Thursday, February 19, 2009

some sweet tips

---well, just so ya know ladies, if you cut yourself shaving, and u rub sugar on it, it stops the bleeding!!!
---also if your hair is lookin greasy on top of your head but curls are still in tact, put baking soda on your scalp, blowdry it and play with it for a second, and good as new!!!

my mommy told me these 2 tips this past week, i had no idea! so i thought i'd share them with you. maybe y'all already knew em, but there ya go anyway. :)

Monday, February 9, 2009


i have always been a very indecisive person. in fact most of my closest friends are Red personalities- which is kinda nice because then i dont have to decide a lot of the little things. were talkin if i go to the movies it takes honestly like ten minutes to decide what i want to get out of all the possible treats. if i'm actually at the register of any store and they offer me some special or something i usually just sit there for a second and then say no cuz i can't choose... so, when it comes to choosing the next steps in life i'm pretty freakin indecisive. For example, i finally chose to quit the theater because i was not lovin it, even tho i was lovin the paycheck and i was way busy everyday tryin to go to school, and do the apprenticeship, and work so i decided to just do apprenticeship and school. and now, I'M NOT BUSY ENOUGH. dont get me wrong, i dont sit around all day everyday, in fact every single day has lots of things goin on, but i'm just not feeling fulfilled i guess. so now, i'm thinking of going back to the theater-not as a manager but as a regular employee, so that it will just be a little extra money, take up some extra time, and help out my bank account that is slowly dying. BUT, then i think i dont wanna go back cuz i'd just be sick of it again in one night of going back, so i'm stuck. then i thought maybe i could get a job in st george? i swear old navy has been hiring for like a year, so maybe i could just try somethin new? but then i'd be driving to st george even more! Also, should i or should i not take school in the summer? just do like one class? idk. By the summer i'll be a nail technician but i am finding that it's not my favorite thing to do so i might just wanna do that part time, like one maybe two days a week in the summer, and so i'd want another job anyway then, so why not get one now? man i just dont know. so all of you out there that actually occasionally read this blog, please give me some insight, or suggestions on what ya think.