Monday, September 29, 2008

Exciting news...

Though quite pitiful compared to how much i have left, i still can't believe one month has passed. I'm excited:) I also just found out that my buddy Nicole is moving back down here in December ish. So, this means hopefully we will find an apartment together and party! haha, but we really might move to st george--- if we can find a cheap apartment and stuff, so if you hear of one let us know! It all just depends though because if i dont have a job in st george by then and if she doesn't either we might just live at colten's sister sheilee's casita (if its open) until we can find somewhere in st george. Just for the fact that we can live on our own:) haha. I just figure it'll be good for me. The main reason i'm still at home (other than i love my family) is because i just wanna save money, so if we don't find somewhere way cheap then maybe nicole can live in the basement with me, cuz it practically is my own little apartment with the kitchen and everything. Anyway, i'm just excited for the road ahead, and today, this morning actually i hope to get an email from colten, still waiting, but hopin it'll come soon! That's why i'm even posting a post, i'm just waiting to hear from him haha, and this is prob one of those posts that no one will comment on, but hopefully will still be read. Everyone seems to like posting on the cute ones- like the rose one, so maybe one of these days i'll just have to bust out some good ole memories of me and colten. then ill get some sweet comments i bet. ya ok, enough rambling. Have a Good Day!

Friday, September 26, 2008

The First Rose...

So, it's pretty much been a month. and so i decided to put the first rose back into the vase, which means a little less time till colten gets home:) technically its like 22 months till he gets back because he will most likely come home in july, rather than in august so that he can get ready to start school that semester. so this is a good day. if you didn't know, colten gave me 24 roses one for each month to put back into the vase. So, i dried them, and now just one per month. yaya!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

school stress.

no one is commenting, but thats ok, ill just keep writing! haha. so today in communications, we played 'password' and all you had to do was say one word that related to the secret word, and your companion had to guess the secret word. so my word was Belguim, and we played 2 people vs 2 other people. so here is how the game went,

other couple first guy gives clue: waffles
guesser, gets it wrong.

my turn- first clue: Dutch
my guesser, gets it wrong!

other couple 2nd clue: uh, idk, waffles!
guesser, gets it wrong

my turn 2nd clue- tulips
my guesser! still doesn't know!

other couple 3rd clue: WAFFLES!
guesser: IDK still gets it wrong.

my turn 3rd clue: (i asked the teacher if we could tell a country that is close to it) so i said Holland
my guesser: still no clue gets it wrong.

NO ONE GOT IT, and everyone in the class was like- why'd you say tulips? Dutch? What?
So my question is, Am i retarded? or are these seriously college students that no nothing about countries in this world, and the fact that tulips are grown everywhere in places like Holland and Belguim, that Dutch is the language they speak, and yes we Americans might have what we call the Belguim Waffles but still- there are other facts than just that. it was awkward for me, because i had to try to explain myself and apparently i dont exactly look like the type of person that would know these things so everyone just looked at me like i was retarded.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Do you get the Deseret news? or just the Church news? if not, you should find the latest copy. in the church news there was an article about the Ghana mtc because they hit an all time record of 55 people in the Mtc. and in one of the pictures, you can see Colten! please check it out and let me know if you see him! I thoroughly enjoyed it... :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

heres some more.

yesterday in the email colten sent, he talked a lot about how blessed we are that we have two big amazing families who love us very much. And I'm so thankful. I love my family so much. (and i like his family a whole lot too!!:)) Colten usually reminds me of things like this, just how lucky both of us are. I can't believe it sometimes. I am so thankful for everything in my life. last night i got a flat tire, and basically i was freaking out, not out loud, cuz thats not my style- haha but in my head though i was really stressin, and i was walking up the stairs and i thought-- oh my heck sammy your ridiculous, its a flat tire! how many times a day does this happen to people everywhere! who cares! yes it is a little inconvenient but at least i have a car, cuz most of the world doesn't. Then i felt retarded at myself that i would honestly worry, and put that much emotion into a tire! haha it makes me laugh now, but i realize that its those little things that can sometimes steal our good mood away. It shouldn't be that way, so i gotta work on that. I also really love my dad, he is the master of the cars in our family, i told him yesterday, that he will just be in charge of things like that, until i get married one day and then my husband will be haha. good thing. :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Trick!

so, a while ago i wrote a post about how time really doesn't go any faster or slower, though it feels like it does- well i decided if you just keep busy and have fun, then i swear it really does- haha i know it doesn't but it is the trick, then all of a sudden its like wow almost a month has happened since your best friend left on their mission- ok one more week till it'll be amonth but im still excited haha. p.s. i got an email from him today, he is doin good, but headed out to "the bush" haha hes gonna be living in an area called "Ho" but he will have email so im excited to hear from him on a regular basis rather than wondering when i was gonna get somethin. so, i posted pics that i took, just from around my house. just because i like pictures and i think most people do on blogs so here ya go! also, thanks to haili i now have a cute blog... yes. :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Taya's Birthday!! :)

haha here are the official pictures from vegas! it was awesome, this was at the cheesecake factory... yumyum:)
this right here is lexxus with some sweet, sweet teeth.
this was taya's first challenge, find someone who was also 30 years old, and take a pic!
this was another challenge, she had to find a baby and play pattycakes with it! cute.

another one: find someone who had the same birthday, and sing happy birthday to yourselves in front of everyone, classic!

this is an abercrombie model that she had to take a pic with too!
she also had to take a pic in front of a way nice car, so thats that one.
then these guys came along, weren't exactly part of the plan, but we just had to get a pic of her with these "two hansome fellas" (they were a couple)

this is just me and lex at a huge toy store! good times:)

Friday, September 12, 2008

A New Day...

So, i took that picture this summer up at kolob, beautiful huh. Scenes like that don't take a good photographer, they are just so amazing that even with a disposable camera, you could win an award. pictures like this, are witnesses that the real artist is in heaven, and He creates pictures like this so that our day might just be a little happier, a little brighter, and a little better. When i look at this picture, i see a new day. I see the sun reaching through the clouds, rising above. even though the clouds pretty much cover it, the sun won't let itself be completely covered up. So, even through hard times, I can't let myself get thrown into a depression and cover myself up and hide away from the world. This is my chance in life to do whatever i want! yay! I miss colten, but dude, i got two years myself to become the best freakin person ever :) So, good news, I decided what to do. I'm going to do that nail apprenticeship thing, and then probly work at the salone in st george for a while, through january till the summer, and in the summer i want to be an efy counselor either in cedar or at byu- probably byu. and then if the economy is good and things are safe enough, i want to go to mexico next fall and teach little kids how to read/speak english. Sometime throughout these different things i want to get an apartment (hopefully in january) in st george. but idk, i might just wanna stay at home at save some mula. that part we shall see. but i'm definitely not leaving in january now. i've decided. its A New Day... yay!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


i miss colten.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So I guess i was tagged...:)

so here i go.

im not following all the rules though. im just gonna tell you 6 quirks about myself.

1) as of yesterday i did tell my sister that i have a secret superpower. jenny, seriously you better watch out.

2) i tend to be so sarcastic in my head sometimes that i laugh and look around to make sure no one saw, but i just can't help it when i'm in so many awkward situations. It's my natural identity to find humor in almost any situation, but sometimes im mature and i just block out my immature side for a while.

3)sometimes when i wake up, i'm really really really happy. and i tend to dance. and i tend to want to wake everyone else up. or if im at sleepovers and i wake up, i laugh at just about anything anyone says.

4) i like to read. :)

5) I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC. yes even 90% of the twangy good ole fashioned stuff. even though sometimes i dress like a person who doesn't like country music (if you were to stereotype me) i really love it. lots and lots.

6) i check my email and my blog just about every single day. i really enjoy comments (hint hint) for example today in my math class our proffessor let us have the usual 5 or less minute break. what did i do? went to the lab down the hall and plopped myself down and checked my email. (the reason behind my insanity couldn't have anything to do with the fact that i'm impatient and every blessed day that goes by i anticipate and anxiously await some form of communication from Colten)

thats all folks. ill be here all day. seriously. like for real ill prob check my blog sometime within the next hour. so if you wanna comment feel free. even if you compelled to call me the biggest nerd ever, thats ok because you took time out of your day to comment on my blog and that shows that you love me just a smidgeon. :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

What to do...what to do...

So, i'm tryin to decide what to do. :) My brother is movin up north either fairly soon, or in january -most likely sooner, and he would love for me to go. well, I want to, and i think it would be good for me, and i think i should, BUT- i dont want to. at least today i dont. maybe tomorrow things will change, but i just dont know. i would have to wait till january because i need to start my nail apprenticeship and finish it, and by then i should be done, but then once i am, do i stay down here? or do i move? idk. Obviously i've prayed about it, but who wouldn't? but i still don't know what i should do. if i stay, i might be able to work at the salone that i'm learning how to do nails from, and maybe my friends would move into an apartment with me in st geroge (that's my ideal thing i wanna do) but, what if they dont wanna? so, then i could just move up north, live with my grandma(much cheaper and funner cuz she cooks yummy and i could be closer to her) (my friends would be way fun too tho but you see my dilemma) and i could experience life at a different angle for a while, see if i like it. Even though i'm pretty sure i wouldn't last too long, i still think it would be good for me to live somewhere else. But if i did move i'd be further away from colten's family, and my family, and i'd probably be forced to go to a singles ward and that's not exactly my dream. Freakin heck, i dont know! i guess well all just have to wait and see what the Lord thinks i should do. But i do know one thing- that ultimatly it doesn't matter what i do, but its how i serve the people around me, and how i choose to live- righteously or not. So, that's the most important thing, now i just need to make a decision! Help me people! please?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

just a little pick me up....ok a big one

so really quick- i went to vegas on labor day with colten's mom and sisters and niece and sisters-in-law and it was really fun! i'll prob put some pictures of it later- but shopping is always a little pick me up.
all of a sudden,
out of nowhere,
a spectacular thing happened.
I walked into the office in which i sit and check my blog, (and work). and lo and behold there on the desk sat a little red bag, with a teddy bear inside. also, my eyes stumbled upon a note, well technically an envelope, with the words "Sammy Grace" printed on the outside, and a picture of a heart beneath the words. It hit me, someone had brought lil ole me a present, but who was it? None other than the amazing Haili. Haili is a sweet gal, short, i would say auburn hair, has a very cute style, and is one of the nicest people ever. She wrote within the card, that was within the envelope, entitled sammy grace, with a heart, some amazing things. She helped me in my time of trouble and brought me up to Cloud 10. I'm so thankful for her efforts to cheer me up. Men are that they might have joy, and people like Haili, are that they might bring joy to those around them. Thank you Haili, that really meant a lot to me.