Friday, April 30, 2010

Little Late...

I got tagged with the what's in my purse? post haha so here goes.............

for starters let me just say that my purse has LITERALLY been in the VERY back of my car for a couple months now--possibly longer---i switch purses here and there too but i have one main one that has alllllll the junk in the world that for some reason i think i need...

purses and i have a love/hate/i-love-you-so-much-i-have-to-buy-you relationship. I have too many. and yet, i carry around my wallet all by itself for the most part, or i just shove some money in my pocket and pray i dont forget its there....(but if i do forget, chances are i'll find it later and finding money in your pocket is ALWAYS a good thing)

p.s. i went out to my car to find BOTH purses lol that i'm currently in the midst of... all because i realized just how interesting this post is turning out to be. maybe for no one else, but it is for me... cuz i just decided when it comes to purses i'm a complete nerdbomber. feel free to laugh. or just think im weird.

OK, i have for some reason, some old jazz tickets (that i didn't even buy haha somehow they ended up in my purse though)that were bought online so they are the big papers on the left.

-a mini book of mormon, i love the church what can i say? haha i must admit i'm not sure exactly why its in there...just cuz i thought i'd have some extra time and should bring it along? idk?

-gloves. yeah. thats how long i haven't used my purse, those were from like feb or jan

-a ridiculous amount of chapstick and lipgloss. can you EVER have too much? yes. but i dont care.

-i have 2 combs and a pick. i have a lot of hair.

-a yellow dance ticket from valentines day...

-gum, obviously.

-that cooly decorated bag on the left has an Epipen in it...i'm my mothers daughter what can i say? haha you never know when somethin is gonna have shrimp in it... LOL i'm ridiculous. i'm allergic to shrimp for real though and there was a time that within a few weeks i kept eating stuff and finding out it had shrimp in it and i would have to go quick and find benadryl-i can't be too deathly allergic to it otherwise i'd be dead but my moms a nurse. i can't help but have one of these in my purse.

-"the utah constitution and fun facts" LOL. i really plan on reading this cuz my dad bought it for me and it would be a good idea, and i guess i figured by throwing it in my purse i'd get around to it sometime hahahahahaha.

-a gold glittery zebra striped card holder from when i did pedicures. i dont do those anymore, but its cute?


-tide to go pen, i must say, this came in handy once BIGTIME. but it actually was not for the reason you're thinking...rather than fulfilling its actual use of taking away stains (which it has done maybe twice) the best thing its ever done for me was quite a while ago, i was walking into a store called eccoci and they were having a contest and they asked me if i had one of those in my purse and since i did i got to 'pick a card' and the card i picked happened to say, 'free necklace' so i got a free necklace that is wayyyyyyy more expensive than anything i would normally buy. so there ya go. thanks tide to go.

-keys to my truck. that i can't drive yet. because it has no title. thanks to the previous owners. and since i've been living in provo i haven't been able to take it to the DMV but no worries my dad and i are going next week.

-3Dglasses. i liked avatar better in NOT 3D. i dont get the big deal about the whole 3D thing.

-random other papers, pencil lead?, vanilla body spray, inhaler, nail file, hand sanitizer, nail clippers, (some of these are in that lil blue bag), floss, and a little wallet-purse (lol if you got that) that is from guatemaula that holds my chapstick.

yes. i'm a nerd. i can't help it. now you know me a little better than you thought you did. haha. this post was good for me because now i'll clean up my act a little bit and organize my purse. who knows, i probably wont use it more. maybe i will?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Birthday Present-

My birthday isn't till monday--and apparently i have a package waiting at home from this amazing Elder Iverson- but i can't get it till wednesday. Oh well- this will tide me over till then. Isn't that adorable? :) made my whole birthday. He always seems to do that. I'm a lucky gal.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baby Goat Time!

The baby goats are finally here! well, two of them... i'll probably post more pictures another time. this is one of the first and healthy goat whose name is cloe, and her mama heidi. the second goat we named Angel, because she is all white. she was born with one of her organs (intenstines?) outside of her, so we had to do emergency surgery, haha we got a vet to come out no worries and he saved her. she is doing pretty well. I'm not sure what it is about goats, but i just love em.
today is the day, i'm supposed to be working on my paper i haven't started that's due tomorrow, and i have to sing two songs today, and take my yoga final. crazy! then i'll be back to hurricane wednesday night- and i'll be down for a few days. i can't wait:)

Sunday, April 11, 2010


IF you are bored, then this is something interesting you can do... look at all the albino animals you can! i didn't know so many animals could be born albino but i guess it can happen anytime. Here are some interesting ones...

Albino gorilla!
Albino Alligator!
albino squirrel!
albino giraffe!
Albino elk!
Albino moose!
Albino skunk
albino racoon!

these are just to start... once ya get lookin there are so many and its crazy.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Singing Recital and other random happenings

*Next week, Tuesday, at exactly 5 pm my final singing recital will start. I will be the 2nd person to attempt singin the way i been taught. I will be singing "Amarilli Mia bella" or "Amarilli" I've seen it written both ways- and i will also be singing Unchained Melody. Youtube either of these songs if ya dont know what they are/if you're bored enough. I need to finalize the memorization of each of them, and i got one week to do so. I'm nervous, but not too bad.

*Easter was good, I went to GENERAL CONFERENCE! for the first time EVER! Susannah, Jesse, and I went to the Sunday morning session. I regret to say that i struggled for the majority of the beginning, i hadnt gotten enough sleep the past week ish. Saturday i was up at 5 am down to hurricane, then up late that night coming back, then up at 6 am on sunday and then sitting in a comfortable chair/semi dark lighting/someone just talking...i struggled. but i said a prayer and Heavenly Father helped me be awake after that. The whole experience was great though i'm excited for when me and colten will be able to go in october!
I'm not a major fan of this pic, but its more exciting to have pics. this was right after general conference.

* I get to move home in just a few weeks. I'm so excited- I miss my fam and I miss my animals. And everything else about good ole H-Town.