Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Newest Favorite Name Idea

Adelaide Harmony Iverson. For short: Ada. I like. Colten likes. We shall see.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


aWhat a beautiful feeling it is---to feel your baby move inside you. And to see her punch or kick your tummy. And they say to cherish this now, because the punching and kicking doesn't hurt yet. So I'm cherishing. It's impossible for any pregnant woman to constantly cherish every moment of pregnancy......cuz the moments kneeling next to the toilet, waking up to pee (again), and realizing that your hungry (again) can sometimes be frustrating. And I figure that Maybe I'm being a Captain Obvious right now, but I believe it's the same when the baby is here only, it's the baby who just peed (again) and who is also hungry (again).

But, THEN, there are the times when moms sit and think, and they cherish. They cherish waking up again to a hungry baby because even though they're tired, they have a baby, and he/she is alive and doing well. I cherish the movements in my belly because they mean she's alive and she's doing well. Those movements mean I'm really gonna be a mom. And I hope and pray that I spend more time cherishing then being frustrated. I cherish the excitement rather than the nervousness about all that has to be done before she comes.

 My grandma told me about how she prepared for her first baby...she didn't really get to! She didn't know exactly when she would get a baby girl, but all of a sudden she was there, and my grandma and grandpa had to make do. Their first daughter was adopted, thus the quick arrival. And my grandma said for a bassinet she used a laundry basket with a pillow inside. Awesome huh :)

I want to have a farm in my backyard with goats and my mamas. Cows don't get to stay in the backyard....unless we had a real big backyard. And I want lots of children to fill the house and to help on the farm. I know for sure my kids will know about agriculture. I can't imagine not teaching them about how important it is. We already got the cows, but I really like goats and chickens. And of course we'll always have a dog running around causing trouble like Kojo does. Actually, I take that back, Kojo doesn't cause that much trouble, except for when he sleeps on the couches when we're not home. Other than that, that one little dog brings a lot of joy into this house. Everyone's different with how they feel about dogs, just like everything in life, but I sure am a dog person. And Colten sure is too. And I love in the morning when I'm half asleep and I get outta bed and look over and there's kojo laying on his belly with his two back legs spread in opposite directions, his head on his two front paws, and a look on his face like, "can someone please let me out so I can go potty now?" I loved how a couple mornings ago, I was sitting on Colten's lap on the couch, and Kojo just couldn't handle not getting any attention so it always starts with him putting his two front paws on our laps...then he sneaks one back leg up and slowly pushes himself up so that he gets to sit on Colten's lap too. We both just laughed.

I hate when Colten has to leave way too early in the morning, but I love how Kojo can sense that I'm uneasy still in bed by myself, he jumps up in bed (even though he totally knows he's not allowed to 99% of the time) and he curls up in a ball next to me and it makes me feel safe. He stays in one spot so he doesn't get the bed all dirty, and I swear he really can sense when I'm scared, because he only does it when I need him to, and I never have to say anything to him at all.

Well, this was as random as a post can get, motherhood, farms, and dogs. But aren't those all beautiful? To me, they are so much of what makes my life beautiful. I'm thankful my Heavenly Father knows what I love, and so He has filled my life with it. I guess the trick is, we all just have to remember to cherish the beautiful things and not get caught up in the not-so-beautiful.

Monday, August 20, 2012

sucks like a champ.

My title drew you in didn't it?

This phrase won the chance to be the title of this post because I spoke this exact phrase on Sunday afternoon, and I stopped myself finding the irony...or oxymoronyness to the phrase quite hilarious. I was speaking about our vacuum. Colten, (being the manly man and cleanly man that he is) decided to take the filter on our vacuum outside and use the air compressor to blow out all of the yucky stuff that clogs it up. And thus, when he came inside to use the vacuum, I asked him if it "sucked like a champ." And, it did, and it does. Thank you dear hubby for your brilliance and your interest in keeping our house clean and the items used to clean it clean too. (what a sentence...)

Today I made dinner. For approximately 22 out of the 23 weeks that I have been pregnant, I haven't really made dinner. Don't worry, other people feed us. And somehow we have made it this far and I have also managed to gain some weight. Nausea said goodbye, but then came back sneakily in the form of Acid Reflux. So, again, food and I battle. But yet, I still made dinner today and Colten and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also have a little more of a desire to cook in general, which I have not felt for pretty much all of the year 2012. (school, work, pregnancy).

The scale today read a number I haven't seen since my sophomore year of high school. Weird moment. Bittersweet.

I finished her baby blanket yesterday. :) woot woot.

That's all for the randomness.....well maybe one more thing.... is it weird that I'm actually a little jealous that I'm not going to school this semester and Colten is? Ya....that's weird. I should stop right there. ......

I just miss walking into class, sitting down, and just soaking in all the information I possibly can. I love to learn. What can I say? I do know I'm not done with school. I know I'm out of it for a lil bit, but I'm not done. I can't be. There's too much more to learn, and I can't just not learn it. yep, ifs official, I'm a nerd. :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Names...and bestest buddies.

So, our boy name is still set in stone. Garrett Wayne will be a part of our family, but now it won't be for a long time. Our girl name that we liked, Lois Angell, is now outta the picture. I don't know why! But it's just not the right name for her. I still like the name, but that's just not our daughter's name. For some reason, the name Harmony popped into my mind after we found out it was a girl. I'd never seriously considered that one before. We still haven't 100 % decided on it, but once Colten heard that name, he said Lois is no longer an option haha. He's even referred to baby as Harmony a couple times... :) I can't quite decide on a middle name, or even if Harmony is the perfect name. But so far, it's top of the list.

My mom and I just so happened to end up in the baby section the other day... haha. And we ended up picking out some lil Sunday dresses and a couple outfits. So fun, and so cute. So glad I get to shop for a girl!!!! My two sis-in-laws are also pregnant with girls which pretty much makes everything that much funner.  (funner is totally a word in my dictionary). I also started a baby blanket for her, it's blue and yellow. Not pink. :)  haha I like pink, but we already had this discussion.

 It's so cute. I also got fabric to line her bassinet with, and its a cute hippie flowery print. I guess I'm not as into the baby fabrics as most people, so she's gonna be rockin' some different stuff. haha...i say that but yet the truth is all the outfits we got are in the pink/black/white range...haha. But I couldn't resist the gray and white cheetah print dress with a little pink sweater...cutest thing ever. But I'm still gonna try to throw in some different colors. At least for her room...

Girls are fun I already decided. I'm gonna be able to do her hair! Paint her nails! Sing to her and with her! Buy her dollies and flowers for her hair! I'm so excited. I would be just as excited for a boy, but it just seems a perfect fit to have this baby girl come to our family first. Besides, Colten already has his bestest buddy in the boy department:

Sorry if this image disturbs you ;) haha

Aren't my boys so cute? They are bestest friends forever and ever. I love these two. Colten asked me last night, "How come dogs don't live as long as humans?" That's man code for, "I just love kojo and I want to have him forever and ever and he can never die" I wish dogs lived as long as humans too hun. I really do.