Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sense and Senstability

So I just watched the TV version of Sense and Sensibility all 3 hours ish from BBC dvd whatnot. i liked it a lot! I was gonna put a pic up- but Maryann's dress was a little too low cut for sammy grace's place. so i decided against it. I quite enjoyed the show though- I thought Colonel Brandon was strangely attractive, and was so glad he got the girl in the end. and I was so happy Edward F. was smart and ended up with the right chicka too in the end. Jane Austen, you got skill girl! Your stories are sure long and slow, but yet I sure cannot get enough of them! they are saweeeet. so shout out to you Jane. I'm gonna probably name one of my girls with the middle name of jane, and maybe i'll pretend its after jane austen just cuz she is an amazing writer.

Stability- I'm settling into my new area. I got a job. Random i know- i wasn't going to but I was planning on singing in General Conference and that didn't work out but since i ended up getting a job it all works out. The Lord just kinda makes things work- even if they are not what we expect or want. It usually turns out better than we could have ever hoped for. Jesse is making me pray in the morning. Okay, let's be honest, the morning ritual actually goes more like this--- Jesse comes in---Sammy is sleeping----Jesse says ok let's pray!----Sammy grunts 'mmmkkk'-----she stays exactly where she is, eyes already closed----and Jesse prays, then says k See ya!----I grunt Amen. But we are for real studying the scriptures a ton more and I must say they are quite the treasure. I find myself loving it more and more. I always have loved the scriptures but sometimes studying just becomes---well, blehhhh--- but Elder L. Tom Perry said in a devotional he gave to Orem's Institute last Friday, that when we get like that, thats exactly when we need to immerse ourselves in the scripture. And I must admit- its a great and grand thing. I feel very blessed to be part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Thank goodness for the gospel- I've made so many mistakes this past year ish- I've had so many weak, weak moments. But the Lord helps me- through the Atonement we can become stronger in every aspect of life. It heals broken hearts, along with cleaning our slates. In the process our spiritual muscles get bigger and bigger:) Moving has helped me clear my head...and thats exactly what I need. Just some time to clear my head. I've got quite the year ahead of me....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's All Good

So, today was warmer. :) and I decided parking in BFE is ok. (stands for Butt-freaking-egypt) The reason why its ok is because when you put your iPod in, its really only a short walk and even tho its uphill an freezin its good for me. I love my institute classes as usual. Tomorrow night I'm going to audition to sing in the choir for Aprils General Conference during the Saturday afternoon session. wish me luck on that one....i'm so excited and praying that all goes well. i like yoga a lot. we haven't gotten super serious in my class yet but i jus love yoga so im quite excited to get goin. i may not look like i love yoga lol but i do! :) Thats an update for ya. Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Day of School

First off, let ,me say this, its funny how in middle school---for some of us it continued to high school--a large majority of us (especially girls) saw the first day of school equal to---beauty pageants across america. If you were seen with the same outfit as someone else no bueno. If your hair wasn't done in some fantastically out of the norm hairstyle, also no bueno. Many of us girls would say today, "Oh i didn't care, I never did, it never really mattered to me...blahblahblah" YOU KNOW IT DID! at some point, one first day of school in your background (you have 12 grades at least to choose from) you saw this first day as monumental, crucial, a milestone, a bridge much larger than anything San Francisco can come up with. We all did it, bought a cute new outfit, or wore your new hand-me-downs, either way you wore something special on that first day right? right.

Now, I'm old. I may have had many a shopping spree experiences in my lifetime but watching my bank account slowly decrease in size, I am now on the opposite end of the spectrum therefore I am in the process of attempting selling clothes- rather than buying new ones. Or when someone wants to get rid of their old stuff I'm the first one to say hey i'll take it! As for hairstyles- I forgot to bring anything with the secondary word in it's name being 'iron' in it with me to provo. Therefore you can see how important that is to me. All I gots is a hair dryer and a brush. I debated bringing makeup or not- because frankly its a pain if ya ask me. Fun when ya have the time but really kindof a pain. If i buy any new clothes though- its usually from wal-mart, and/or D.I. Anything I have that fits under the name-brand category is either from highschool, middle school, the clearance section, or from someone who didn't want it.

Today, I tried a little harder, I did wear some makeup, my hair was kinda gross but i wore a hat to try and cover that up. But it just hit me this morning how different my perspective of the 'first day of school' is now compared to what it used to be. What comes next in this lovely post is a compilation of myfirst day of school events---a few reasons why people still have nightmares about the first day of school when they're 85 years old.

I didn't wanna go to school today AT ALL. I left an hour early before my class and I STILL had to park in the parking lot that is ridiculously far away from any of the buildings. If that had happened at Dixie State at LEAST I would have been able to walk there on mostly a flat surface, and at least i wouldn't have frozen my toosh off. Ya know what is sad? I slipped on the steps coming out of the Institute building. If Charlee hadn't been standin next to me I would have been sitting on my frozen toosh. (Thanks mom and dad for giving me the middle name of grace, ya tried.)(i really do love my middle name cuz im named after my awesome grandma however it just seems a tad ironic at certain times in my life) Ya know what is sadder about this particular experience? There is NO ICE ON THE STEPS it hasn't snowed since i've been up here (knocking on wood) and yet i still find a way to slip on them WHAT AM I GONNA DO WHEN THERE IS ICE? There is however loads of snow every freakin where you turn! it doesn't melt up here folks! it just sits there...blocking precious parking spaces so that even my little car cannot pull in there and must pull a frickin mile more down the road.

My new pajama outfit--full out socks, sweatshirt, and sweatpants (try not to wear capris even if they are of heavy material your calves will still suffer.) I do not know how my other siblings have lived through this. They grew up in Sunny St George area how did they brave the cold? Is it because they eased into it gradually? possibly. Is it because they are tougher? possibly. All I knows is this- I hate the cold. Before this time (that has not even reached one week) I thought that maybe it'd be okay and with the proper winter attire I would be okay. False. Its still cold. I miss the sun. I really miss the sun. So in honor of Thumbelina, I use her words to sum up the feelings of my life right now. There actually is a whole lot more meaning to this song then ya might think.
Once there was the sun,
Bright and warm, and wonderful
Shining like the love within my heart
Now there's no more sun
Winter has killed everything
Even though its dark December
I'll remember sun
bottom line: folks, i'm cold.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


This is the Ghanain Flag- This is what Colten sent to my family and one to his family. i took it and it is now hanging up in my new room:) i love it. as for the roses that colten gave me- i only brought four (and the vase of all the old ones) so that i can keep putting them in each month, but i should be back home in may ish so i thought i'd only bring some. im sad tho one of the roses got beheaded on the way up. Today i finally finished unpacking. its been a chill morning still just getting used to the idea of living somewhere else. Next week, i start school! ahhhh..... but ya know what? the sooner school comes the sooner its over then the sooner im home again then the sooner august rolls around....let's just say, 2009 was a rough year. 2010 is bound to be better. I'm not sayin im not grateful for the great experiences i had this past year, im just sayin it was rough. As i said before though, i'm excited for this new year.I dont really have too many resolutions- but if im gonna make a list here it goes:

-Same thing pretty much all of you have on your lists, be healthier- we all could work out a lil more, eat a lil less sugar, and eat a lil more greens.

-Do Good is school. Study, learn a lot, get so stressed out that i'll regret at some point spending the money i spent on school, then getting final grades and gettin a lil smile on my face as i think, "I did it!"
-Finish about 3 or 4 different projects i'm still currently working on.
-Finish reading the 3 books im still currently reading.
-try harder to take every day one day at a time, with a smile on my face. enjoy part of everyday, even if its only one hour on those days we all have that just seem to go all wrong- i wanna be able to look back and say its been fun- every day at some point, its been fun.
-Live. Laugh. Love. Go Big or Go Home. (that's my fav quote, but i like to add onto the end in smaller letters, "but don't be stupid")
Good luck to you all with your new years resolutions. Enjoy Today. :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Officially Moved.

I'm officially out of Hurricane for a while. i have a LOT of clothes. not as many shoes as i thought....ok i have tons of shoes but small feet means small shoes that means lots of shoes still fits in small boxes. so i'm pretty excited about that fact. i have soooo much to unpack. i couldve left more clothes at home but myu philosophy totally makes sense- if i happen to want to get cute for some sort of event or another- then what happens if i just wanna wear a particular shirt and i look through my closet and i got 'oh no i left it in hurricane!' then ill be annnnnoyed. so gotta bring em all. hope everything fits in my closet. really i hope it does. im ridiculous i know but hey- its all good.