Thursday, August 25, 2011

Only In Hurricane

Only in hurricane can you go to a bank, and the teller, an older lady, offers you some home-grown tomatoes. I had this happen to me today, and it brought a serious smile to my face. The tomatoes were real tasty too.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Exciting News!

Well, I got a new job! It pays a lot better, and it will be an exciting change :) I will still be working at the theater probably 2 nights a week until I finish this medical transcription program. I would just like to say though, that its amazing how much Heavenly Father cares about his children. Sometimes I feel like the deepest prayers in my heart that I might have never even actually prayed, are answered in ways I never could've dreamed up on my own. I'm so thankful for a Heavenly Father who knows me, and knows my needs, and helps me to endure through tough things, and then gives me a better way. I'm thankful for a mom who listens so well, and also guides me through tough things. I'm especially grateful for a husband who is so patient and listens as well, and helps me in every way he can.

I'm also STILL going to college this semester haha but only taking 2 classes. One of which I'm gonna test out of. I'm excited though, I'm taking a Child Development class and it should be very interesting.

We're shooting for next month to move in...end of next month, but next month! When the outside is stucco(ed?) I'm gonna do a whole start to finish post, we've been taking pictures at all the stages, and its pretty cool.

Lots of things going on, but I'm quite happy about where we're at. Completely random but very true: if you have a pandora account, you should create the station called "60s, 70s, and 80s pop" it's SOOO fun. some songs are dumb, naturally,they can't all be perfect, but for the most part i've adored it haha. I turn it on and just start dancing.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wise Advice From Someone With Experience

When attempting to wash your car at home:

#1- use a hose. not a red bowl filled with water that you try to continuously fill with water and attempt to splash off your car/truck. there are a plethora of reasons behind this...

#2- check the weather report. in southern utah, even if it starts out as a sunny (and innocent) morning, the weather may become cruel and raining.

I had an off day....

Monday, August 8, 2011

Career Step---2 meanings

So, I officially enrolled, just now actually. is where the magic began :) Actually it started with one idea from my hubby, who in casual conversation mentioned, Medical Transcription, I then discussed with my mom (what the heck) that was, and since that moment,every once in a while...[specifically on horrible days at work] it kept popping up in my mind, "Medical Transcription Sammy, Medical Transcription!" So, I finally listened and started finding out a little more about it, found, but couldn't make any for sure decisions.

Then... Last week in Young Womens all of us leaders had to introduce ourselves and one of my fellow leaders said that she did MT and that just got my mind really-a-goin, and so on Sunday I chatted with her about it, and she did it through too!!! Small world?! I think not! I think that Heavenly Father just gives us opportunities and says, "here ya go, its up to you though" As i was asking her all about the program she couldn't have been more in love with her job and more excited to tell me about it. She said, "the only downfall is I wish I'd done it sooner"
Most people don't feel that way about their jobs...

I'm hopefully on my way to feeling that way though! Ever since high school ended I have been trying to figure out what to do and gone lots of different routes, and ultimately I'd still like to become a teacher (i think) but this program can help me achieve a good job now, and I can continue to work towards that degree all the time. This job would also enable us to start a family (not that we're going to any time soon I'm not hinting) because I can work from home and would never have to quit my job! Its just good to find something I'm actually excited about!
*I even found out I guess my grandma polve used to do MT...must be in my blood... haha. Anyway, I'm excited, and I wanted to share with y'all.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fun Ideas!

So, I've narrowed my thoughts, and I've found a "style," persay, that I love. And Colten likes it too. I love just good ole' country home decor. Literally I typed that into Bing and recieved pictures of homes that I love! Amazing ideas, some a little too weird, but some exactly what I picture. I love antique stuff, old wood, and it's cheap usually cuz my hubby and I can make stuff ourselves, or get something and turn it into what we want! We got a dining room table that we're gonna stain to a darker color, and we'll make it look good! (I'll post when we do) I'm just very excited :) this coming week the sheet rock will be put up and the stucco will be put on. Then it's all just painting and finish work. I'm so thankful to be married to an unbelievably hard worker. He is pretty amazing. Well, I took a break from cleaning (i've let our place get a smidge dirtier than it ever should be) so I needa get back to that. I'm excited though!

p.s....I think I'm gonna enroll in the online medical transcription program on monday!...wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life Changes.

This summer has been crazy. I have spent most of my time working, scheduling people, starting movies over and over and over again. Closing my eyes and telling myself, "you have to keep going just picture the paycheck" (which is actually surprisingly lower than what most people get paid for a management position, i'm not complainin i'm just sayin) and opening my eyes just to push start on another movie. My job has it's ups like every job but it definitely has its downs too. I have always tried to be professional about it, but sometimes my jar fills up an I'm ready to explode. Thankfully, I have an amazing husband who is always listening and helping me out. Let's just say I'm keeping my eyes and ears open for any business ventures that might come my way. Also thankfully, I married into an awesome family who happens to be full of entreprenuers (sp?) and starting businesses is what they do! And they are successful at them! I'm also looking into starting a Medical Transcription program... work from home, make good money, hmmm sounds like my kind of job! haha we'll see though, I just need to buckle down and decide somethin. Something I do love doing- weddings. I don't wanna be in charge of em by all means, but I love working with my family and I am not yet sick of the daddy/daughter dances, all the first dances, the flowers, the treats, and all of the above. I really enjoy every once in a while gettin to even work with my hubby when he works at a wedding. It's fun:) I have some ideas rollin around in my head for different jobs, we'll see what happens.

School is starting...yikes! and yep i'm still not done. haha. I told myself that i'm getting that dang associates degree though, and it is true I am going to! If I wanted to go crazy I could probably finish this semester, but it doesn't look like I'm gonna go crazy. I'm gonna wait and finish next spring I think...we'll see.

building a house...that's a speaks-for-itself kindof a change...idk what i'm gonna do, all we've ever lived in obviously is a one bedroom, very small but very perfectsized for only 2 people, a house at any size is bigger than the casita. the casita has been great though- i couldn't be more grateful to my family for lettin us occupy it :)

welp, my minds going crazy with decorating ideas, the thoughts of actually moving...and looking for other job opportunities, but its all very exciting:) this summer I've learned a lot about myself as I seem to do every new season of every year because life throws curveballs and each ones different so ya gotta keep learning how to catch em! I'm just excited for change!
and i'm excited cuz i think were going to cali tomorrow, just for overnight but its always fun to get away :) i think thats all folks. sorry for saying crazy so much. ;)