Tuesday, April 28, 2009

bramall humor.

just an fyi if you happen to read this blog and think- gosh sammy that was dumb...just remember one thing bramalls have a strange sense of humor- and some like it some dont. so latest funny moment that was blogworthy- i received a gift card for target for 25 buckaroos from my dear friend and possible future sister in law taya and so because i spend a lot of time on my own running errands working at my kazillion jobs and such i decided today to go spend that money. so i went and found some sweet swim trunks haha and some cute shoes (idk what number they are but i think i'm still in the 70s and ill have you know i resisted buying two pairs this time and i only bought the one AND they were on clearance so i did like triple goodness shoppin) and side story just for my own purposes i shall mention that uh as i was tryin on my next pair of shoes i heard a teenage girl say to her mom 'why are you laughing thats dumb mom stop blah blah blah' and i thought to myself that was kindof rude of her to talk to her mom like that (we've all done it but still the thought adds a little somethin to my story) and i looked up and lo and behold- colten's ex-gfriend...(which by the way they were together like years ago and she is an awesome gal but still awkwardness goin on if ya catch my drift) good thing i had just got back from doing baptisms for the dead- hair wet, no makeup(really thats not noteworthy i never wear makeup) and i was shoppin by myself which at the time i didnt think was too weird- i smiled at her but it was just a tension filled moment and she turned the corner and walked away... so if that wasn't cool enough i got home and nana gave me a piece of advice. she said sammy, Friends dont let friends shop alone. Partially because she was jealous of my sweet shoes and possibly partially because she felt bad i had to walk the target alleyways by my lonesome as i encountered awkward acquaintenances. and i know i spelled that wrong- in fact my computer is telling me with a red underline its spelled wrong but im not in the mood to fix it.

AWESOME news.... i hope everyone senses my sarcasm when i say stuff like AWESOME news... and i hope you realize whats about to come up next is actually about the least awesome thing on the planet. Monday, April 27th, the day after my birthday- at approximately 3:15 i found out my score of the practical for nail techs. i wont tell you the exact percentage but lets just say- there was some major failage goin on. me AND taya failaged. i wont go into detail about how completely and utterly retardando the psi exam company is- there are too many details and frankly i dont wanna get too riled up at this moment in time. good news- and this really is good news- taya passed her theory test which i have yet to take so i do have hope that i will also pass it but since she passed it that means that she and i will both prob retake the practical you have to pass both tests to get licensed and if i fail them both miserably i may just stay a forever apprentice because paying 87 dollars to experience major failage is only fun so many times. i take my theory test on saturday. good luck to me. gotta wait 30 days to take practical again. OH i'm starting back up at the theater this saturday i'm excited:) AND i wont be working any kids shows this summer HALLELUJAH. hope my jumbled mess of words and thoughts made sense:) i heart everyone who takes time to read me blog. peace out. maybe ill tell about my nail experience another day- my friends that have heard about it basically almost peed their pants laughing. yes i shall blog it at some point. i can only handle so much embarrassment at a time. peace dawgs.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

just read it. might be dumb, just read it anyway.

so i've been readin good quotes for like 2 hours- long story. someday i'll post about that too. but anyway i started eatin some chips and ya know my mind just started producing all this wisdom- and rather than keep it in my head, i thought i'd be kind enough to share.

i came up with this fantastic quote. Fantastic is really the only word that comes to mind when i think about this quote. here ya go.

"He who throws away the crushed little pieces of chips at the end of the bag is wasteful and it shall not be well with him in the life after this. However, he who believes himself to be 'all that in a bag of chips' for him, it shall be even worse."

just might be the dumbest thing i've thought all day, and yet it just might be the smartest. I'll let you be the judge of that.

think about it...

"If ever American society and the United States government are demoralized... it will come from the voracious desire of office--- this struggle to live without toil." -Abraham Lincoln.

I didnt say it, Lincoln did. Man i miss the good ole days... founding fathers rock. Abraham Lincoln rocked too.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trip to Zion :) love it...

Zion National Park. + River. + Overcast w a little rain. + Springtime = PRETTY. we're so lucky to be so close to such a beautiful place.

i love the colors at zion- so beautiful.
Brycen is so stinking cute. i love this pic. always gettin into trouble.

i said "brycen give me a big smile!" and this is what he pulled off. its so big i think he had a hard time seeing me...

the word that comes to mind here, PRECIOUS. love this little boy.

like uncle like nephew.... i guess ? cute huh...

im gonna be completely honest. #1- i took this pic, and im proud of it. but hey its not hard to do when, #2 my lil sis is a freakin hottie.

not my best photo, but hey, look behind me, dang.

He is definitely into what he is learning...

my brother jesse, my sister susannah, my sister sara, and her children brycen and tucker, all went to zion national park to enjoy the great outdoors and accomplish some homework that jesse needed done. it was really fun. cold, but fun. :) and i didnt realize this but did y'all know like 2.5 million visitors come to zion every year? INSANE!!! but way rad.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I love today:) its easter:) and the lesson we had in Relief Society i just have to say was quite spectacular. i loved it. it was taught by Sister Kathie Iverson and she did an awesome job.

Here are some pics of our coloring eggs experience on saturday. This was before i went to the easter car show and practically won the blue and white 69 ford mustang. the guy stole my winning ticket.... he doesn't know that but i know he did. i thought it particularly rude of him but then i thought i'd be gracious enough to just let him have the beautiful car. BACK to the subject, coloring eggs was fun, minus the part that we were using already tan eggs so they didn't really turn pink. or orange. or yellow. lame. but still cool at the same time. i did one especially perty that says sammy hearts colten, if you didn't notice it...and i did one other egg. sadly, that egg is lacking decoration cuz i was distracted by the following: there is a pic of cereal all over the floor. here is the story. my mother has been vertically challenged her whole life so she asked me, who is approx 3 inches taller to get her somethin off of the top pantry shelf so i got on a step ladder and as i was reaching somehow i knocked a cereal box off - but it didnt just fall straight down somehow it was doing flips in the air flinging cereal every which way. the result- the floor u see below. Therefore i didnt have time to do any other eggs. so nana banana did. but its all good. she had a blast:) and me an my mommy laughed. Normally i think it'd be kinda dumb to take a pic of that but we already had the camera out and goin so there ya go. enjoy.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


so my birthday isn't until the 26th of this month, but i got a package from colten for my bday yesterday:)

this pic isn't too awesome cuz it was with my phone but oh well deal w it:) haha. the ring i'm wearing is handmade it has little blue and white beads and it has CTR in it and two hearts:) then also the scripture case you can see has my name and more blue and green all hand made kente is what its called or soemthin like that. and then the bracelet is blue and white too and says sammy :) can you tell that i like blue? and that colten is the most awesome person on the planet? hopefully so. so also in the package was a tape from him and a letter and a cd with all of the pictures from his first six months. my hand looks kinda fat in this pic. i could never be a hand model i just realized, but i'm ok with that. He Also sent two ties for my dad and his dad and the one for his dad is way cool its black and white w cool designs and also handmade kente and the one for my dad is blue and white and says BYU on it. seriously awesome. im super excited to use my scripture case haha i really love it and love everything it was the best birthday present ever. (and its not even my birthday) dang.