Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Ok, so if I wasn't nerdy enough for the last post, here's my new one. So me and my co-workers (I promise we do actually work most of the time) did the test where I take a string and hold it in front of my belly, tie my wedding ring to it, and if it moves around in a circle it means i'm having a boy, and if it went side to side it would mean a girl.... well all three times it was a boy. So, then I tried holding it above my wrist (using my other co-workers method) and once again, a boy. THEN, I tried my bf's suggestion of holding it over my palm and asking it to go in a circle if I was prego with a boy, and it was again, a boy.

According to the Mayans, if you take your age at the time of conception, and the year of conception, and they both end in even or both in odd then it's a girl. If one's even and one's odd, it's a boy. Well, I was 21 at the time of conception, and we're in the year 2012, sooooo again, a boy.

BUT, according to the Chinese calendar I'm undoubtedly having a girl...and seeing as how they seem to be very successful....

Curious, have any of you tried these silly tests? Which ones worked? (I'm not crazy I know I'm really just gonna have to wait but I'm just having a little fun :))

faith lost in gender-determining dreams

weird title right? i thought so too.

But, it's true, folks. I dreamed last night that I had a girl inside of me. I also dreamed that one of my co-workers had a seizure and I had to run and get help, but that's just sammy having weird dreams. I have thee weirdest dreams. I should share them more on here, but then again maybe I shouldn't....I should keep letting you all think I'm normal.

Anyway, subject matter, I want a girl. I want a boy too, but I want a girl just a tad more, so maybe that's why I dreamed that...but see my dad thinks its a boy and as frustrating as it is, he is right about a lot of stuff--like a lot of stuff... he's really good about listening to the spirit (hence his current church calling). One year at Christmas my mom had a surprise present for the whole family and no one knew what it was, including my dad. But he went in the other room, prayed about it, and literally had the answer. Just like that. So if dad says it's a boy, then it's pretty likely. However, there's always a 50/50 chance so no one can be certain. I just reallllllly want:

#1: nausea to be over. (today I feel pretty good, but I dont want to jinx anything)
#2: to know the gender. I am one of the most impatient people on the planet. (waiting for colten pretty much drove me to the crazy point and I'm still recovering)
#3: nausea to be over. so that I can get a little more excited cuz let's face it it's hard to jump up and down with joyfulness when you feel like throwing up.
#4: to know the gender. so I can call her, Lois, or call him Garrett.
#5: to have more patience. it's a lifetime goal.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Split Glimpse.

Last night, we're driving down the Boulevard, when I suddenly see, through the glass windows of one of the Mexican restaurants, a very caveman looking guy. He had a large amount of hair on his head (obviously enough to be seen from far distances) that was parted down the middle but still covering part of his face. So I said, "Oh hun! Look at that caveman guy!" (sounds terribly judgmental, but you would have thought the same thing).

My hun tried looking but couldn't quite get the right angle but just in time before we completely passed he said, "I think I caught a split-glimpse"

I then burst into ridiculous amounts of laughter, because I was trying to picture what a split-glimpse might actually be. I teased him a little saying, "Does that mean you only caught it quickly with one eye?" "What does that mean!!?" haha.

Of course it was one of those moments where he wanted to say split-second or caught a glimpse, but somehow he mixed the two and it was awesome. It's like those moments where you want to say good luck, but you also want to say take care, and because your brain doesn't decide quickly enough it comes out "take, luck!" (i stole that from somewhere...can't remember) Anyway, I love my hubby, and I love how he will be making me laugh for forever.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I like.

I'm reading a book called "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands." It's written by Dr. Laura.
At first I wasn't sure if I'd really read this book, because it was borrowed to me by a friend instead of me going out and getting it. But I was curious so I've begun reading, and I like it. This one little story she shares just hit me. So here I share: short and sweet but to the point:

"A grandfather was talking to his grandson. [for some reason I pictured native americans] 'Grandson,' he said, "there are two wolves living in my heart and they are at war with each other. One is vicious and cruel, the other is wise and kind."
"Grandfather," said the alarmed grandson, "which one will win?"
"The one I feed," said the grandfather.

I like this.

10 weeks tomorrow

So, this baby is apparently the size of a kumquat. I can't really tell how big or little that is, but i do know that my uterus is approximately the size of an orange (according to my midwife). the internet says my uterus is the size of a grapefruit. (is this weird for anyone? sorry...) :) Even though the size of an orange still doesn't seem very big, it feels big to me! Everything I own is just uncomfortable but I don't want to buy maternity stuff yet! I'm just slippin in skirts and lose pants but my goodness. It's not fun, but it is at the same time. After I eat my stomach just plops out too like I'm 5 months pregnant, but in the morning you can't even tell at all. It's weird.  At my appointment this week, the midwife took my blood pressure, and it was low, because it always is, and she said "blood pressure of a child." but it's ok, i am a relatively small person. everytime i get my blood pressure taken the nurse makes a comment, "whoa thats low" or "I wish i had that kind of blood pressure." So the midwife's was a new one, but I thought it was kindof funny. She then asked how tall I was, and what my shoe size was? hahaha those of you who know my shoe size know that that's definitely like a child's. I literally shop in the kids department. The day i went in for an appointment i was 9 weeks 3 days. She said the earliest she's ever heard a heartbeat was 9 weeks 6 days. But, we decided not to try yet because if you dont hear it it could be slightly depressing. but, we may go in a couple weeks to hear it. :)

I'm excited to almost be done with the first trimester. Im shootin for the nausea to go away in a couple weeks, but I know that's a long shot, it may stay for longer. I can handle the fatigue, and really every symptom is all worth it in the end. Theres an update for ya.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day Conversation

To begin mother's day I thought a nice bout of nausea would be nice. And it was. I was also half-asleep during this fun time, when all-of-a-sudden, my hubby walked in the room with a big glass of chocolate milk. I asked my stomach how it felt about that, and it said it sounded OK. So, then I said, "Hun, will you please go get me a glass of chocolate milk?"  ...

His response: "nope"

Me: (thinking to myself: how rude, but i really am desperate because I know if I stand up the nausea will increase so, I decide to fight this one..) out loud I said: (in my most whiny voice possible) PLEASE WILL YOU GO GET ME SOME CHOCOLATE MILK!

He was on the computer now, looking at deals on ksl/craigslist (a favorite pastime of his). So, I attributed his next response to the fact that the computer was obviously more important than I.
 He said: "Hun I really think you will be much happier if you go get it yourself"

Me: (so angry at this point but too tired to change my tactics, I increased the whine) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GO GET ME SOME CHOCOLATE MILK!!!

Now, this conversation went on way longer than it should have with similar responses still being repeated from both parties. Finally, because my husband really loves me and is more patient and sweet and wonderful than I, he got me a glass of chocolate milk. I drank the milk and fell back asleep.

When I finally got my haunches out of bed, I went into the kitchen to find something else to shove in my mouth. On the floor was a giant white box with a note on top. "Happy Mother's Day......(it said other loving things too)...." And on the box was a picture of something similar to this: 
What a snot pump I am. What a serious jerk I was. How big of a stinker can you get?

There I was being a bad word to my husband, and his true reasoning behind wanting me to go in the kitchen that morning was so I could receive my awesome mother's day present. I have yet to truly make up for being such a snot. But, the point is, I have an amazing husband. I am thankful for him and for his thoughtfulness.

Monday, May 14, 2012

So I dreamed I had a boy...

And what a dream it was. My sis told me that doctors say that's the most accurate. I've had dreams about having a girl, but not since I have been prego. I've had a dream about having twin boys, but that was one time and it was a long time ago. haha. So, if dreams really do come true, then we are having a boy.

Nausea sucks. Something sounds good, I start eating it, and then its like my body yells, "JUST KIDDING!" and i have yet to finish a whole bowl of cereal, or pretty much a whole anything. oh and I'm hungry like every hour or so. My midwife suggested "sea bracelets" and I felt like they helped the first two days I had em, but yesterday they didn't seem to really do the trick. Oh and i have allergies. sneezing, itchy throat/nose/eyes, coughing, the whole shebang. it really adds to the rest of my symptoms of fun.

However, I'm still pluggin along and still getting very excited to meet the little grape-sized alien in my body. I'm 9 weeks now. ish (cuz ya never really know) and anyway i'm happy that the weeks keep going by. it's crazy to think i wont get to see this baby till the end of the year. but i can be patient, we still have lots to do before then.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Good day.

So I met with an amazing lady today. She has done over 1200 births. She said, "The Lord is my best friend." She also said to me, "There are many women who will tell you you are crazy. They will tell you it's stupid to go natural with your first birth. They will also repeat over and over again the words---'but you just never know what will happen!' but (she continued) I know that the spirit is 100% reliable. And I always get a feeling just before  a birth if something is going to go wrong.  Everytime I get that feeling, there is nothing I can do but listen to the spirit and get that woman to the hospital. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I listen."

That is a woman I trust. She was so confident, and she had so much faith. I feel like working with her will be more than just having a child-for me- it will be a time of spiritual growth, and I look forward to finding strength within me that I didn't know I had. I feel good about it. But she still told me to pray about it before I made my final decision. (even though I'm quite sure it's already made). :)

I believe with all my heart, that every woman knows what is best for her and her baby. I believe women in general are blessed to be able to be extra-sensitive to the spirit-- and that is why motherhood is so beautiful. For me, I feel a connection to this woman- (i know i may sound crazy) --and I trust her. More importantly, I trust my Heavenly Father, and no matter what happens I know He is in control of when people enter and leave this world. I trust Him. And I'm so excited to be on this journey! I'm nervous, and I'm nauseous, but I'm happy. (and hungry).

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Big News....Like the biggest ever....

So guess what y'all?

I'm preggars! I'm a mommy. I have a baby on the way. The whole 9 yards, or should I say, 9 months. Only, now I'm down to only 7 ish months left. I have a mini Iverson currently being made right now inside me. For real folks- this is the realest deal you'll ever hear of. haha.

I've known for a few weeks now, and I'm only 8 weeks along, but I've been telling people because even if worse came to worse and I had to re-tell everyone bad news, the good news is just so exciting that I have to share it. And, I have faith that everything is going to work out.

I'm so mixed with feelings right now, it's exciting/scary/unbelievable/crazy/wonderful all at the same time. According to online due date calculators (since their SO reliable...:)) I am due in the middle of December, real close to my buddy Charlee's b-day actually. I don't care of it's a boy or a girl. Initially I wanted a girl, then thinking about a boy I'd love that too so I dont know I'll just be happy with whatever we get :) Of course Colten wants a boy-in fact he's already referring to it as Garrett. If it's a boy the name is already decided. Easy, done. Colten's middle name, then my dad's middle name/grandpas first name, put em together and you get:

Garrett Wayne Iverson

I've been told that's a real, good cowboy name. haha. not that we meant for that, but that's great. We like cowboys around here. Well, so what if it's a girl? I know it's silly that we're only 8 wks and got the names already pondered, but the girl option is: Lois Angell, but it's not for sure. 

Symptoms: I'm right in the nausea stage. It's AWESOME!!!!! ----not. 
At about 6 weeks I was all sorts of crampy but feeling dandy other than that. But now, everything sounds disgusting. But yet I'm hungry approximately  90% of the day, and the hungrier the more nauseated I am, and thus the less likely I want to eat anything. Then when I do eat, if I eat even one bite too much I'm sicker than I was when I started. So basically I just have to snack all day. Carbonation is a dream, - sprite and ginger ale are now my heroes. Soda crackers- I hate you now but somehow you do help. I'm sooooooo glad that I finished school right before the nausea came, cuz it's no bueno. I'm also extremely tired. I literally feel like I could lay in bed all day, but once I get to work it actually helps me feel better. I can smell everything. And things that I have known the flavor of my whole life suddenly they taste different. One thing that sounds consistently gross for some reason- ranch dressing. I have no idea why. I haven't weighed myself in the past few days cuz it's not that fun anymore, but I actually don't think I've really gained anything- but my tummy is already a pudge. I can no longer suck in and have it actually go in. And all my pants fit, but they're just uncomfortable. The only thing Im not a fan of is the nausea, everything else I don't care, but I'm happy to do whatever to bring this baby in the world-including be nauseated. 

Bringing baby into the world: speaking of HOW:
The plan as of now is to meet with a midwife. This midwife I've met once before, and she actually delivered one of my sister's last children and he is one healthy lil boy. I don't want to do an at-home birth cuz that seems for me too big of a risk on a first child. However, I want to have the baby at The Birth Sweet in St. George which is only a few blocks away from the women's hospital and it's a cute little house and that's where the midwife that I want works. If for some reason I ended up having the baby in the hospital I would not be devastated. However, the more I learn about natural birth the more it appeals to me- but more than that, it feels right for me. It's felt right for a long time now too, and so that's what we're gonna do. I have my first appointment with her on Thursday! Exciting.  

Life's good. and lot's of good things are ahead. :)