Friday, January 20, 2012

Last Semester...

This is my last semester of it? As far as my Associates Degree of Science, why yes, it is my last semester. My mind has been pondering continuing and hitting it hard for a Bachelor's Degree but I'm not a hundred percent sure what I would do yet? I've thought about Secondary Education, I've thought about a few different things, but my heart isn't passionately set on any one thing. Therefore, as of right now, I think the plan is to not waste time and money on school anymore until I know exactly what I want to do. I would love to be a Seminary teacher, I know that for sure, and I know how to go about it, and that would be my main reason for getting a Bachelor's Degree, but again I'm not sure that its even the right time for that right now. I just don't know!

Medical Transcription: let's be honest it's been put a little on the back burner because of trying to finish my degree. However, I found out I can get an extension if I have to, and I still have till August before I'd have to do that so hopefully I can finish before then.

My last two classes this semester are Math 1050, fun.... and Child Guidance, which is actually pretty fun. I have to do 35 hours of lab work in the preschool though, I wasn't expecting that hunk of homework, but I think I've made it work with my schedule so I can get that done at the end of February and all the assignments that have to do with the preschool done by then too. This class is gonna be a lot more than I thought it would, but I love the teacher so it's worth it. It's gonna help me learn how to be a better mom, (hopefully?) which is always worth it.
While I was digging holes with the preschoolers in the sandbox the other day, one of the preschool girls leaned over and whispered in my ear,
"Guess what? I'm suuuuper nice."
I said, "Oh yeah? I'm sure you are"
And she responded, (still whispering) "I am, and when I grow up I'm gonna turn into a superhero"

Lucky me, I get to meet this superhero first! I'm gonna try and sneak her autograph one of the days she practices writing her name "the kindergarten way"...

Anyway, that's life, school, and work. And spending time with family in every spare moment I have. First and foremost my husband, even though we go from literally 7 am to midnight/1am before we see each other some days.

oh, Kojo the dog is doing wonderfully. He's only had one poop and one pee accident in the house thus far. Other than that he's potty trained and good to go. He stays in his bed all night and doesn't wander the house, and he is so smart! He's learning to "sit" and "stay" and he's gotten into our routine pretty well. We love him he is so much fun, and it's cute that Colten busts out some sort of baby voice with him--Kojo loves it when Colten comes home and says "where's my gooood buddy!?" it's pretty stinkin cute.