Wednesday, December 14, 2011

finally a post.........

First, in May of 2011 there was a big hole in the ground. It was pretty exciting.
Then, they put up walls to pour cement in for the basement. That was even more exciting.
Then, all of a sudden, the next day...;)...there was a house framed. (We didn't take good pics during this stage)
Then a roof with tile on it was added.
Then it was stucco(ed)?
(first layer)
Then rock, and finishing touches. (and a truck we no longer have... i miss that one)
And now we are moved in! FINALLY! one crazy summer later. And I came home the other day to this:
My very attractive husband cutting up a tree in the back yard so that we won't freeze our hinders off at night. And then now that we've lived in our house for a month or so, we decided we wanted to add another member to the fam...
This here is Kojo. What a cutie patootie huh. He's an 8 month old Border Collie that we adopted from the Hurricane Shelter. He is such a good dog. We love him so much already. His name is from a language called Twi, the language Colten learned the most of while he was in Ghana. In Ghana, you are named for what day you were born. Kojo means Monday born, and we adopted him on Monday so we thought it was fitting. In this pic he looks like hes dead, but there will be much more alive pictures through the years to come I'm sure.
This was my first crafty project. I put together this African flower arrangement for our African-themed room. :) we're fun huh haha.
Technically this was the first project, but it's not done yet. I will spray paint the bottom of the lamp brown. but I hot glued this lamp to its plaidy perfection thanks to an idea from good ole' pinterest.
Lots has happened in 2011 that I am overwhelmed thinking back on. December has brought a lot of happiness though. It's like all the stress has finally started to release and although there's still so much ahead I'm so happy. I now work only at the movie theater, so even though I loved my other job, it's less stress to only have one. I will be getting my Associates Degree this spring semester. (finally) And things are looking good. I know that Heavenly Father loves me, despite the challenges I face and the tests I'm sure I fail, he keeps giving me opportunities to learn and grow. I'm thankful for that. Life's good. Gotta love it. :)