Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Did you learn to Love?"

at a fireside the other night we had an amazing speaker, and he said he was talking with a General Authority once and long story short the GA said i wonder sometimes if all we'll be asked at judgement day is "did you learn to love?" Rather than go on forever about this subject and what i realized about it, and how much i learned just by studying it out in my mind, I want you all to just think about it for a second. Think about Love, and how much of a role it plays in every aspect of this gospel. Let me know what you think. :) pretty amazing.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Random stuff.

I dont blog a whole lot. but here is some more RANDOM STUFF hence the title of this post...

so i found this picture on justin's facebook and i was like holy crap coltens hott hahahaha. and i love both these boys very much--we go way back. ha. anyway i just thought i'd show ya this pic.

Also this was homecoming week so colten had just won mr tiger...hubba hubba.

now these, susannah and i were strolling through the new wal-mart and my eyes came across one of the most amazing shoe creations of all time. i call these, the herculesnephi jellies. GOOD THING i wear size two cuz they only come in kids sizes sorry to those of you who are also smitten by the beauty of this shoe. i love them. i love jellies and i have 2 other pairs but they are not shaped, crafted, and designed to this scale of beauty. i have not yet worn these beauties but i will trust me, and my challenge to you all, do not be too jealous... :)

Random fact- while we're on them, i not only love shoes and have over 70 pairs which is completely ridiculous for someone my age but hey i bought them mostly at payless and target so i didn't spend a fortune...anyway, my family has an issue with me, because i have a really bad habit that i can't seem to change. when i eat frosted shredded wheat- i go through the bag (usually quickly so that no one comments) and pick out the ones with the most frosting. how else are you gonna get a perfect bowl of cereal! i hate the bundles without frosting! Everyone tells me thats rude, cuz i guess it is but i just wanna good meal to start the day ya know? does anyone else understand?

I have been a CLEAN FREAK lately. which is whacko for me, because tho i may be particular about some things in life (shredded wheat bundles and their frosting amount) i normally could care less if you can't see my floor from the amount of laundry. or at least thats how i used to be- not anymore, i'm making a change for the better- i'm gonna be a clean freak and keep my room as well as the rest of my house clean. are you proud of me? notice that in the picture with the fantastic shoe, the floor is bare- this is new, please appreciate it for a moment.

last random fact for the day- i bought some new shampoo and conditioner and i dont know if i really like how it makes my hair feel- but i LOVE the smell, its coconut milk stuff that just sends me into a blissful tropical moment when i wash my hair. the smell of this stuff blows herbal essences out of the water.

Have a wonderful day. :) please comment. :) haha. :) please?

Thursday, March 12, 2009


this little guy says "mom not in front of everyone!! sheesh"

isn't this little guy cute? could be a girl... idk. but IT is cute when IT is little... then it'll get big...

truly like mother like calf. :)

sorry its been SO long since i've blogged. here are some pics that i've taken of the cute little calves that always come this time of year. so anything new in the life of sammy? still indecisive. but i feel like i'm really on the bring of a decision these days... i'm gettin closer haha. i know one thing for sure, i've got to finish up the last few hours for this apprenticeship, then i can make my final decisions, i picked up an application for aeropostale this week... thinking about turning it in. well, i'm going to, just gotta get some addresses, and actually Turn It In. seriously guys, it is hard being so indecisive, and for most people reading this, you'd think 'Just make a frickin decision!' but its a little harder than that... i have to think about ALL the pros and cons. but then once i do choose, i put everything in it. i do the Best i can. thats why its hard. might not make sense but thats me, i dont always make sense. :) still thinkin about goin back to the theater... but idk. i do know i love singing and i plan on always doing that. my momma thinks i should advertise as a wedding singer but before i did that i'd have a lot of work to do. its a possibility. but i also wanna teach kids like the basics of singing. like take ages 5- 11 and just teach em simple stuff. but i wanna take a class and get a little better in my knowledge of singin before i do that. but i for sure wanna do that when i'm a mom and wanna just have a job where i can stay at home. not really feelin the nails these days, i think i might just be a pedicure specialist part time and charge a little more for em- but do really good pedicures. ok so those are the kinds of random thoughts and decisions that go through my head. if your an opinionated person, just go ahead and tell me what ya think cuz i like opinionated people (most the time) because they make decisions! just so ya know- colten is doin good. He burnt a tie for the first six months thing-- apparently you burn a whole suit over whole mission, he said at one year its a shirt, then year and ahalf pants, then at 2 years a suitcoat. i think i got that right... anyway kinda weird but he said, 'there's some things a missionary just has to get excited about and this is one of em' those weren't his exact words... but pretty close.

this is him and his last companion (he just barely got a new one and we dont have pics of him yet) but this is them in their 'street clothes' they look so cute if ya ask me. coltens makin a nice face too... haha.

this one is of the other 3 guys that are in his apartment. there are four bikes tho- so i'm bettin coltens takin the pic. isn't that such a beautiful place to be serving the Lord tho? ya.

this next one is of the pants he got made there in Ghana, i like that they are brown- they kinda remind me of the 70s but dang he looks like a cute guy either way. i really like em.