Wednesday, January 21, 2009

one wordo

one word tag...

only one word

where is your cellphone? bed
significant other? ..colten:)
hair? soft
favorite thing? singing
dream last night? crazy
Your favorite drink? root beer
Your dream/goal? beamommy
The room you're in? office
Your fear? losinglovedones
Where do you want to be in 6 years? happilymarried
Where were you last night? home
What you're not? asleep
What you are? learning
One of your wish list items? lettersfromcolten
Where did you grow up? hurricane
The last thing you did? reading
What are you wearing? sweats
Your pet? doggies
your computer? foremails
your life? blessed
your mood? outofit
missing someone? yep
your car? rav4
something your not wearing? socks
favorite store? anythingcuteancheap
your summer?bittersweet
favorite color? BLUE
when was the last time you laughed? today
last time you cried? thismorning
who will re-post this? onlythoseasboredasiam
a: salon
b: dixie
c:my house
d: shopping
a: Colten
b: family
c: charlee
b: pizza
c: veggies
d: TexasRoadhouseingeneral
c: asleep
d: England


Thursday, January 15, 2009


Life is crazy. It has changed so much for me in the past year or so- sheesh. But I'm ready for it to keep going. You never know who you're gonna meet, what's gonna happen, or what kinda day your gonna have when you get up- but i do know this, you can make it whatever kind of day you want to :) Random- i was giving a pedicure and a manicure to an older woman and for most of the pedi she looked through magazines or just relaxed, then we kinda started chatting- wow- guess who she was? She used to be the vocal coach for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!!!! Anyway, long story short after that my hands were like shaking haha. She was a really nice lady and she gave me some tips on what to teach Lexxus, my one student :) and lucky for me Lexxus already can sing pretty good. Anyway- like i say, you NEVER know what the day is gonna bring. Another lady i gave a pedicure on was a really nice lady and we just chatted the whole time! and i love people like that cuz i feel like they really just had a good time, and then they will come back!!! and that's good news for me.
Here is my challenge: listen to the song Lucky by Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Callait, pretty sure they wrote it for me and Colten. haha. (Haili has it on her blog if you wanna just check that out) Have a wonderful day everyone!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

missing colten

this pic is a copy of a pic so it may not be the best quality- but its one of my most favorite pics in the whole world. me and colten didn't take like hardly any pictures together, idk why? funny- if we did it was ususally just because he wanted to and it was with his phone. i'm just not good at remembering to bring my camera, or if i bring it i dont remember to take pics? idk why once again. Anyway so its been a lot of Sammy missing Colten this week. I've had some really crazy dreams that my mama tried to interpret haha and at the root of them all is the fact that i just love him and i'm content with that. sometimes a song will come on and its like a freakin dagger in the heart - for real it hurts like no other. BUT, i am so proud of him, I'm so grateful he is in Ghana serving the Lord- i wouldn't want him anywhere else right now. As hard as this sacrifice is, its so worth it. I know for a lot of people out there, colten will be a huge part of their life, and he will help to bring a change to their eternal life- bringing them to this gospel is the greatest gift he could help to give them. Of course it's their choice, and Colten is just an instrument in the Lord's hands, fulfilling the Lord's plan. I'm just lucky to have such an awesome guy- and I'll just keep enjoying the emails, and letters, and every few months a little phone call :) Me likey him a lot. I'm so grateful that his family has been so awesome to me- i love them- when i was talkin to colten over christmas, i was so good and not crying and then i started talking about his family and thats what made me start crying!!! haha i really just love them so much. Last night i helped his parents with a wedding and its funny that honestly i would SO much rather do that then go hang with college friends- or high school friends haha. like i was just so content helping with the wedding and having fun with them. his parents are awesome. Im just a blessed little gal.