Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good thoughts

I like the Fall.

I like Root Beer.

I like movies.

I like flowers.

I like Holidays.

I love my husband.

I love the temple.

I love Christmas.

I love sweaters and boots.

I love pizza.

I love my whole family (both sides).

I love the people I'm blessed to know.

I love a break from the summer heat.

I love poems.

I love music/singing.

I love how blessed I am.

I hope I can give back in some way or another.

I hope I can always see the blessings in my life.

I hope I can let others know how much I love them.

I hope for eternity (in the truest form of the word).

"A single thankful thought towards heaven is the most perfect of all prayers" -Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Big or small, shouldn't we be thankful for all?
It's that season again where we all post what we're thankful for- and ya know what? i like it because for a short time, we all become a little more grateful, a little more humble, and a lot happier. am I wrong? I really think there is a change amongst all people after halloween until the 1st of january. (including and most especially within myself there is a change) we all look upon the world with a little less judgement, and a little more love. I am sure this season won't be any different, those who enjoy giving will give, and those who enjoy giving thanks will give thanks. The best part of all when it comes to the Holiday season, is that people everywhere talk about Christ. They talk of Christ, they rejoice in Christ, and some without even knowing it preach of Christ. (go look up that scripture:)) It's a beautiful time of year folks and hopefully we all take advantage of how easy the holidays make it for us to focus our lives around Christ. He gave all, and we will give too, with the economy the way it is, many of us will be doing and giving just about all we can or have. I'm excited. I love how much better I feel this time of year. Hopefully I can keep that feeling with me throughout all of 2011 not just the two months at the end of the year. Happy Holidays, let the season begin. :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Couponing. (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can)

Well, my 2nd actual-ever-real-somewhat-trying couponing experience of my life I thought I did pretty good. (I still got a long way to go, but hey I'm still a beginner) I will say this, I saved more than I spent. And that's (in my beginner's book) in the category of "pretty good." So, technically today's experience would be my 3rd time actual-ever-somewhat-trying-harder to coupon experience. I didn't save more than I spent, but I only spent a dollar and some cents more than I saved. And, according to my boss' guessing of how much I could have spent on the items I bought, I saved approximately 4 dollars more than I saved. (confusing? I know) Either way, I'm excited about it, and I think I will get better with the help of a couple of my sisters-in-laws who are hardcore couponers- they got serious skills most of us would never even imagine of having. haha, seriously they are impressive, and with a little mentoring maybe I can one day be considered among the greats. Thanks to coupons I also got my boss and I two free drinks at Taco Bell, ya know those drinks that usually look pretty good but that ya never even consider because they are not in your price range? (price range for drinks meaning that it looks something like this: water-----water) Yep. Two limeades coming right up! I thought that was pretty sweet.

----trademark of today's couponing experience-----
The [priceless] fact that after I had recieved help two times from a worker to find certain items in the store, (keep in mind I didn't buy that many items so walking around until I needed to ask for help two times is kindof a lot of times) I finally get to the register, excited and relieved that I'm about to witness the kind of savings I haven't seen yet before in my lifetime------then all of a sudden, as the checker rings up the last 2 items, and as I reach into my purse to grasp my wallet I realize something----------my wallet is NOT THERE but in my wonderful school back pack----good thing----------as I frantically search my mind for a way to pay for these beautifully couponed items I cross out most options: I know I don't have cash in my wallet (which isn't a helpful option anyway seeing as how the wallet isn't with me), I don't think I can round up enough coins to pay for all this, (even if I could i don't know that I could do that to an unsuspecting cashier-i've already couponed every item, then to pay in coins? No way) and my mind joyfully lands on the last option: my car. The phrases Do I have money in there? I've got to have money in there---please tell me there's money SOMEWHERE IN THE CAR! and There hasn't been money in there in a while but this time there's gotta be... continue to run through my mind while the words coming out of my mouth are somehow explaining to the cashier that I don't have money, but I will get her some. THEN I remember. (angels sang at this precious moment) I DO HAVE MONEY IN MY CAR. My total price was $9.26 and my name was sitting on a ten dollar bill sitting in the console of my car awaiting it's turn to be spent. So I ran, I grabbed, I ran back, and I conquered. Then I carried my couponed items out to my car, shut the door, and breathed a sigh of relief.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Life Questions: And Ramblings

Life Question for y'all. I'm really hoping at least some one tells me they do this too, but if not it'll just confirm my nerdness.

Have you ever gotten so bored (at work/at school/at play/or home) that you sat on your computer, well, not actually sat on top of your computer i've never done that, but i mean sat at your computer, and after checking facebook, email, and/or blogs you're still bored so you close all the windows you had open on the screen and in the purest form of boredity you start making squares with the mouse? ya know the ones that make it so you can select a bunch of items on your desktop... and you just keep clicking and pulling, seeing all sorts of different sizes and shapes of squares. I cannot say that i've ever actually used this function to it's full intended purposes. I just play with it. It doesn't do anything but make squares. I bet it doesn't actually get used more than once a year for every 100 million people. But I hope i'm not alone in this one silly thing that i have done a time or two.

I just want some feedback. Has this happened to you to?

Last Question: There is a movie that recently came out titled "Legend of the Guardians." It's all about owls. I struggle with the desire to see this movie just for that simple fact, its all about OWLS. An animated movie all about lions, tigers, or bears (oh my) would have been much cooler in my opinion, even though it's been done many a time before (The Lion King, Simba you rocked my world as a child, and you still do). But, owls? really? 2 admittedly cool facts: they can turn their heads all the way around and they fly silently. Tigers however, now there's an animal. Flexible, Huge, Strong, Pretty, and Intense is really the last word to describe them. So now that i've rambled, here's the actual question, are owls in the category of intense too- or are they really not as cool as the movie portrays them to be? Bottomline: I suppose you could take just about any animal, make it hyper-masculine and put a crown on its head and call it a King. Then have that King have a son who has to prove his worthiness of the thrown by defeating an evil villain and in the process fall in love with a peasant animal (not pheasant, peasant, and by the way somehow that just brought a picture in my mind of a pheasant-owl, that was weird) and let the new king and new queen live happily ever after and you'll make some money in movie theaters- i guarantee it. Just tell me, owls? really?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Playin Around with Windows Live Writer…

Amy Bigelow Photography:


  She rocks.

And I love my husband.

He makes me laugh.

Although he didn’t laugh as hard as I’d hoped he would when it came to my spider story- but i am not sure guys understand? Ok, the truth? I’m not sure anyone fully understands my spider phobia- but for those who (hopefully) do, we’re in this together y’all! we’ll make it through!

We are going to General Conference tomorrow, the Sunday afternoon session- I am very excited. I love love love General Conference. There is spiritual learning that occurs during General Conference that just doesn’t happen anywhere else- except the temple. But, that’s a whole different greatness in itself so really General Conference still stands as something special.

Colten and I took Hwy 89 up here to Provo, it’s a much longer route, but I quite enjoy a difference in scenery. Lots of cute towns exist along that road and it makes the trip seem just as fast because it’s more appealing to the eye.

Sara is back home! I still haven’t seen her or the baby, but I think she will need some rest before i try and visit. Thanks to everyone’s prayers, wonderful surgeons, and Divine Intervention, Sara is home, and I believe she will be better and I really think she’ll be able to use her hand just fine again…My dad is living proof of reattachment of limbs coming through- he went head on into a semi once, in his truck. his arm was on the window sill (what do ya call that on a car?) at the time and basically it was hangin by a thread afterward. My grandma persuaded the doctors to sew it back on although they didn’t believe he would have full use of his arm ever again, well, guess what? Those of you who know my dad probably didn’t know that story and would’ve never known the difference because he uses his arm just fine. My prayer is, and my hope is, that sara’s fingers will have the same comeback. (i think they will :))

This is a random post, but we gonna see how Windows Live Writer treats me for blog posting….

Peace out…

Friday, October 1, 2010

Substitute Spider Killer

I found a new use for an unuseful item so now its very useful. :) ha. Basically, Here is what happened today. I was cleaning, and cleaning, and i came across a little spider. (i hate that part of cleaning, you always find what you don't want to-am i right?) well, the carpet we have is tan and shaggy---in other words, perfect for spider hiding. So, when i saw the lil twirp crawling along, i was trying to concentrate on it but then it stopped bueno...cuz then i lost it. I couldn't find it! so i pretended like i never saw it...(i have to for my sanity) (even tho it doesn't really work) BUT THEN!---the same spider (at least i'm pretty sure it was the same that i think about it i certainly hope it was the same one...) surprised me on the floor of the bathroom. (evil laughing then occurred) I thought, "I gotcha now buddy you can't hide on tile!" sidenote--has anyone noticed some spiders are smart? most the time they are dumb and they stop moving and ya can just hit em, but occasionally you get demon-hiding-and-speedily-running-never-stopping-spiders that just run and ya really can't catch em. This was one of those spiders. (URGH) but then fantastically, when it got in a corner it couldn't crawl into (thankfully) it stopped. it blessedly, wonderfully, amazingly, stopped. AND it stopped right underneath the counter that holds a sacred spider killing tonic commonly called hairspray. so, i slowly opened the cupboard door, (spider still stopped in its idiotic tracks) and to my unfortunate surprise, there was NO HAIRSPRAY!!!! This is one of those swear word moments, but i don't swear so therefore i just said "agh" or something to that affect....

I stood there, towering above what was, to my dismay, about to be a very unvictorious moment. BUT THEN! I noticed inside the cupboard was sitting a white bottle of Biolage gel. (sp?) Up until this fragile second of life, I never knew why I had kept that bottle tell ya the truth, the stuff sucks. Biolage gel does not hold a single thing in place. it's purpose was unknown to me and my husband. and then, a lightbulb of wonder went off in my head. and i slowly reached over, picked up the gel, opened the lid, and squirted that dang spider before he ever knew what hit him. He attempted to crawl, but he couldn't. (sucker) and THAT ladies and gentlemen is how i came up with the Substitute Spider Killer. The stuff I thought was useless, is now quite useful and actually makes it into my best friend category. It wasn't the easiest form of clean up, but thats only because i got a little excited and carried away when it actually came time to kill the spider. so, for future reference, if your in a jam, or in a corner with a running spider, grab the gel folks, grab the gel.