Friday, October 14, 2011

Something That Works

It's been on my mind today, so here I go.

Things that work:
-Man made products: microwaves, washers&dryers, lights, cars, etc. They all work, and when they quit working, it works to just replace them.
-Some more random items:
Umbrellas-they work when it is raining
Alarm clocks- (hopefully) they work to get our day started on time
Lotion-works to help relieve dry skin (sounds like a commercial...)
Phones- work when we want to call people for any reason at all
-Things that work better if:
-Stop signs work better if you stop at them.
-Looking both ways before you cross the road usually works better if you are planning on making it to the other side...there's a pun here, I could also say that it works better to look both ways if you're planning on NOT making it to the other side yet...
-Hot chocolate works better if its cold outside
-People usually work better if they get enough rest, enough food, and enough playtime (playtime is in there for a reason, we all need it)
-Inspirational quotes work better if you read them frequently (as opposed to putting them on your wall and reading them once a year)
-Holidays work better if there's someone to share them with (could be a sad subject, but generally speaking we all know it's the truth)
-Marriages work better if both people want it to work.
-Books work better if people read them.

The list goes on and on. But the biggest one I want to add to the list is an explanation, and it's spiritual. Read on if interested...

We read in James that "faith without works is dead."(2:17) Therefore, faith, usually works better if, you put some action, some work, some belief, [all of the above] into it. I have been taught this, and I think I've even practiced it, but I think because sometimes we drift off the path of what we know to be true, I had lost sight of what this really means. When I read my scriptures, when I read conference talks, when I pray more fervently, and I sincerely try to love those around me the way that Christ does, faith is easier. I don't think faith is easy, but I think it can get easier as we put more into it. Haven't you ever heard a parent say, "you're only gonna get outta life what you put into it" ? I sure have. But with my lazy tendencies, and the natural woman inside of me saying 'that's too hard' I think I had forgotten what having faith is all about.

I feel...and truly felt today...what can only be described as, joy. Not because anything miraculous happened. In fact, I experienced trials today much as I do everyday, just as we all do every day. But because of some increased scripture reading, a lot more effort on my part in the prayer department, and trying to listen to the spirit, I feel like I dealt with those trials easier. Not only that, but I was able to say, with confidence, the things that Heavenly Father would have had me say. I didn't have a perfect day, don't start thinking that, and I didn't act perfectly today, but I had a certain feeling of peace, and as I wrote earlier, joy. I think that just happens when we learn more about the gospel. I think it happens when we realize how much God loves His children. My heart feels full today. As I sit here and think, it's truly not because I look to the future and don't see a million and a half things on my To Do List, but it is because I have more faith that Heavenly Father, and His Son are right there with me, to help me as I go through what life has in store. I'm thankful for that.

I guess that what I'm saying is, faith is a huge thing. In the Bible Jesus taught that even if you have (I wont word it exactly) 'faith has a mustard seed, you can move mountains.' In one of the conference talks a while back a general authority reminded us that for our day, faith as a mustard seed can move mountains of despair, mountains of stress, and i think that means it can fill valleys of emptiness too.

I tend to like to see things right out in front of me, and my husband is even more so that way. He's very smart and detailed and so he's taught me to look at every detail and that's a very good trait to have, in business, and in many areas of life. These thoughts run through my head: Ya gotta look at the numbers! Ya gotta see if it really works! Ya gotta see if the investment you put in really gives back! I know, with all my heart, that "[when] ye have faith, ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true" (Alma 32:21) And I can testify, that through faith, I have gotten way more out, than what I put in. I had to make the investment, by doing more of what the Lord has asked me to do, and it's worth more than I ever realized.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just an update...

We officially live with my parents. woot woot! I'ts nice though, we just have the basement to ourselves, my mom is still cooking dinner for an army of people every night, and I just feel like I have to clean less. It's nice. :) The house is taking longer than we thought, people keep asking, is it painted?...yes... what about the flooring?...all done except for carpet which is the last thing so it doesn't get all basically almost all done just a few last things here and there, electricity? up and running and all the light fixtures are in! Stair rail is in, and the back deck is almost done, urgh it's just so close i can feel it, but yet it's still so far away. I keep getting all these ideas of how I want to decorate once we are actually in the house, and i'm excited, but theres just so much other stuff on our plates I don't know how we'll ever get it all done. We will though, one day, far away. It's been good though, quite a learning experience for mostly Colten, but also for me. For example: I learned how to grout tile, and therefore today I even helped my hubby do the hearthstone for our fireplace. *Seriously I'm going to post pics, but I want to post a final product picture- so i'm waiting until we finish the porch to post the whole process and maybe the shutters on the windows... I dont know for sure but the pics will come! eventually...

Still working on school, wonderful school. I'm learning a lot. as usual. thatswhatschoolisfor...ha I am trying to kick my toosh in gear though and work on MT stuff, I was a slacker for a little while, now I'm getting back on track cuz I really want to be done with it and start working! I'm just pluggin away at my other two jobs, and taking life as it comes. We start attending our new ward on Sunday-- I'm excited. Life's good. The Lord loves all of us. Just keep going. Just keep going. Just keep going.