Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm Workin.

well i had my first real workin on the ranch experience, i learned how to drive one of these:

and the first pic aint too pretty, but that's about as good as it gets. i tried purposely taking the pic with the word 'turbo' that was written on the side of the skidsteer because it made me feel just that much cooler. lol. i really enjoyed doin this work though, taking out trees is quite the stress reliever if ya ask me. Oh and last week i graduated from none other than the Hunter's Safety program :) haha i feel so...redneck. but i really do like hunting, and i really do like working outdoors. i really liked that i was driving a caterpillar brand skidsteer and i was wearing a John Deere hat. my dad gave me that hat its actually really cute, its white with brown writing and pink underneath. when we went to get gloves for me i sincerely tried finding just some normal but small sized gloves, but the only ones the store had in a size small were pink and they said "tuff chix" on em. haha so i got em! gotta love it. I've just had some sweet experiences the past two weeks. i just remembered i got a pic of those gloves on my phone because i sent one to susannah cuz they were so funny/sweet. so who's jealous of these babies:

they really did come in handy alot. haha "handy" get it? thats funny if ya got i'm a nerd. anyway, besides the spider bites from helping haul logs, the two days i spent on the ranch were fun, and the paycheck was nice.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The P90X journey begins.

welllll, don't expect me to look like that lady. let me just get that phrase outta the way. but, i am bustin this program out like you aint never seen--- let me rephrase, like ya aint never seen me do. haha. Susannah has been doing this for 5 weeks now? she's kicking my toosh. i just have to laugh sometimes when i look over and she is doin push ups like its nobodys business and i'm still doin the 'girl pushups' but i'm improving. i did some workouts when i came home on the weekends during april, but now its the real everyday deal, and there have been some lazy moments on my part but honestly you feel so good, no INTENSE, after you do a workout and they're different everyday so ya don't get bored, and some of them are fun. ok, mostly one of them is fun haha. but its fun doin it with susannah even though our schedules are mis-matched most of the time. (or i just am sleeping when she gets up to do it before work) but hey this is only one week down. i'm getting used to feeling kinda sore, everyday. but i love that feeling to tell ya the truth. anyway, well see how big my muskles are at the end of 90 days, go me! go susannah! go P90X! Bring It!

JUSTIN BIEBER! apparently he's kindof a big deal around the age of oh idk 3-95 i guess. i did buy two of his songs for one of colten's nephews yesterday and i must say, i really quite like them. haha who knew?