Wednesday, December 31, 2008


my sissy poo sara ann nay had her second baby today at 12:12 am and his name is Tucker Nay. He weight 9 pounds 13 ounces- which is insanely huge but a small relief from the huge Brycen that came a couple years ago. i'm super excited to see the cute little boy in person, and i'm happy that my sister has a new addition to her family:) we lovey brycen and i can't wait to get to know tucker- its gonna rock.

So, i got to talk to Colten on Christmas Eve, Christmas and the day after- why? because simply i'm the luckiest girl in the world. haha. it really was good though, its an awesome feeling to talk to your best friend- when you haven't in a long time, and even though he talks weird now haha his accent is hilarious- he is still colten, with the same sense of humor that makes me laugh pretty hard, and he is still one of the only people in the whole world that understands me, and makes me wanna be better and man idk he just makes me happy.

lately i've just been workin still- my last day at the theater is tomorrow night, and i'm excited but sad. i've worked there for what feels like my whole life! and as much as i complain about some of the things that have gone on there, it truly at times has been my second home. Sometimes, when my life was just too crazy it was nice to have to go to work- because then i could put my mind into something else for a little bit. That job really has taught me so much, and i'm so thankful for it. I'll miss my family there- all the employees that make me laugh and just make me feel good. I bet i'll go back sometime or another, but only if i really need money, and they really need an assistant manager.

I dont have too much of a social life, but i do get to play with buddies here and there. I'm a little excited that Susannah's boyfriend went on a mission this week- only because i know she'll hang out with me more:) and then we can party it up. But i do feel way bad for what she's going through and i can truly say i understand.

Happy New Year. Good luck to everyone that makes new years resolutions, i probably will and hopefully i'll fulfill all my goals, last year i'll admit i did better than i thought i would but here we go for 2009. Yay.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

just thankful.

well, i like blogs, cuz you never know when your gonna make someone laugh so hard they cry- or when you're gonna inspire another person. my cousin amy inspired me, to share with you what i'm thankful for, now with thanksgiving and stuff and everyone blah blah blahing about how thankful they are i got sick of it- which is terrible but its true, but then i read her blog and i thought gosh i'm dumb, this is a wonderful time of year, it only comes once a year, and if we're gonna show gratitude we might as well do it now. I'm thankful for so much in my life, but the one thing that will always be there for me is my family, and so most of all here is my thanks to them:
  • My family. I know full well that i have been extremely blessed to have such an amazing family- its not anywhere near perfect, but its something that i can call mine...forever. I love my family. Even with it's imperfections, even with the differences we all have, even when we all make mistakes, i really love them, i dont know that i could ever show them enough how much i love them, and i know that i take them for granted but i really love them, with every single part of me. i'm thankful for jenny being so freakin smart and her always being nice to me when we were little (haha...really tho) and for her choosing a husband that always makes us laugh. and i'm thankful for her 2 beautiful children. I'm thankful for Sara- her kindness can be overwhelming sometimes and i almost wanna tell her to be mean just for once but i really am thankful for the unconditional love she shows our whole family. I'm thankful for her also choosing a wonderful husband who takes care of their family and fits in so well with ours. Im also thankful for her little boy brycen whose smile lights up the room- even after he just punched grace, haha we all know he doesn't mean it :) I'm thankful for Emily- she is gorgeous, and she just cracks me up- tho i haven't been able to share as much time with her as our other siblings, we've got plenty time ahead to get to know each other better and i'm so lucky to have her as a sister. i'm also thankful for her darlin daughter Sadie, who is always so ready to give hugs to make your day just a little bit better. And who always makes me laugh:) i'm thankful for jesse- for being on the same page when it comes to sense of humor, for giving as well as taking advice (even tho i dont usually know too well what im talkin about) and for being such a good big brother. Thanks jesse for never really beating me up, for laughing at my stupid, stupid jokes, and for being the best brother anyone could ask for. Last, but certainly not least-i'm thankful for Susannah, little does she know how much she means to me. 14 months isn't very much time in between 2 girls, and tho i used to hate it, she and i have become so much closer- and i guarantee we will become even more so as time goes on. She is a beautiful girl and she doesn't even realize it, she loves more than most people ever will, and she is always there to listen to me, even if i do bug her cuz my room and my side of the bathroom has been pretty messy these past few months. (ok, its always been messy...) ok, actually last are my parents, my dad, aka supergospelcitycouncilmanfarmerjohnman, has always been one of my heros. (my other hero is my mom but well get to her in a second) i've definitely wished many times that he could just stay home more, but how on earth could i be that selfish and miss out on the example that he sets by being the hero to so many other people. He gives and gives and gives. He is wise, and teaches me lots and lots. Always has, always will. he is the head of this wonderful family, but my mom is the neck, and thats who is at the bottom of this list, because last the best of all the game. my mother means more to me than she will ever know...most see her as very strict, sometimes a little too strict, and very to the point. but i've gotten the wonderful chance to see who she really is. I've spent more time, just talkin to my mom, than any other member of my family. I've woken up at night, gone into her room and she will sit and talk to me for hours- helping me figure out life, even tho she needs rest more and more as time goes on. She gives, and gives, and gives, and gives some more, and never, never gets appreciated enough. The obstacles she has climbed through in her life are sometimes chamoflauged by her everyday service and smile. But my mother has been through so much pain, and so much heartache, that she will get her spot in heaven. Sometimes i'll admit, she seems to be ridiculous, but ultimately its because she cares so much, She cares so much for our family that she will tell you straight up what your doing wrong and if we'd just heed her advice 100 percent instead of 90 percent of the time we'd all do a lot better, She cares so much for animals (this is where the ridiculous part can come in) that she will do whatever it takes to make sure that her animals (as well as everyone elses) are taken care of. She cannot stand to see any living thing suffer, which is why she spent so many years in nursing, even tho for her health that was probably one of thee worst professions she could have chosen. My mother has sacrificed so much in her 50 some odd years that she deserves more credit than she gets. I love her and could never thank her enough for what she has done for our family. At this point, when there are no more words to say, last i write, I dont know that i could be any more blessed, I'm just thankful.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Long Time Gone.

WOW. it's been a long time since i've blogged. haha. Finally i'm writing a little somethin- November flew past me like a hummingbird. Random relation but hummingbirds are fast. My life for the past little while has been up and down and just crazier than crazy- ok i've just been busy but other stresses outside of work have made me mentally crazy. haha. that may not make sense- but its ok it doesn't need to- just know i'm finally back to my sane self. There have been moments where i thought seriously i was gonna have a breakdown haha, but last night- major talk with my mommy- and talkin with taya my bestest buddy- has really helped. The Lord truly has given me angels in my life in both my families- the bramalls and the iversons. He has blessed me with some seriously amazing people and i'm so lucky. I do not know what i'd do without them. I still have tons of decisions ahead of me and I definitely will have many more confusing moments but thats what lifes about and I'm in the 'decision decade' of my life and i'm ready to take on what the Lord will give me. At times i'm still so freakin weak (seriously i have to use that slang cuz it adds to the affect, and i really am so weak sometimes) doubt lingers in me sometimes and i get so unsure. I bore my testimony on Sunday, mostly for my Heavenly Father- to let Him know i still believe and I know this gospel is true. But it turns out it honestly just helped me so much remind myself of my testimony- and the Lord like i said blessed me in return. There is just a lot to say, and without disclosing too much about my personal life I just wanted to blog about the fact that life is good- because when i'm discouraged again (like i said i'm weak so i'm sure i will be) i'll hopefully read back through other blogs and it'll remind me that trials are really for our own good- and that life is meant to be good- men are that they might have joy and so i just gotta be happy- not go insane- and appreciate all the wonderful people in my life.