Monday, November 29, 2010

i have a cute hubby.

This morning while I was at my mother's house, in my dad's office, sitting at the computer, printing off coupons, I turned around just in time to see this....

AND thanks to Verizon, and all cellphone companies (sorry I can't give proper thanks to whomever is really responsible cuz i just don't know...) for providing cellphones with cameras, I was able to snatch up my phone, snap a picture, and smile:) My hubby was waiting for me (ready for me to be done) and I'm pretty sure that most of the time he sits down, if it's for a long enough period of time, he falls asleep (cuz he works so hard every other second of the day) AND turbo, the dog of everyone's dreams, thinks he's small enough to be a lapdog, but yet knows he doesn't fit so he's always got half of himself on your lap and the other half hanging off the side. Too cute huh. I know. Most the time I generally think Turbo looks uncomfortable, but he falls asleep in this position. Kid you not.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CooopAn Expereenthe....again

That title says Coupon Experience, if you couldn't read it. I was tryin to be funny. I know. BUT okay, here we go.

I bought 5 boxes of Royal Jello,
and 2 can things of Comet cleaner.

Total, 2.09
Savings, 3.72
that was just straight In-store Ad coupons. Main goal: (for me) is to save more than I spend. So, this trip, although not perfect, was successful. (no picture for this cuz it's pretty easy to imagine.)

This is what I got at Smiths. First let me tell you what I got, then I'll tell you what I did wrong.

5 cans of pringles
1 package of activia yogurt
5 Swanson broth cans (2 varieties)
4 cans of cream of mushroom soup
4 cans of chili
4 bags of pasta
2 things of Welch's grape juice (where I went wrong)
2 boxes of Hot Chocolate
3 cans of pears
1 gallon of milk

Okay, so, the grape juice, even with a deal and a coupon was still pretty expensive. Looking back over my receipt, I am also not 100% sure that the cashier rang it all up right, but close enough for me to just go ahead and go with it. I also could've used a better pringles coupon (bad call on my part) and I would've had one less thing of Pringles, and I could've maybe gotten one more thing of somethin else. Not everything I got had a coupon, but the store has sweet deals. Sad part- because I'm still not hardcore I did this all on the last night of the sale. Therefore, one of the items I was going to get for free (which would've downed the price a lot and helped me get more items) was already way gone. So, thanks to my Sis-in-Law Kathie for her help in helping me get this all figured out, and sorry to her too cuz she didn't get her cough drops:( (the item i would've gotten for free) So ya wanna know how much this bunch was?

Total Savings: 30.16
Total Price: 23.23

But again, if you don't count the milk and the juice, I would've been about 5 dollars cheaper. But hey, I'm still learning. Colten is such a trooper- he came with me, and although it wasn't maybe his favorite thing at first, he was quite impressed with the deals we got. So I might be able to sucker him into going again:)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Life question # 5000

So, since getting married I have learned a lot about my husband I never knew when he was my boyfriend, and I still didn't find out when he was my fiance. That sentence may bring the word (DUH) into most of your thoughts, I know I know, I'm just sayin. Anyhow, 1 major thing comes to mind as i type this post,

#1: He likes doing dishes...............................yep. (SWEEEEET HUH!)

A) (i've been writing a lot of outlines lately, just go with me here.)
B) About this doing dishes thing, he does them the opposite way I do them.....

let me explain, I fill up the sink on the side opposite the garbage disposal, then as I clean them I rinse the junk down the garbage disposal. I don't think it's too crazy!? But, he puts the plug on the side of garbage disposal, cleans them in that water, then rinses them in the other side of the sink!? I guess I grew up thinking everyone did them the same way. So, here is my question for y'all, what side of the sink do YOU do the dishes on? Although my bet is that 99% of you have dish washers so this isn't totally applicable, but I'm just wondering. and now that I've set your curiosity on a lit firework, we DO have a dishwasher, however, we don't use it. Why? We both agree (strangely enough) that it takes less water to just do them in the sink, and it's faster, and we just like it better. I can honestly say I took part in that vote and I am fine with doing dishes so no big deal :) but tell me? which side of sink do you start with?

P.s. I like the Pioneer Woman. I just realized I'm like 1.5 million people too late to figure this out. but I do, she has a good website.
and i just cooked up some pork chops from one of her recipes, it went over well. :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

guilty by association...dishes?

Does anyone else clean some dishes simply because they are guilty by association? Maybe you pulled out the dish to use it, and you never ended up using it, but at the end of the cooking mess you see it surrounded by dirty dishes, and you can't help but just throw it in the sink along with the others. This happened to me today- particularly with measuring cups. If they are all attached to the same ring its hard to grab only one and anyway, i end up washing the whole thing. Then the phrase "guilty by association" came into my head and I thought it fit perfectly for those unlucky dishes who, even though they didn't get into anything dirty, they still get thrown in the suds. Random thoughts:)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Good ole Franky

pic from,

Frank Sinatra, I just want you to know
you have a one in a million voice.
You make me smile.
You may be a little old-fashioned,
but that just makes you all the more worthwhile.
Not many young folks understand
but if I lived in your time I would've danced to your band
You bring a certain lightness and peace
wish you weren't deceased (sp?)
You should've taught the guys today how to sing
even though most the time I reach for the country swing,
you make even more of a great thing
I know your buddy Bing, (Crosby)
he's accompanied me and my family on many a Christmas Eve
You all had so much talent-velvet vocal chords
not to mention the beauty in your words
Thank you old timer for singing to me
You had a hard time being kind outside of sung lines,
but at least you shared your talent and I find
that when I'm sick, when i'm happy, feelin in love, or maybe a little blue,
You bring music to the moment and I just wanted to say thank you.

-Samantha Iverson, no stealin this poem please... ( cuz i know you're all dying to... ) ;)