Wednesday, November 19, 2008

4th folder 4th pic:)

i've been tagged. so here ya go:)

this is a pic from England. it's the 4th out of my pics, because technically i would have been taking nana's if i did the actual 4th. this was taken from the bus, that's how pretty it is in England. Even if i'd had a kodak disposable camera good pics woulda been possible because that place is so unbelieveably beautiful. I loved that trip.

Monday, November 17, 2008

what to do....

i want to show you my poem- but do you guys think it'd be bad to idk i dont want someone to copy paste and call it theirs- not that its that amazing im just sayin... or am i crazy to say that.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

my 'singing' experience

So since i was supposed to sing, and i didn't really have a voice, i couldn't leave the YW president (who is an awesome lady) with a blank spot in the program. (ps i tried the salt water - like 15 times, so nasty and it helped but still didn't work :() I tried more honey and lemon hot water stuff and that helped only slightly too. so, instead of singing i shared a poem that i wrote a while ago that's called This Light. and it went well - except for the fact that i cried through the whole thing. So the moral of the story is i think the Lord wanted me to read that instead of sing because the poem helped me if nothing else. It's weird, when you write in your journal or you compile your thoughts and feelings into a bunch of words that rhyme, sometimes you read it later and thing "dang, i wrote that? that was for sure inspiration for the future..." at least thats how it is for me. That's why i love writing though, because sometimes, somehow you get to express how you feel and sometimes it needs to be said. the best forms of communication though i think are singing, nonverbals, and things like hugs- that dont need words at all. but like i said i think tonight the Lord wanted me to say it rather than sing it. Do you guys journal write? Do you ever look back and find little sparks of genius from yourself haha that you forgot existed? Or which do you think is better- artly forms of communication haha or just stating the facts and how you feel? tell me these things so that i may learn wisdom...:)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

livin la vida loca

living the crazy life. i hope- actually im pretty positive i didnt spell that right- but oh well. everything is crazy. i'm supposed to sing at yw evening of excellence on sunday- then at the roadshows wed and thurs- then another time but i can't write because it's a surprise and a certain person who may read this cannot know about it- and yesterday i got a sore throat!!! and today it still hurts and my nose hurts and i really dont wanna be sick. i'm ticked. it doesn't hurt to sing, but i hope it doesn't sound too bad. its not a super bad sore throat and i'm gonna drink hot water with lemon and honey everyday pretty much till it feels better- its just the worst possible time for me to be sick. And this happens right when pedicures are pickin up and so i'm just so busy!! I just hope that everything works out- but i know i just gotta have faith and stay positive. I've learned (as most women do as they get older... not that im old but of course i'm stil learning) that when i'm in the slightest negative mood i immediately want chocolate- or some sort of other tempting food and then it makes me sick and then i feel worse and then want to eat more and its an ongoing cycle of craziness. I'm trying to not eat my way through the next two years, haha but October was a bad month. November has brought a little more joy to my life though, because i'm tryin to be better. I think honestly Taya helps a lot cuz she is freakin rad- that whole family rocks- my family helps tons- being busy is a blessing- and just being happy despite my rage about certain things that go on in my life. Most of all, i just want my sore throat to go away. Any advice?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Busy stuff

So, i did my first real pedicure that wasn't just another practice on Taya (which those are fun too) and it was way fun. they are long pedicures. if you want one let me know!! we'll schedule you up!:) life's just been kinda busy- good because time flies when your busy. my classes are going good and my work is too. i've been of course on an up and down roller coaster of emotions here and there and everywhere but honestly this week has been good- and i've learned the more you study of the gospel and really really want your life to get better- it will. i read in the new era today that Happiness is basically something that we choose to be, it comes from within us. and ya know? i'm gonna keep tryin to be positive. i must say i love my family and they make it a lot easier. Also, Colten's family makes it a lot easier too, i Really like hanging out with them and they're all so freakin rad. I love em! sidenote- the new era has some good stuff this month. just fyi- open it up and read it:)
BEST NEWS OF TODAY: I got another 3 letters;) i'm way excited- haven't opened up the little treasures yet but i'm about to. I'm just at work and i thought i better blog about life a little.
Everyone have a wonderful day:)