Friday, June 26, 2009

One of the top 5 saddest things you will ever hear about.

No, not the fact that michael jackson died, however sad that may be.

Remember a while back, when i posted about my herculesnephite jelly shoes? ..... sniff sniff.... well, a couple of days ago i went tubing down the river with nicole ryan and mckay, and this little boy's purple toy was floating fast down the river and i stood up to go and get it or at least attempt it, either way my intentions were good, and then i slipped and somehow my shoe came off and i immediately stood up and looked right where i was standing i didn't even move and it was gone! i looked downstream, nothin! everywhere! nothin! no sign of my shoe. i have no idea what happened to it. LUCKILY, i know they still have them at wal-mart so i will be returning there to purchase a second pair. but seriously. SAD sad, SAD, news. somehow ill make it through the week. but, i must say, if you minus the shoe loss, the tubing trip was freakin rad. oh and minus my wretched sunburn. but really it was a fun trip everyone should do it in their lifetime. anyway, i hope you all have a wonderful day. :)

Friday, June 19, 2009


age on my next birthday- crazy. sweet.

this is one of my fav. views, my front porch. one of my fav places to be. but....this is my favorite place. KOLOB. beautiful:)

this is my fav. color- blue gray, and that'd be sweet to have a diamond that color, but you'd have to be rich first...which i am not so ill just enjoy its beauty.
favorite clothing-- i love summery dresses, they're colorful, comfortable and cute.
favorite song, dont have one that'd be the hardest question of my life to answer so this is just what i've been listening to most lately, rascal flatts new cd unstoppable. its way good.

where am i from? good ole hurricane utah, and guess what i'm most likely to never leave and totally okay with it. i'm grateful for the beautiful place we live and i'm fine with livin here :) me likey

first job- still job- good place to work its fun.
Dream Job- truly is to be a mom. always has been, its a mix of every job there is! teacher, nurse, driver, therapist, travel guide, manager, haha many names, for one great job- the most important one in the world i'd say. something to do before i die: marry in the temple. beautiful place, full of beautiful moments.

name of 'crush'... i think its a smidge more than a crush.... a LOT more. Colten Iverson.

random pic of him trying to figure somethin out when we were doing homework together haha dang CIS class we had to work on that so much and at that moment i didnt feel like workin so i snapped a shot of him. cute huh.

Nerds. two nerds that like each other.
i didn't really wanna do any more pics so thats all folks. but funny story- tonight me an nicole treated ourselves to a nice lil dinner at olive garden anyway on our way home us old ladies have to get our kicks somewhere--- haha we were in my car we pulled up to a stop light and right next to us was these two high school guys on a mo ped thing and the one on the back was somewhat attractive (says nicole...) anyway she rolls down her window just to play around and the one guy was like oh hey and they scoot their moped back to see us better lol and he was like how are you guys and she's like good (im not gonna use proper punctuation in conversation just read it) and he was like where you from? and shes like hurricane and he's like oh i'm sorry- and nicole said where are you from? and he goes, bloomington... and she just gave him a ya-your-a-lamehead look as she silently rolled up the window and we drove away LOL. he laughed but didn't look at us again cuz he just got BURNED. me and nicole have some good times. anyway have a good day.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


well, i'm at work, and im a smidge bored only because its wednesday and for some reason we are very slow. so here i go, on a little shpill, hopefully it makes ya laugh, hopefully no crying, and if nothing else... just smile just because. k? k.

things that really just make me angered.
-bad drivers- ok ok i am NOT the greatest myself but sometimes i really feel like pulling out a siren and pulling some people over.

-chick flicks that are so hilarious and awesome and then there is some dirty part that they just had to through in there.

-when its southern utah, the month of June, and the one day you plan on going swimming with yer buddy Nicole, and it rains.

-shaving my legs

-opening up a chip bag expecting it to be Full of Bliss, and you notice its only 1/3 full of bliss

-angry, non-understanding, management hating, firebreathing customers

-And, waking up thinking i'm gonna eat a lil healthier today...going to bed thinking- yes, i really did eat that cheeseburger and strawberry shake, AFTER dinner.

-serving sizes - u know no one in their right mind is gonna only eat 10 chips.

Things that really make me smile: :)
-my paycheck

-finishing a great book- and reading it too but it always feels good to be done with it

-when my dog turbo starts wagging his tail just because i looked at him and said his name :)

-getting letters and emails from colten

-when i have finished a long day and look back and think dang i accomplished a lot today

-the days that i do eat healthy and work out which has been surprisingly more often than not recently minus yesterday

-yoga (new found likeness, thanks jenny for introducing it to me)

-being sore from working out

-rainy days (if i didnt happen to be planning on going swimming that day)

-some of my pedicure regulars just make me smile they're nice people

-my family and colten's family all make me smile bigtime

-chocolate peanut butter ice cream in any form- georgia mud fudge blizzards-subway sandwiches- Chocolate really in any form- rootbeer and lemonade mixed (weird i know)

-my fellow employees at coral cliffs cinema 8 (hurricane's fine choice for movie entertainment)

-music- singing- attempting playing the piano and just anything country makes me happy

-writing poems

-AND last but certainly Not least- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- i love having the gospel in my life- i'd be crazy without it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

way late. but, celebration- GRADUATION

gosh i wish i was that hot.
sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters. many people tried to break us up but no one can, oh help the mister, who comes between me and my sister, oh help the sister- who comes between me and my man! haha if you know what movie thats from you get 10 points.

this cute girl loves getting pictures, i can't say its her best angle, but dang aint she freakin cute!

Ran into one of my bestest friends ever. kinda blurry we couldn't get a great picture. but hey. shout out to mckay.

this one you can hardly see but her hat was pretty blinged out... following in her sisters footsteps:) haha hers was like seriously bejeweled tho it was rad. it was colorful and fun and shiny i was lovin it.

Monday, June 1, 2009

possibly boring- only read if bored. just some random thoughts

well wanna know how sammy's life is going? its full of awkward moments ill tell ya that much. but its good. life has always shown me that even the bad things have positive parts. i really am happy to be back at the theater, its fun. i'm just workin my tail off all the time and its good because it feels good to have really worked. this week i have a weddin i'm helpin at i work 4 days at the theater and thursday i have pedicure appointments. fun huh? ya. well. i must say this exciting news. i went to my first yoga class thanks to the help of jenny (susannah also attended) and honestly it was hard, but it felt quite good so im plannin on goin back. i used to do pilates a lot but i really enjoyed yoga. i have a song suggestion- listen to telluride- by josh gracin and or tim mcgraw either version is good. susannah's graduated- weird. colten said in an email last week, something to the effect of tell susannah congrats i cant believe its been a whole year of school even since i been out and now i'm freakin livin in africa! haha made me laugh. he is doin well by the way- just got made district leader in an area with a name way too long- his area is called korle-bu and the district is called lartebiokoshie. now dont go checkin the spelling- he said he just spells it how he thinks we would pronounce it i think so idk thats just what he wrote. kinda crazy. ooo another song y'all gotta check is "cant take my eyes off you' by lady antebellum. oh my gosh one of the sweeetest slow country songs you'll ever hear in your life. well there ya go. thats my blog for the day. maybe ill post the pics of nana's grad another day. but im at work right now. haha. so i gotta go. much love to y'all. peace.