Saturday, January 22, 2011

Alright Alright.

I put the last post up with only laughter and funness in mind but I was quickly reminded I am not the only one in this world with working taste buds. It just so happens I belong to a family of citrus lovers so I'll quit bringing up the strawberry subject :) hehehe.

p.s. I just got an awesome to the possum level email from my dear friend charlee-- forwards can be frustrating but she always sends not frustrating but amazing ones so let's just say I had tears welling up... from an email! They put a picture to show the "real meaning" of certain words and this was one of them:


If you want the whole thing leave me your email, but if not I wont be offended :) i loved this though and I thought I'd share a little positive heart warming thought for a moment. I decided I want to do more of that- although many of my thoughts can be very sarcastic its only cuz I'd rather laugh at something than cry about it. If that makes sense....but I thought maybe I'd start posting only truly positive thoughts from now on.... can I commit myself to this? yes. because it's worth it.

So, one more positive thought for my day: the small and simple thing I just now experienced:

I sneezed, and luckily, placed to my right was a box of tissues. Now, this may not seem amazing at first, but normally at work I have to run downstairs to the bathroom to blow my nose, but today there are tissues right next to the desk. Wonderful right? Yes. Wonderful.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blogworthy Thoughts of a Concerned Husband

a.k.a. Life Question #200

"Why is it, that candy companies keep producing Lime, Lemon, and Orange flavors (as he's eating skittles) when everyone knows Strawberry is the best! I could eat Strawberry skittles all day! But I can only eat the other flavors every once in a while"
So, those were pretty close to his exact words and ya know what? I felt it was a valid question. Why do companies make so much of those flavors when we all pick out the strawberry flavors anyway! Think about it, Skittles, Dots, Starbursts, Mike and Ikes, etc. They may produce new "Tropical" or otherwise "exciting" flavors but then why does the American public still reach for the same old thing? When it comes to Dots in fact, I literally will not eat any other color but the pink cuz it's just not worth it. Starbursts I'll admit are pretty good all around. Skittles, you don't really need the whole rainbow do ya? but then again i guess something your doin is working right for ya...Either way it's somethin to think about. I love having a funny husband, he will keep me laughing till we're both in wheelchairs and diapers...even though that image in and of itself is quite a bit to laugh about.
p.s. i'm so ridiculously ready for summer that I JUST googled Kolob Mountain pics. Yep.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm at work on a Sunday.

I can't complain too much about this fact, because we only have 2 showings, and I only have to do it once a month which I agreed to and feel fine about. But I miss our CTR 7 class, and ya.

Good News!

-I think I've finally jumped over the hill I kept falling down. The hill? What hill? The sick hill. I feel much better, and I owe it to my mom for telling me to actually take the pills I already have because it will help you she says, after she yells at me. AND guess what? they did help! yippy skippy! So, that means, I can start hanging out with Tony and Zumba Man with his dancing girls.

-Colten passed his tests and is now a CNA! WOOT WOOT. So, he will now be applying to Nursing Homes everywhere haha and hopefully he can get a job:) (I know he will cuz he rocks)

Bad News.

-Still haven't sold the truckeroo. However, we are discovering more aggressive sales tactics all over the place so I'm feelin like this week is the lucky week....drumroll everyone....drumroll...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Addicted to Food.

You thought I was gonna tell you I'm addicted to food. But I'm not. I am, however, addicted to shows about people who ARE addicted to food. All these shows were supposed to get me up and moving...and they truly do bring motivation. However, I was taught that if you're sick (ya know coughing, sneezing, tissue-using-upping,) then it's bad to work out because then you are hurting your body worse. So I seriously can't get completely over whatever this stupid cold/flu/idontknowwhatyouarebutihateyoubug. So, this sickness has been my excuse for...well aside from the 'i'm too busy/tired' excuse....let's just not go for a ballpark figure this time around. I've just been sickly for too long. But, I am dreaming/thinking/self-motivating/watching episodes of "I Used To be Fat", and "The Biggest Loser" to prepare myself for the day when I can go back to hanging out with tony from P90X and/or the Spanish guy and his dancing girl friends from Zumba.

P.S. Dear Tony, (from p90x) (just wanted to make sure you knew who i was talking to)
You are intense. You drive me insane. I don't miss the nightmares I had about you (that's for real) but I do miss my big arm muscles. When I stop needing a tissue box every 5 seconds I'll come visit you again. And this time Colten might even come. Although he isn't sure about your system. Colten told me the other day when I wanted him to do a workout with me and you (Tony), that he wanted to work out (which he does already and is good) but he doesn't wanna die. So let's not cause him nightmares, but let's have fun and work hard.
Dear Cold/Flu/idon'tknowwhatyouarebutihateyoubug,
Please just leave me alone.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


could the title be classified as clever? i want your opinion. it would make a smile appear on my face if someone told me it had an ounce of cleverness. cuz i thought it might end up in the field of cleverish titles.

ANYWAY, to begin the rambling session we'll start with school.

Sammy, why is it taking you so long to get your associates degree?

Well, because i come across semesters such as this one, where there is little money and much work. So I work, get money, then go more school later. :)

Sammy, are you STILL working at the theater?

ByGolly I still am. and ya know what? I like free movies. I truly do. and I like my other family there at the theater. There is a certain bond that is created between theater folk.
AND the checks are a motivation, we'll just throw that in there.

Life is good, just pluggin along. Trying to accomplish goals such as the quilt......ahh the quilt......why is it taking so long to finish the quilt?
Because simply stated, I'm a busy gal.
Time to empty the washer, put in dryer, reload washer, and maybe QUILT till its done, but by then it might be time for work again, and therefore i'll be heading there. Fun stuff.
Have a great day. I know I will.
Despite the sarcasm amongst some of these sentences, I have to say, honestly, i do feel good working a lot and getting a lot done at home. Do you know what I mean people? I like the feeling of "accomplishment" even though previously mentioned ramblings seem to show i have a hard time accomplishing....I do love the feeling. So I will finish quilt. I will finish school. I will reach goals. Determination People! Determination! It's January, everyone hold on to your determination! We all feel it, just keep going.
P.S. Today is 1-11-11....weird. I had to post something.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jumping On The Bandwagon.

Confession: Today (and yesterday) didn't bring too many inspirational ideas for the coming year. I pretty much have the same ongoing goals. However, I have been more inspired from y'all's lists with some locked down goals. These are it folks, if there are any more to be added I probably won't write them for the public to read- haha so here I go, 2011 here I come. ...(that was serious redundancy but its cool right?...)

-Workout (an ongoing goal of life I think, but hey i suppose i'm somewhat accomplishing it if i'm the same weight as I was Junior year of highschool?)

-Eat Better (shoulda been written alongside the first goal)

-Be Nicer (this ones been on since approximately....the time I entered Sunbeams)

-Read More Books, ok this one is not necessarily just like go out and find books to read, so i guess I should entitle it, "YOU BOUGHT THE BOOKS TO READ THEM, DON'T LET THE MONEY YOU SPENT SIT ON THE SHELF" (thats more like it).

-This here is a for real goal- Learn how to ride a horse better/again. I did it when I was little I think I can do it again.

-Build a House. Overwhelming? chya. but were gonna do it folks.

-Please let this be the year I finish my Associates Degree. ( i know guys! I know! shoulda been done! but i wanted to get good grades, I wanted to enjoy my classes, I wanted to work, so i didn't take as many courses.... blah blah blah i WILL finish! I WILL!)

-maybe be better at being positive, and more patient. ya. thats a good idea.