Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Engaged!

It is official :) i will post a pic of the ring as soon as i get the actual one. it's beautiful! and unique! and perfect! more important than the ring is the promise i have now made to Colten Iverson. He is my best friend and i cannot wait to start our life together. I love him and have loved him for a long time. It's only been a week and 2 days since he's been home but I definitely know he's the one. So, here's the story!

He told me that (yesterday) he was supposed to meet some guy up on Kolob to discuss somethin or other about some cows and some fenceline or somethin. I didn't really know exactly what he meant but he said he needed someone to go with him so I (of course) said I'd go. We head up the mountain like normal, he was dressed like he normally would be to go to Kolob, and I didn't really suspect anything. We stopped at his cabin, and then we switched to his fourwheeler and he starts driving super fast. (He said it was in part because of a storm coming in, but it was also cuz he was just so stinkin nervous!:) So we get to the top of the mountain basically and just picture this for a second before i go on, it's overcast and rainy (which i love) and Kolob is SO green right now, and we have this amazing view in front of us that makes you feel like you can see the whole world, and it is literally one of the prettiest places I've ever been to on Kolob. Once we get there, we park the fourwheeler (because we couldn't go any further) and he's like well let's start walking, and at this point i pretty much knew something was up cuz it finally dawned on me that DUH nobody would meet anyone here to talk about no stinkin cattle! so he takes me to the breathtaking view...and starts pointing out "significant places" such as, Sand Hollow, Kolob Reservoir, and so on, and then he goes, so "What could make this place significant?" and then I was like OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY (in my head) and then he grabs the back pack that had our sweaters in it and says "let's put our sweaters on" (lol) which was somewhat reasonable at the time cuz it was getting kindof chilly, but then he pulls out the sweaters and goes "Oh what's that?" in the bottom of the backpack was a little white he pulls it out, opens it up, and at that point i'm not exactly even sure what he said because I just kept saying "Colten, Oh my gosh! Gosh! OH my gosh! Colten!" but i'm pretty sure he asked me to marry him because he was down on one knee, and the box was open and displaying the most beautiful ring ever! and I shook my head yes and don't really know what i said (it was all basically saying yes) and he goes "wait, so was there a yes there cuz i don't think i heard it" which just made me laugh. He later said he didn't hear cuz his head was just going crazy at that point. hahaha. so then (he's so sweet) he pulls out his scriptures and reads some key marriage scriptures and had me read some which was quite awesome i must say, and then he pulls out some FastBreaks (my favorite candy bar) and an iPod and we listened to "Lane's theme" which is both of our all time favorite piano piece...and thats when the tears came a lil for both of us but I was just in shock and also thinking, Finally! So, then we headed back down the trail while it was pouring rain and as we both got soaked I couldn't help but leave the smile that was on my face the whole time. As cute as that detail is, it wasn't cute when mud splashed on my face cuz then i tasted it.dangit. but i was still smiling. :) it was beautiful, amazing, peaceful, and the memory of a lifetime.

SO, save the date folks! we are officially getting married September 17th. I gotta get goin on invites and the whole shabang. I am just excited to finally be getting married! But more than that, I am just excited to finally be getting married to my best friend of all time, my one and only, the one who I'll always love, and trust. I feel good. I feel great. I feel wonderful :) LIFE'S GOOD :) Oh, and i'll post pics if i get em from his camera...but the story is pretty good for now:)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This is the scene y'all realllly wanna see, it's out of order, the first pics are actually later, but this was our actual first meeting after 2 long years. I actually surprised him at the airport, he didn't know i was gonna be there ;) i so tricky... but i had my dad release him there, then i came in and surprised him. my dad took him in a little room, released him, and then when he came out, i was standing behind a giant smiley face, and they moved it out of the way and bam! we hugged for a while... haha. Neither one of us cried, which might seem weird, but honestly, we were both just in shock! but we cried later.

this pic is of colten and his bro kylynn who on the same day, got his mission call to canada! so that's pretty exciting :) it was a good day to say the least haha.
so, i know your all dying to know whats goin on, and i would've blogged but i can honestly say i've been with Colten every single day since he's been home and that means all day long we've just been together. haha so needless to say i wasn't gonna be like oh, can i just blog real quick? (even though truthfully i have been excited to tell y'all how things are going) to sum it all up let's just say: Life's Good. :) NO we're not officially engaged good gadfreys half or more of hurricane thinks we already are, but to clear up some confusion we're not engaged yet. Patience people, patience :) haha. He's happy, I'm happy, and things are goin good. The pic below is me and Jen prior to him getting there. :) haha we were both pretty excited.
This is of Colten and his papa. Long time no see eh? haha. can you feel the love? i can :) Colten's got one amazing family and these pics i hope you all know are...priceless.

Last the best of all the game, the reuniting of mother and son after 2 long years. Colten's mom sure is a trooper, one son comes home just as another one is about to leave. It's just because she's amazing and has raised such amazing boys there comes a time they gotta go serve the Lord :) i wish the pic wasn't so blurry but the moment was still amazing.

Monday, July 19, 2010

yeah, 2 days.

2 days. 2 people. 2 years. 2 long. (but) 2 worth it. 2 many good times ahead. 2 thumbs up.

Monday, July 12, 2010

9 days.

So do you remember this?
Well, now its this: the flowers in the vase are the months that passed (one of em lost its head in the move to provo) and the single rose is the last of the bunch all by itself hangin on my wall. there were moments i never thought i'd see this vase filled up, but its finally happened. i'm trying to think of something cute to do with all of them to keep them. either a better vase (cuz this one is just huge and not cute) or boxing them up i don't know. got any ideas? cuz i could use em.
p.s. i never thought i'd say this, but i think i've become a fan of scrapbooking. ill always at some point or another refer to it without the "s" in front of the word...haha but i'm admitting it free and clear, i like it. i liked it way back when in middle school ish but then that didn't last long- but now i like it again. who knew? not me. quilting, scrapbooking, what's happening to me? speaking of quilting, i need to get back to that, i think thats all i do these days. but i'm determined to get this quilt done. i still have pillow shams and another pillow to make too so that's why i gotta get on the ball!
P90x update: im takin a break. why? because if you don't sleep, then exercising hurts you more because your just completely running your body into the ground. or so i hear? if that's not true let me know, but also the heat from this southern utah weather drains out my energy. does anyone else feel this way? and quilting too! it can be kindof tiring believe it or not! so i'm focusing on the quilt right now, but i bought my own set of P90X videos so i can BRING IT for life! i really do enjoy it, and i've gotten a lot stronger. but for now, i'm kinda having a rough time sleeping, and then i'm tired all day so i'm putting it on hold but there's no way i'm done with it yet.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

13 days. yeah. 13 days. wo. 13DAYS! thats it?

here are some pics from the mish. i dont know which ones i've put on here... but these ones are some of my fav. 2 years is a loooooooong time folks. i can't believe were down to 13 days. gotta love it.

here are some cute pics of some of my nieces and nephews. These two are obviously adorable. (sorry this pic is from my phone) but they actually did this on their own, i think one of their moms may have said something like share with him or her but i know for sure we weren't expecting to look over an see this adorable picture goin on. did i already say they were adorable? maybe just one more time, they're so adorable! this is Colten's niece, she is also adorable. her and I are best friends, she told me herself :) i went to California with some of Colten's family to do some shopping and we had to go to the beach! so this was in Carlsbad, California. (I'm pretty sure) it was cool, but the beaches in Hawaii were cleaner...

Oh and the adorableness continues. My mother has a small bench for kids, and popsicles, could you ask for anything more? especially in this heat? Grandma's house rocks!