Monday, August 11, 2014

My Testimony of the Temple

First off, when I said I would rejoin the lovely Facebook crowd, it was for one reason. One reason only.
To use it as a tool to share my testimony. So, when I got invited to join this "Flood Facebook with the Temple" group, I jumped at the chance.

How do I write about something---when  I feel my knowledge of it has only scratched the surface?

I'm praying the spirit will guide me in sharing my feelings and emotions about the temple in a way that will be felt more than understood just by words.

I feel I have so much more to learn about the temple. But here's what I know:

-I know that when I'm there I have the opportunity to feel peace in a way that is specific to the Lord's House. I know in the temple, when I quiet my mind and heart, my chest burns with the warmth of God's love--as if in one instance He can answer all of my questions, just by reminding me that, "I'm here. I love you. I know you. I hear you."

-I know that the ordinances that take place in the temple are eternal. I know we can act as Saviors on Mount Zion, doing work for those who have passed on. I know the people who came before us that didn't receive the special blessings that come from the temple, can still receive those blessings with our help.

-I know that the Lord has spoken to me in the temple. In a way that my heart understands...which is much stronger and more everlasting than anything I could ever hear with my ears.

-I know that I feel peace and gratitude knowing that my family can be together forever. The sealing power in the temple is real, and it binds families together for eternity.

-I know that when I'm in the temple, especially with my siblings and parents, I feel content. I feel like everything is going to be okay.

-I know only a few things, but the experiences I've had in the temple have always led me to believe that it is truly a House of the Lord. It is a place where our Savior can dwell. It is a place where the distractions of this world are put aside, and we can focus on eternal--and the most important--of all things. If I'm ever in search of direction, I can go there and see my path more clearly. If I just need to feel peace--one of the hardest things to find in this world--I can go there and finally feel it.

If you don't know where else to go in this life, go to the temple. Find your way there. Do what you have to do to be worthy to enter. It's the one place in this world that reminds me of what it must have felt like in heaven. I'm grateful that I have had the blessing of living so close to the temple, and that my family has been blessed because of it.