Tuesday, September 22, 2009

she's ALL mine..... Jealous?

This here folks is OLE BLUE. That is the name of this lil beauty. I own this truck completely. No payments- no loans- no crap she's all mine. and guess what? i got a way good deal on it. I have a thing for old trucks. idk what it is but i jus do. So my dad got this truck at an auction for a waaaay good deal, brought it home and i saw it and i was like----ooooh snap. so, i busted out the amount he required- in cash--and guess what? i now own this 1986 Ford. I'm normally a chevy girl but this deal was too good to pass up. get this- its how old? do the math... and it only has 76000 miles on it! its a 4-speed so i'm a lil rusty at drivin it but i successfully drove it to lunch today with me an my mom. the interior is blue, and it has a super duper velvety soft plush seat with no rips or anything. The radio works, everything drives fine. we had to get new batteries but now its puttin along pertily. :) haha. Charlee and i decided ole blue (well i pretty much decided with charlee on the phone and laughing at me the whole time for what a nerd i am) would be the perfect name.

Here is what the truck needs:

a serious detailing- there's dirt in there thats probably from 1986.

a paint job- well do you think it needs one? i kinda like the multi-colored finish that it has. we got blue goin on, we got some gray, we got some rusty orangeness, i'm pretty sure those are falls hottest colors so the paint job we may put on hold. (also we might be putting it on hold because colten paints cars and could do wonders with this heap of happiness)

a new tailight- only on one side tho

a new stereo system--this one i really dont know about i kinda like the feel of a staticky country radio station blazin through the popping speakers when driving down a dirt road (i'm dead serious no sarcasm on this one cuz i really like that feeling)
new windshield wipers- idk if they've ever been replaced...haha
im probably missing something but so far thats what i know i need. :)
i'm on cloud 15 as of monday september 21st, 2009. call me a nerd- i'm ok with that i just like this truck. i'm so excited. :) :) :) so be honest, aren't ya jealous? haha

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So i haven't blogged in like a month. or more. ok more because its now september. and my last one was in july. you see? i am blonder now because i'm going crazy because i'm so busy because my dad is...well he is my dad and he has led me to become a workaholic. i dont know what else to do but work. and go to school. hahaha. no i'm glad i'm doing what i'm doing. All the things i'm doing in my life all work together to accomplish certain goals that i have. So its all good. i am taking like Gen Ed classes from dixie. all of which looove to give out lots of reading and homework. I am working still at the theater, the bell tower, for my mom, and trying to get out of doing pedicures as much as possible. You see, i might be starting a couple days a week at a new bridal store in st george called eternity bridal and if i do i'm just gonna say goodbye to the pedicure business because i dont need it and its not my favorite job in the whole wide world. I am also taking 2 institute classes- both of which seem to be EXACTLY what i need in my life right now. funny how that works huh? i think the Lord definitely had a role in helping pick the right classes. I am currently just trying to fit in everything in my schedule. Homework, work, working out, sleep, class, eating, working, working, and working, and then some more homework on top. So, in other words i shall try to keep all who care updated on my life. And i'm gonna try and write more about the truly important things that happen in my life, like the spiritual awakenings haha that i so often need and have. P.S. i so totally only have 11 months left. -crazy huh.