Friday, July 31, 2009

Fishing Trip-

Mystic River- a place where tis not only majestic, but you are pretty much guaranteed a catch. My first catch of the day however was:
But this was because i was trying to fish with a spinner instead of bait- i was testing my sweet fishing skills. guess what- i almost caught a couple big ones. haha. Nana on the other hand, using bait, and her sweet fishing skills...

Caught a Frickin Monster!!!!

I did switch to bait, and ended up catching 2 fish... nana caught 5. and my dad caught one, but in my dads defense he was busy helping us, or i should just say susannah cuz frickin everytime she threw her line in the water she had another catch. so he was busy taking care of those fish.

In my defense now, i will be honest, i did show some major skill when my dad was helping susannah across the pond and i caught one on my line, and dont worry i busted out the net myself and got it out. it was a good day overall. i enjoy fishing there because like i said really, your guaranteed a catch. at least one. its a beautiful place up on the edge of Glendale i believe. you dont even need a fishing license. its awesome- you pay hourly or for each fish you catch and there is a limit i think on how many you can catch but its really fun.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Hiked Angels Landing!!!

me, Susannah, and Jason are the hikers that were filmed during the whole hike. Jason is the cousin of Alex Chamberlain- my brother-in-law and also the camera man.

this is the view from the very top- yep i'm sittin right next to the edge.

on the way up- the beautiful view behind me.

me and suskannah
its hard. very hard. but it was a great experience and we had a blast. if you wanna see the video of our hike, go to youtube and type in angels landing hike zionquest and you should find it. :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Clean Plate Club

So, Friday night, i babysat for my sissy poo Jenny. If you didn't already know- she has a lil boy named Henry and a lil girl named Grace. well, before Jenny and Alex left, they fed me- thanks for that by the way and it was quite yummy so i happened to eat everything on my plate. Grace- being the darling girl that she is, was kind enough to inform me that I was officially part of the Clean Plate Club:) She let me in i guess since my plate was so beautifully clean- and i being the big girl that i am, ate my WHOLE dinner. She then looked down at her plate, and she still had half her dinner there, and she said... "I'm not part of the clean plate club...:(" but ya know? she is cute enough, i think we'll let her stay in the club.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

latest news.

random pics. i never take pics so here are the latest ones i took me and daven went to olive garden cuz the boys that we normally would be going out to dinner with are currently in different towns (and/or a different country...) haha. colten said that our sunglasses look like big ole insect eyes basically- but hey we still look hot. :)

Harry Potter. Number frickin 6. do you know what this means for sammy? this means a kagillion people, a kagillion popcorns, and a kagillion times the chance of there being angry customers for whatever reason they can possibly come up with. because of course- its totally understandable, i mean, my life has no other purpose than to go to the movies and freak out because someone put too much butter on my popcorn. NOT. anyway, the movie itself, here is my review: its good till the end. idk why i didn't like the end but i didn't. and i just am not a major fan in general of harry potter stuff i like it but i definitely dont love it and so i prob wont see it again. maybe i'm biased and blinded by the annoyed feelings from the fact that i had to do another midnight show and i was at the theater till 3 in the morning. got home at 330. ya. at least i got to sleep in. ya i think my bitterness plays a role in my feelings about the movie... oh well.
here are some song recommendations for y'all, you must look these up:
Sara Evans, "No Place That Far"
Colbie Callait, "Fallin For You"
Jason Aldean, "Big Green Tractor"
these are winners in my book. :) have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pretty sure- one of the top 5 greatest things you'll ever hear.

i have now purchased a replacement pair of herculesnephitejelly shoes from wal-mart. Oh and thanks to wal-mart "always having low prices... always" i got them for only 3 dollars and 50 cents :) i was basically living it up when i put those babies on.

my 4th of july- well i must say i found a new talent- i am BASICALLY a professional kneeboarder. ya- if you need any tips you just ask. i will gladly share.
ok i'm really not- but i will be honest i had a glorified kneeboarding moment when i stayed on for like 10 frickin minutes.

i also worked the night of independence day. freedom isn't free. but God Bless America- land that i love (have you seen 'the proposal'? that song should take on whole new meaning :))

that morning we had a chili dog party at the theater- do not worry i didn't complete the whole day without any embarrassing moments, i just happened to spill every tiny last piece of powdered sugar on my leg that originally was on top of a lemon bar thing. do i know how it happened? no. but was the lemon bar still good without the powdered sugar? yes:)

Oh another awesome moment of that day- we had a tour group of teenagers come in saturday night (about 40 people) and for some reason the credit cards that that particular tour company has been using haven't worked on our system. do i know why? nope. the cards/ our system are both stupid. so long story short i had to get on the phone with the company and then they wanted to speak to the specific card owner so i had to go get the tour guide and bring him up to the office... that sentence sounds like its going in an inappropriate direction- but its not dont worry :) hahaha. anyway i was in a hurry because these movies start at specific time and he was missing his movie so i was going up the stairs as quickly as i could (something i should have thought ahead of time as not a good idea) and i was running in front of him because obviously he doesn't know where to go so it couldn't be one of those situations where you look around and think 'oh good no one saw' OH no - he saw, i totally biffed it. i just picked myself up and didn't look back at him because i didn't want to see his reaction because im not a fan of the i-feel-bad-for-this-person-whom-i-dont-know-so-i-dont-wanna-laugh-but-that-was-freaking-hilarious face. But overall he was pretty nice about it. and the embarrassment passed quickly because i was too rushed to stop and think about it. anyway there ya go. have a good day. a good week. and a good month. and for the record- a small piece of advice, dont run up stairs.