. so if I do my best, and truly, humbly, repent when i sin, and believe that Christ will take my burdens upon Himself, through Him i can be ok, i can be stronger, and move forward with a smile on my face :)

I could just keep adding more. However, this is already a long post. I just feel so different from who i was 2 years ago, but its not a bad thing. I'm thankful for what I've gone through, and I'm thankful for trials. Even though that parts kinda hard to type, its the truth. Trials really are special, cuz they really change a person, it's up to us how we choose to change through the trial though, we can let it weaken us and weaken us and weaken us, or we can let it rebuild the little broken parts and make em stronger to withstand whatever else will come our way. I believe that. I know that. and that's all folks---have a wonderful week?! :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Good News :) and a smidge bad...

we'll start with the bad...still don't know which chicken is eatin the eggs...and truly it is awkward that they would even do that in the first place.

Good News:

#1- Colten only has like 5 weeks and a few days. I'm speechless. Happy, like really happy, like really really happy, yet speechless. y'all will hear more about that as time goes on fo sho.

#2- How is P90X going? we'll i've been trying to 'bring it' as Mr tony tells me everytime i turn it on, (which is it a bad sign that i had a creepy dream about him? he's supposed to be like a good idol figure to help me want to be more fit then i had this dream...made me see a whole new side to him haha but i still keep going) anyway, I don't know if i really look different, which i'm fine with, cuz i feel like i could punch through a couple walls, that was a weird visual...haha, but i can now do pushups, guy ones, maybe that's lame compared to some hardcore people who might read this blog, but really this is a big deal for me cuz i have a large lower half i gotta lift up and down everytime i do a 'guy' pushup. i just feel a lot more muscley, (sp?) and so the bottomline is that i decided p90x and i have a love/hate relationship. i don't wanna turn it on, but i hate it when i don't do it, and i love it afterward. I recommend p90x, it is a good system. it's fun, it's a variety of workouts, and it does bring results. (I hate the yoga video though i really wish they'd redo that)

#3 Life's good. I'm way behind on my Book of Mormon reading, but I have been reading other good books. I would recommend: The 5 Love Languages. I loved this book because ya just never think of some things, and how you can love people according to their love language. I can't remember the authors name right this second, and i'm not gonna run upstairs to check, but its a good book. Other Recommendation: Finding Peace, Happiness, and Joy by Elder Richard G. Scott. I have about 3 more pages, so i mean i can't give ya a complete opinion...jk it's a good book and i'm positive the last lil bit will be worth reading. I must say this book found me, and I needed it. I will be looking back to this book throughout my life i can already tell. I marked that sucker up and down cuz it was just so good. It is full of principles, and reminders of God's love, which once you understand that, what else can bring true peace and happiness? Of course there are a lot of things, but the foundation is based in His love, for through His love and kindness He sent His Son who showed ultimate love, the kind of love the world had never seen before and the kind of love that will last forever, and is for every person ever...and ever.

I hope all of y'all have a fantastic 5 1/2 weeks cuz I sure will...I'll probably only be a smidge excited here and there about something comin up....i'm lying i hope you know...i'm gonna be extatic! and ridiculously unsettled with anticipation! lucky me. haha. its alllll worth it:)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bad News.

So, this will be hard for most of you, but just read on. We have a chicken (I'm possibly suspecting that there is actually 2 of them participating in the following evil act) that is eating eggs. BAD. when they do that they are supposed to become sunday dinner! but i dont know which one it is! and how do you catch em?!!?!! They are sneakily in and out of that chicken coop before i know which one is the culprit. Wish me luck. and when i do find out which one it is, wish me more luck that i'll actually be able to catch it. (That phrase is the reason this post does not need a picture, just visualize me trying to catch a chicken...) Random post, but thats my style. Just Sayin.

Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm Workin.

well i had my first real workin on the ranch experience, i learned how to drive one of these:

and the first pic aint too pretty, but that's about as good as it gets. i tried purposely taking the pic with the word 'turbo' that was written on the side of the skidsteer because it made me feel just that much cooler. lol. i really enjoyed doin this work though, taking out trees is quite the stress reliever if ya ask me. Oh and last week i graduated from none other than the Hunter's Safety program :) haha i feel so...redneck. but i really do like hunting, and i really do like working outdoors. i really liked that i was driving a caterpillar brand skidsteer and i was wearing a John Deere hat. my dad gave me that hat its actually really cute, its white with brown writing and pink underneath. when we went to get gloves for me i sincerely tried finding just some normal but small sized gloves, but the only ones the store had in a size small were pink and they said "tuff chix" on em. haha so i got em! gotta love it. I've just had some sweet experiences the past two weeks. i just remembered i got a pic of those gloves on my phone because i sent one to susannah cuz they were so funny/sweet. so who's jealous of these babies:

they really did come in handy alot. haha "handy" get it? thats funny if ya got i'm a nerd. anyway, besides the spider bites from helping haul logs, the two days i spent on the ranch were fun, and the paycheck was nice.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The P90X journey begins.

welllll, don't expect me to look like that lady. let me just get that phrase outta the way. but, i am bustin this program out like you aint never seen--- let me rephrase, like ya aint never seen me do. haha. Susannah has been doing this for 5 weeks now? she's kicking my toosh. i just have to laugh sometimes when i look over and she is doin push ups like its nobodys business and i'm still doin the 'girl pushups' but i'm improving. i did some workouts when i came home on the weekends during april, but now its the real everyday deal, and there have been some lazy moments on my part but honestly you feel so good, no INTENSE, after you do a workout and they're different everyday so ya don't get bored, and some of them are fun. ok, mostly one of them is fun haha. but its fun doin it with susannah even though our schedules are mis-matched most of the time. (or i just am sleeping when she gets up to do it before work) but hey this is only one week down. i'm getting used to feeling kinda sore, everyday. but i love that feeling to tell ya the truth. anyway, well see how big my muskles are at the end of 90 days, go me! go susannah! go P90X! Bring It!

JUSTIN BIEBER! apparently he's kindof a big deal around the age of oh idk 3-95 i guess. i did buy two of his songs for one of colten's nephews yesterday and i must say, i really quite like them. haha who knew?