Wednesday, May 20, 2009

fun- back at coral cliffs cinema 8

so i'm back at good ole CCC and its way fun. i love who i work with and i love free movies and popcorn. and i just really think its one of the funnest jobs ever- now that i've worked other places. which are still fun but dont quite come close to the fun that the theater is. actually doing weddings at the bell tower is pretty much way awesome too- love coltens family they crack me up and are so fun to work with. BUT, i do NOT enjoy, being yelled at over the phone by older folks (ok it was one guy today but i'm still pretty heated up) who DONT understand technology, and who CAN'T properly check their credit card accounts, and who dont LISTEN when a completely innocent third party assistant manager is actually trying to HELP them with their situation and is more than happy to give them money back if they actually shut up for 3 seconds (not 5 cuz it really only woulda taken 3 seconds to understand the concept) and waited for the innocent assistant manager (who happens to be wearing a very cute blue dress not to be prideful or anything, they prob woulda been nicer but they were on the phone so they missed the dress) to explain that everything was going to work out and that NO we do NOT intentionally charge credit cards mischeiviously (jenny it'd be awesome if you commented with the correct spelling of that word) to steal money from people who are most likely living off retirement. long story short. no really tho, i do love my job. moments like that tho tend to make me forget... i love my job i love my job i love my job. have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


this quote is very blogworthy. i came across it in my readings... haha here ya go!

"I would not lift my little finger to defend the western world against communism if I thought that man were just a machine with no spark of divinity in him" -Dwight D. Eisenhower

Monday, May 11, 2009

Relay For Life

this weekend i participated in the relay for life with the employees at coral cliffs cinemas- lots of people in my family have had cancer- not any that were extremely serious but still and all it feels good to participate in something not just for those who have experienced such an illness in my family but for all the people that are going through it today. Its gotta be one huge trial- i can't even imagine the kind of pain that they endure. All i can say is i know, without a doubt, that the Lord gives those kinds of trials to the people who He trusts can handle them, those are the kind of people we all look up to, the people that even through so much pain they still wake up with a smile on their face.

all together i think i walked like 6 or 7 miles, as the night got later tho i swear i was like on drugs or somethin- i was bein a spaz. but it was fun, i bonded with my co-workers they are so awesome they make me smile lots. and i also got in some goood talks while walkin with my buddies. the next morning tho i felt like i'd been run over by 6 or 7 trucks, ya. ow. still recovering.

Got to talk to colten on sunday- allll i can say about that is- it was AWESOME. just awesome. through and through. i loved it. happy mothers day to all those mothers out there.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

OH happy day.

I passed my Theory Exam for a Nail tech. SCORE so i'm halfway there just gotta take my practical test. again.

this is one of our baby goats named heidi. freakin cute huh

this is the perfect picture of my mom. she loves animals like no other and she loves taking care of everything- haha literally. i love her so much and im thankful for such a wonderful mommy. p.s. i think she could be a hand model... she just didnt pass that on to me...its all good tho.

this is both of our baby goats, my mom came up with the names just an fyi its heidi on the right and gretel on the left. haha.

Random pic of beau i just thought it was cool, its midday perfect shadow time. sweet concrete reflection dawg. hahahaha.

Friday, May 1, 2009

"practical" test

notice the title, let me just assure you before i tell you the story of my horrible 'practical' exam experience, that these tests are no where near- not even remotely close- to being practical.

i will try not to drag on forever i'll just cover the main points

-first procedure we had to show the examiner how to do was the manicure - idk about you but LOTION is kindof an important part of the manicure- its a general item that does so much for the skin that people tend to apply it daily so of course you'd want that to be part of the manicure. WELL, as i began the procedure- guess what? i was missing lotion in my kit- guess what i found out? taya had it in hers....

-still in the first procedure- at the end of my pretending to massage without lotion step, i began to paint the nails. (blonde moment approaching) after i had them all painted i looked around the room and realized i was the only one painting... awesome... so i felt pretty lame for a moment but i was still upbeat haha so then when i finished the examiner asked me, "can i see your hand?" now just think about this moment, me+blonde hair+ nervousness= me answering back, "sure" and handing her my own hand, rather than the hand that the test was being graded on. and then halfway through handing her my hand in that split second i realized "wow, that was dumb" and she said "no, uh," and rather than having her actually have to explain it to me i luckily...not really luckily at this point but still luckily, i managed to catch her drift and i handed her the actual hand she wanted.

-next procedure- how to put on a nail tip. DIDN'T even know i was supposed to do this procedure, so that kinda stunned me but i had all the equipment so in the 2 MIN allowed to put all your stuff away and get all the other stuff out and clean and disinfect it all i managed to miss grabbing the glue. if you've ever had your nails done, you know just how important that glue is. so BASICALLY that section i didnt do too hott on because i couldn't perform the procedure. awesome.

-the other procedures i thought i did alright on, till we recieved our test scores.

a smidge of ventage for a second- can i just say its freakin lame because the company that tests us don't regulate all the rules with the state completely and they didn't give all the information to our teacher so theres no way we could have known all that we were supposed to- because even if you know how to do all the procedures properly and you do it cleanly (im making that a word if its not one) - if you dont dispose of the proper crap into its proper trash bags you get docked points - if you dont break every orange stick before throwing it away- you fail OH and one more detail thats just AWESOME, when you do fail because your first time its just about guaranteed that you will, they dont tell you what you missed points on... so basically ya gotta ask around town till ya figure it out on your own. how do i feel about this all? pretty dang angry.