Thursday, March 29, 2012

I was reading today...

out of Daughters In My Kingdom. On page 79, President Hugh B. Brown (my relative...sweet) spoke about Relief Society women in other countries during World War II and he said something beautiful, something I had to share...

"To kneel in prayer with these women and to hear them thank God for their simple blessings, for the preservation of their lives and the lives of their loved ones, and for their scanty provisions and their windowless homes is at once an inspiration and a reproof to many of us whose material blessings far exceed any enjoyed here, but who frequently complain at being deprived of a few luxuries"

I have to admit I have complained of being deprived of a few luxuries. One of those luxuries being, TIME.... my last post.... ya, but there's a reason these books are published. It's so that when some young gal is feeling stressed out, and she finds time to sit in the tub, and she looks over and sees this book sitting on her nightstand, she takes it--and she only reads a few pages---and suddenly her perspective is better! Suddenly she feels humbled, rather than the pride that was maybe unintentionally but undoubtedly there in her heart when she got up that morning. And because she read just a little bit, her attitude is a little bit better for that day, and maybe she'll smile at someone because of it, and they'll feel better about their day. And everything for a moment, was just a little bit better. :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

So excited for summer.

So, let me just give you a shpill of my schedule this last week.

Monday- Math 9am, Work Noon till 10pm
Tuesday- Work noon till 5ish, make recipe and take to YW activity, then finish homework.
Wednesday-Math 9am, Work noon till 430, drive to neighboring town for 2 1/2 hr class just to finish, drive back and go back to work for meeting/training that went till approx 11pm
Thursday-work at 8 AM till 1230 AM....yeah. oh and sell out for 5 midnight shows...665 people.....wasn't planning on being at work that long, and therefore my cousin and his lovely wife came and stayed at our house, and we only had one clean towel. and it was a beach towel. hubby was supposed to be home and clean since i was going to be at work. he's a workaholic too. great. im pretty sure they still love us though. sorry john and hailey.
Friday-unexpectedly called in to work, 10 AM ish till 6 ish. Finally got a break but went back and watched The Hunger Games (which I most definitely approve of)
Saturday- up at 7am to realize that i forgot that today is the last day to take a math 1050 test and that i also was planning on working at two different jobs today. So, to the BT about 830/9am, work till 2, rush to testing center, take test that takes me hour and a half, back to BT, for a little bit, then home to change shirts and head to my other job, which is about a 7 hr shift that doesn't end until the AM.
Oh, somewhere amongst all this, i snuck in some laundry- just so you all dont think we're gross. And my wonderful hubby did do some cleaning around the house. He is amazing.
Also among this I am now behind in my other class, and have an upcoming crazy work schedule again this week. I do the scheduling! how does this work! oh ya, life. it happens. And I've got a million other extras beyond all that I'm already running myself into the ground to try and do, that keep coming up. I don't wanna be bored, and I'm grateful that I'm not, I'm just sayin my brain is going a little bit crazy. oh, and i'm teaching a lesson tomorrow---again I'm grateful for that, in fact, teaching YW is my favorite calling thus far, and I love it, I just wish I was able to let my mind ponder more about YW lessons than math.
Yay for graduation coming up for me. And thankfulness- for the Lord knowing what I need better than anyone else and for His adding little miracles to my life everyday. even if my everyday is crazy.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Last day of Preschool... again?

I'm not sure what my last day of preschool was like when I was actually a preschooler, but today was pretty rough. I've grown to love these little kids, and I come home and to work constantly sharing what happened at preschool. I love kids. They're so sweet-and so pure-and so straight up! (They tell you exactly what they think of you, but yet they're also the definition of forgiving, there's a lot I've learned from them)

Anyway, last stories I have about the preschool---I have to blog them.

So, today at rug time, one little boy (a very obnoxious but cute one) raised his hand and said he needed to sing "teacher" a song. So he sang,

"Twinkle Twinkle little star, how I wonder what...YOU ATE FOR BREAKFAST!!!"

Talk about a future class clown, the other kids just roared with laughter! And, after that, the rest of the 2 1/2 hours were filled with repeats of twinkle twinkle little star.
Love it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Whew. And another great story.

February has been crazy. work, school,/preschool, and, well, life! It's been so much easier with a planner though. Holy cow what was I thinking ever living life without some sort of a planner. Its helped so much to keep me straight with what homework assignments due when, and where I'm supposed to be and why. I used to use one in high school, and after that I figured my life wasn't as crazy (which it really wasn't too bad) but this semester and last semester have been whacko. Last semester was the whole 2 jobs thing, and there's just always a lot going on.

My YW Pres. said to me a couple weeks ago, "you and your husband are just everywhere! I see you at church, I see you Tues nights, I see your husband on the tractor on the field in front of my house,I see you at the theater, and now I'm seeing you both here!" (this was at the Lincoln Day breakfast at which we listened to Orrin Hatch, who I'm a fan of. we listened to a lot of Republicans, and it was all real good but to be honest I was so tired I can't remember all of it...I really really like Senator Mike Lee but he couldn't be there but the guy who represented him still gave a great speech)...ANYWAY, i could list my schedule but why would I want to go over it again, just know that its busy.

But, it will start slowing down this coming week. I purposely squashed my preschool lab hours all into February so I could be done soon and so I won't have to go back after next week. It's exciting but oh so sad I love those little kids. I dont think I ever wanna be a preschool teacher, but this class helped me learn so much for when I'll be a mom one day...and simply just for church callings in the primary I feel like I could totally guide kids a lot better than I used to before. (hence the name of the class, Child Guidance) And I still have a half a semester to learn more about kids. I love it! I'm not sayin I'm a genius at this stuff I just feel like I graduated the Kindergarten of Child Guidance.

Then, after this semester....I think I'm gonna be done with school. At least for a while... I'll have my Associates, and over the summer and fall I'm gonna finish MT and yeah. Its gonna be good I think. Part of me wants to go on full time with school and just rock the education world and yadda yadda yadda...(this is long time comin to cuz i realized the other day I think my lil' sister and brother and I played more "office" than we did "house" so maybe I was just a career driven little girl?) But there's a bigger part of me that yearns (that's right, yearns) to be at home. Just being a wife, daughter, sister, YW leader, Visiting Teacher, friend, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, and aunt is a lot to focus on, and lots to be proud of. Not to mention one day adding to the list "mother." (not yet, trust me y'all will know when that day will come...) However, rather than delving more into that subject on a serious note, (even though its a great subject) I have a funny story... as usual:)

Were sitting at Ma and Pa Iverson's a couple weeks ago. We're all sitting around having various conversations about this and that, most likely business/money cuz let's face it the us Iversons got that part down. (I've learned so much about business since being a part of this family it's a great thing) Anyway, so we're chillin, and the conversation is kindof slowing down and I notice a friend of the family who we all love-but who can be random at times- gets up and walks over to me and puts his hand on my belly and says "How far along?" *silence* me: "Um, I'm not actually pregnant" that was exactly what I said, which thinking about it now kindof makes it seem like I was being if i could have added "...despite the current state of my body that would make you believe that I was" even though that's not true at all because I weigh less than I did in highschool (not a lot less, but less haha) Anyway, we all just busted a gut laughing, what else could you do? it was SO awkward, but SO funny at the same time and frankly I love that it happened because it's a great story! I wasn't offended in the least because again, I don't think I look pregnant. He is a great kid too, and if it had been anyone else it would've maybe come out with a different ending, but coming from him it brought us all laughs. Good times at the Iverson Home on Sunday evenings! Great stories are bound to happen.