Saturday, September 25, 2010


Yesterday, Colten and I were doing the usual run around get as much stuff done as possible while we momentarily dont have school or work or homework and Sammy played a little joke on him... He loaded up his brother's trailor and he was in the bobcat and he told me to drive the truck&said trailor up to my mom &dad's house, and he would meet me up there with the bobcat. Well, obviously a truck is much faster than a bobcat, therefore i cruised on up the hill and made it there way ahead of him. when i got there i couldn't remember where he wanted me to park it so i called him, then i got this genius idea, so i told him when he answered, "I hit something." (theatrical pause) he goes, "What!?" I said, "I hit something!" and ya know when you know someone so good you don't need to see their facial expression cuz you already know what it looks like? this was one of those moments, and it was a good face.

Then i busted up and told him the truth. and he was ticked. but he got a good laugh too :)

KARMA. last night he said something that required me to give him a little punch in the ribs, and so when i did, he FREAKED OUT so i hit it again (one of those dumb things like touching a bruise and asking the person if it hurts) and he sounded almost like he was gonna cry and was just repeatedly saying "Ow, ahhh Ow." and I was like "yeah whatever" but he kept going so then i got worried and then I started asking "what's wrong!" and of course being a girl my thoughts started going 100 mph worrying he had some scary issue i didn't know about and i basically stressing.... JUST like he wanted me to, and when i'd gotten to the point that satisfied his prank-pulling side, he busted up laughing. my next thoughts, dangit.

i love that i'm married to my best friend though, and that we have good times like these. i love how he makes me laugh. i'm glad to be the new Samantha Iverson.

Our wedding went great by the way! our cake was all animal print, the top layer we had to take down to cut it, so thats the red tiger striped one but picture all four tiers and it was pretty (freakin) sweet. my cake was one of my favorite parts of the decor.

picture by Amy Bigelow. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Married Life.

Been Great! our honeymoon could've been longer- but seeing as how we got married 'in a hurry' we did it during the school year and it was back to school on monday for colten. we've just been running around here and there with homework, work, and attempting to move in. its been good though- we got a lot of very much needed stuff. Thank you to all those who came to the wedding, and for the wonderful gifts:) If ya didn't come-we still love ya and hope to see you soon. Here is just the little update for ya- i'm exhausted and need to go to bed. i'll try and keep ya 'posted' haha....punny... :) and one of these days i'll post pictures.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good Stuff

So i worked all weekend. double shifts friday, sunday, and monday. BUT i got saturday off and it was a good day, bridal shower during the day and then we helped out with the Peach Days Rodeo Saturday night. I will be honest, I was quite nervous to help out, but it went way smooth and it was really fun :) Colten and his bro Kelby won first in the Hide Race, I wish i had pics (mental note for next year) but it was awesome! they did it in 12.35 seconds! For those who dont know what the Hide Race is- one person rides their horse as fast as they can to the barrel on the other end of the arena, where the other person is waiting to jump on the old stiff cow hide that the rider is draggin around the barrel. Anyway they drag the hide and (hopefully) the person, back to the other side of the arena. whoever does it fastest wins- there was another couple who did it in 13 ish seconds, so that was awesome, but Kelby and Colten beat em by .30 ish seconds it was sweeet!

(this pic is from my phone and its blurry lame I know but its all i had haha) This here is awesome. We were cleaning up the casita we'll be staying in, and He wanted to vacuum the room haha so he did! and he did very well. He is so awesome. This was just a classic moment, that i hope will be repeated throughout our life together...haha. I just love him!

Friday, September 3, 2010

do ya like the new look?

i do. ;) life is good. i still have issues completing all the tasks set before me but I shall conquer!
so we bought a bed and couches :) for a good deal at big lots! i like them. I am getting more and more excited to decorate what i can in our own little place. Somehow Ill fit that in, but only after the big day is over. This is my new mindset:

I WILL do my homeowrk to the best of my abylitees. (prob need wurk on speling)

I WILL accomplish the nitty gritty details of whatever else needs planning for this weddin.

I WILL somehow clean and pack my room and all that goes with it.

I WILL (try) to do it all with a smile on my face...and then when the real smile comes it will be because I will be married forever to my best friend.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i dont know.

second bunch of invites? check.
dirty room full of future home stuff? check.
found a bed AND couches for WAY good deal? check.
do i like Big Lots? check.(Lots)
pile of laundry still sky high? check.
sad that with all my efforts put towards invitations I STILL have blonde moments?
frustrated that no matter what I do I guarantee I'll miss someone?
wishing I would've started an address list as soon as I could write?