Saturday, December 19, 2009

pretty much 12 days.....not of christmas...

this is a late pic of what my hair looks like with 'finger waves.' susannah had me be a model for a hair school fashion show thing and i loved having finger waves in my hair! its the 20s look that i love! so i busted out the pearls, and keep it in my hair as long as i could.

12 days till i move. weird. weird. weird. ya know whats funny? i applied to be an efy counselor and i have an interview at the end of january...but idk, im thinking i might just wanna come straight back after the semester at uvu cuz i love summers here even tho its hot hot hot its fun fun fun. who wouldn't wanna live smack dab in the middle of an area that has 2 lakes, mountains galore, fishing destinations, and lots of open roads to bike on, oh and a national park jus down the road? thats not to mention that its by my family, and i just love the hot summer sun. makes everything better. no cold for sammy. but im excited for a little semester vacation at uvu, a little break from life down here. it'll be fun hangin with charlee and my broski and my extended family. im just already getting excited to come home lol, and i haven't even left....

p.s. my excitement also couldn't have anything to do with the fact that a certain elder iverson would be coming home within the general time frame after this next semester....(there was pure sarcasm in that statement if you didnt get it then....that sucks)

what do ya think about staying for part of the summer up there and being an efy counselor? let me know your opinions!?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Giving Thanks

So i'm a day late... but that's just kinda the way I roll.

I just wanna list a few things i'm super thankful for because it Tis the Season.

-Christmas Music...LOVE IT.
-Country Music....LOVE IT.
-Books, particularly somewhat cheesy but good christmas stories, and also I love movies from ABC family that are also particularly somewhat cheesy but good christmas stories.
-that i have a job
-when i go through a whole shift without any mean customers:)
more serious notes-
-my good friends who i can call any time of day- and they help me out.
-my family, ya they're pretty much freakin amazing, i really do feel so blessed to be a part of such a great fam
-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the restored true gospel of Jesus Christ, my reason for what I do, the reason for who I am, the one thing I know is true. I really feel extremely blessed to be a part of this church. I love it. Most importantly, I'm thankful for a Heavenly Father who loves me, and I'm thankful for Jesus Christ and what He did for me, and also what He continues to do for me daily, He gives me strength to keep going, and every single day (even on the ones that seem so bad) I see the Lord's hand in my life. He blesses me continually, even when I make mistake after mistake after mistake, "His hand is stretched out still" (2 Nephi 15:25)
-Last, but certainly not least, I'm thankful for Elder Colten Iverson. :) That boy has done more for me than I could ever just type up in a blog. I'm so lucky to know him, I'm so blessed to be a part of his life, and I feel like he is one of the biggest blessings in mine.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Self Exploration

so, basically, pretty much, as i attend the famous Dixie State College, I am currently on my way to an Associates Degree in general stuff. My favorite explanation of gettin yer generals was from my advisor, she called it "Self Exploration" At first I thought ya i like that name, then i realized, WOW. self exploration...lucky me....i'm paying a ridiculous amount of money to explore myself....that sentence could've been taken inappropriately but you know i didn't mean it like that, anyway, i felt pretty lame after my mind reached this conclusion. On the bright (sarcastic) side, I found out something about myself this semester, I really, really, really, dislike, well lets say strongly dislike, well no, for this one were gonna use the word HATE, (in all capitol letters--take note of that) GEOLOGY. Good Ole (frickin) Geology 1010. I really hate it. I like learning, or should I say self-exploring, but ya know what? I hate geology. It is officially worse than math I think. I dont know what it is that gets me, no actually I do know, Not only am i paying to self explore my way to a degree that is "guaranteed" me to make more money than any regular high school graduate, but to make matters even more special, I am paying money to learn about rocks. Personally, I think my interest for rocks left me right around Kindergarten. Maybe it'd be better if my teacher kinda had some sort of idea where i'm comin from, but no he is definitely OBSESSED with rocks. In fact, we were SUPPOSED to be done with the rock chapters and the whole bit of classifying them, (igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary...take your pick) after midterms. Chapters 1-9 we spent on rocks. then we were tested on them, so then were SUPPOSED to be done right? WRONG. my teacher said to us the first class after midterms, right when i was feelin like ok i may be able to handle this class were done with all the rock chapters, these were the almost exact words that came out of his mouth, "Don't think that we're done with classifying rocks, (my heart sinks right about this moment) were still gonna work on this guys i want you to get really good at this, so we'll be spending more class time classifying rocks" WHY? WHY? WHYYYYYY? none of the chapters in the rest of the entire textbook talk about classifying dang rocks. but does that matter to him? apparently not. i hate college. at least for today, as i stare at my open geology textbook, I HATE college.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dis Isss Mi Nu Powst.

I thought i'd get a little creative with the title there. SO. sammy's life consists of: homework, homework, lack of sleep, guilt for not doing the homework that needs to be done so badly, guilt for not doing the homework early like i told myself i would, eat, feel a little guilty for stopping at dairy queen to do so, a cherished moment of being able to work out here and there, lack of sleep, go to class, particularly geology to learn about dumb rocks, then home, then sleep hopefully, find a blessed moment to write colten a letter or two, check email/blog while wishing i could just easily delete my facebook because i dislike it so much, write another list of junk that i need to do before i move, feel a little guilty that i haven't done more to prepare to move, think about saving money, worry about getting a job in provo, hope that the job options come thru, (on a more serious note)-LOVING every monday morning email from my bestest friend and mi love colten, Love every letter i get, (especially when they are three pages instead of just two but i'm grateful when they are just two too) Loving and cherishing and feeling so much better when i go to institute classes, (back to bitter sarcasm), go to work, sit at desk and do homework and then stay up till weee hours of the mornin to close the theater, and then going home and doing none other than....dun duh duh dah....drum roll please....ta dah! HOMEWORK. BUT, then, when i do go to sleep its nice. me likey sleepy.

Monday, November 2, 2009


so this is where i was on halloween. the theater:) mr moser=phantom, daven=candy striped nurse, me= cavewoman (i have a bone barrette in my hair) and up above is alli hinton and her boyfriend ryan drake they are dressed as zombies and they looked so freakin cute together. i love that pic of them. my hair was quite large. i love krimpin my hair. i truly love it. who agrees that krimping your hair should be back in style? i am dead serious when make that kind of a statement. i love krimped hair. i really do.

just so ya know there are so many little annoying tasks ya have to do when ya transfer schools. but, good news- i got a 96% on my history test last week. i was so excited. oh so excited. i've got a few job ideas/offers for up in provo- looks like things will work out after all :) it'll be weird but good. oh so good.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Welp, i'm a movin.

It looks like Ms Most Likely To Never Leave Hurricane- is leavin. dont think i'm crazy tho it's only for (most likely..haha) 4 months. If for some strange, odd, random reason i love it too much to come back y'all will hear about it. but i'm pretty sure it'll just reinforce my strong liking of good ole H-town. i'll have to say goodbye to my truck for a little while- but i'll visit ole blue here and there. i wrestled with the decision after it wouldnt leave my mind- i was pretty decided that i was not gonna leave when i started having a feeling otherwisea nd then i prayed and pondered and prayed and discussed and prayed and made lists and prayed and then the answer came. so provo, utah- happy valley- i can't believe i'm saying this- but here i come. yippy skippy.....
This pic was taken by my amazing sister Rowena (aka Jennifer) Chamberlain and I'd say she does a good ole job theres lots more but there is just one of my favs. dont have time to put up the rest but ya there ya go. You can check out her blog- if ya wanna. she funny and talented:)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Lord Answers Prayers- Sammy the Hunter

This here is an answer to prayer. First hunting trip-prayed and asked the Lord that if it be His will I should get an elk. I trusted in Him, and I must say that when i had my gun ready and i had the crosshairs on this guy- this 7point bull elk-- my arms were shaking i was filled with adrenaline, and I said ok, Heavenly Father help me out here- then i counted in my head...1...2...3...(while i'm takin my time my dad was calling the elk to keep him interested in what was across the lil valley approx 170 yards away and our guide i think was thinking just shoot him!) then BOOM! shot him right through the chest- one bullet, he took a couple spasm steps and dropped to the ground. sorry if this is a bit gorey, or sad, but the beauty is that this meat will go to families that need it, not to me. That is why the Lord helped me. I was just an instrument in his hands (who found out she has a pretty good shot...) how else do you explain me only shooting this 270 twice earlier that day just to practice- then the third shot musta been the lucky it was divine intervention. I believe the Lord always takes care of us when we trust in Him. I believe animals are on this earth for the use of man, not for sport but for good reason and I think because I went in with the right attitude, I came out with a win. I'm very thankful.
My testimony is like unto Ammon's, in Alma 26:12 "Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever.
and in verse 16: Therefore, let us glory, yea we will glory in the Lord; yea we will rejoice, for our joy is full; yea, we will praise our God forever. Behold, who can glory too much in the Lord? Yea, who can say too much of his great power, and of his mercy, and of his long-suffering towards the children of men? Behold, I say unto you, I cannot say the smallest part which I feel.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

she's ALL mine..... Jealous?

This here folks is OLE BLUE. That is the name of this lil beauty. I own this truck completely. No payments- no loans- no crap she's all mine. and guess what? i got a way good deal on it. I have a thing for old trucks. idk what it is but i jus do. So my dad got this truck at an auction for a waaaay good deal, brought it home and i saw it and i was like----ooooh snap. so, i busted out the amount he required- in cash--and guess what? i now own this 1986 Ford. I'm normally a chevy girl but this deal was too good to pass up. get this- its how old? do the math... and it only has 76000 miles on it! its a 4-speed so i'm a lil rusty at drivin it but i successfully drove it to lunch today with me an my mom. the interior is blue, and it has a super duper velvety soft plush seat with no rips or anything. The radio works, everything drives fine. we had to get new batteries but now its puttin along pertily. :) haha. Charlee and i decided ole blue (well i pretty much decided with charlee on the phone and laughing at me the whole time for what a nerd i am) would be the perfect name.

Here is what the truck needs:

a serious detailing- there's dirt in there thats probably from 1986.

a paint job- well do you think it needs one? i kinda like the multi-colored finish that it has. we got blue goin on, we got some gray, we got some rusty orangeness, i'm pretty sure those are falls hottest colors so the paint job we may put on hold. (also we might be putting it on hold because colten paints cars and could do wonders with this heap of happiness)

a new tailight- only on one side tho

a new stereo system--this one i really dont know about i kinda like the feel of a staticky country radio station blazin through the popping speakers when driving down a dirt road (i'm dead serious no sarcasm on this one cuz i really like that feeling)
new windshield wipers- idk if they've ever been replaced...haha
im probably missing something but so far thats what i know i need. :)
i'm on cloud 15 as of monday september 21st, 2009. call me a nerd- i'm ok with that i just like this truck. i'm so excited. :) :) :) so be honest, aren't ya jealous? haha

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So i haven't blogged in like a month. or more. ok more because its now september. and my last one was in july. you see? i am blonder now because i'm going crazy because i'm so busy because my dad is...well he is my dad and he has led me to become a workaholic. i dont know what else to do but work. and go to school. hahaha. no i'm glad i'm doing what i'm doing. All the things i'm doing in my life all work together to accomplish certain goals that i have. So its all good. i am taking like Gen Ed classes from dixie. all of which looove to give out lots of reading and homework. I am working still at the theater, the bell tower, for my mom, and trying to get out of doing pedicures as much as possible. You see, i might be starting a couple days a week at a new bridal store in st george called eternity bridal and if i do i'm just gonna say goodbye to the pedicure business because i dont need it and its not my favorite job in the whole wide world. I am also taking 2 institute classes- both of which seem to be EXACTLY what i need in my life right now. funny how that works huh? i think the Lord definitely had a role in helping pick the right classes. I am currently just trying to fit in everything in my schedule. Homework, work, working out, sleep, class, eating, working, working, and working, and then some more homework on top. So, in other words i shall try to keep all who care updated on my life. And i'm gonna try and write more about the truly important things that happen in my life, like the spiritual awakenings haha that i so often need and have. P.S. i so totally only have 11 months left. -crazy huh.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Fishing Trip-

Mystic River- a place where tis not only majestic, but you are pretty much guaranteed a catch. My first catch of the day however was:
But this was because i was trying to fish with a spinner instead of bait- i was testing my sweet fishing skills. guess what- i almost caught a couple big ones. haha. Nana on the other hand, using bait, and her sweet fishing skills...

Caught a Frickin Monster!!!!

I did switch to bait, and ended up catching 2 fish... nana caught 5. and my dad caught one, but in my dads defense he was busy helping us, or i should just say susannah cuz frickin everytime she threw her line in the water she had another catch. so he was busy taking care of those fish.

In my defense now, i will be honest, i did show some major skill when my dad was helping susannah across the pond and i caught one on my line, and dont worry i busted out the net myself and got it out. it was a good day overall. i enjoy fishing there because like i said really, your guaranteed a catch. at least one. its a beautiful place up on the edge of Glendale i believe. you dont even need a fishing license. its awesome- you pay hourly or for each fish you catch and there is a limit i think on how many you can catch but its really fun.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Hiked Angels Landing!!!

me, Susannah, and Jason are the hikers that were filmed during the whole hike. Jason is the cousin of Alex Chamberlain- my brother-in-law and also the camera man.

this is the view from the very top- yep i'm sittin right next to the edge.

on the way up- the beautiful view behind me.

me and suskannah
its hard. very hard. but it was a great experience and we had a blast. if you wanna see the video of our hike, go to youtube and type in angels landing hike zionquest and you should find it. :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Clean Plate Club

So, Friday night, i babysat for my sissy poo Jenny. If you didn't already know- she has a lil boy named Henry and a lil girl named Grace. well, before Jenny and Alex left, they fed me- thanks for that by the way and it was quite yummy so i happened to eat everything on my plate. Grace- being the darling girl that she is, was kind enough to inform me that I was officially part of the Clean Plate Club:) She let me in i guess since my plate was so beautifully clean- and i being the big girl that i am, ate my WHOLE dinner. She then looked down at her plate, and she still had half her dinner there, and she said... "I'm not part of the clean plate club...:(" but ya know? she is cute enough, i think we'll let her stay in the club.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

latest news.

random pics. i never take pics so here are the latest ones i took me and daven went to olive garden cuz the boys that we normally would be going out to dinner with are currently in different towns (and/or a different country...) haha. colten said that our sunglasses look like big ole insect eyes basically- but hey we still look hot. :)

Harry Potter. Number frickin 6. do you know what this means for sammy? this means a kagillion people, a kagillion popcorns, and a kagillion times the chance of there being angry customers for whatever reason they can possibly come up with. because of course- its totally understandable, i mean, my life has no other purpose than to go to the movies and freak out because someone put too much butter on my popcorn. NOT. anyway, the movie itself, here is my review: its good till the end. idk why i didn't like the end but i didn't. and i just am not a major fan in general of harry potter stuff i like it but i definitely dont love it and so i prob wont see it again. maybe i'm biased and blinded by the annoyed feelings from the fact that i had to do another midnight show and i was at the theater till 3 in the morning. got home at 330. ya. at least i got to sleep in. ya i think my bitterness plays a role in my feelings about the movie... oh well.
here are some song recommendations for y'all, you must look these up:
Sara Evans, "No Place That Far"
Colbie Callait, "Fallin For You"
Jason Aldean, "Big Green Tractor"
these are winners in my book. :) have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pretty sure- one of the top 5 greatest things you'll ever hear.

i have now purchased a replacement pair of herculesnephitejelly shoes from wal-mart. Oh and thanks to wal-mart "always having low prices... always" i got them for only 3 dollars and 50 cents :) i was basically living it up when i put those babies on.

my 4th of july- well i must say i found a new talent- i am BASICALLY a professional kneeboarder. ya- if you need any tips you just ask. i will gladly share.
ok i'm really not- but i will be honest i had a glorified kneeboarding moment when i stayed on for like 10 frickin minutes.

i also worked the night of independence day. freedom isn't free. but God Bless America- land that i love (have you seen 'the proposal'? that song should take on whole new meaning :))

that morning we had a chili dog party at the theater- do not worry i didn't complete the whole day without any embarrassing moments, i just happened to spill every tiny last piece of powdered sugar on my leg that originally was on top of a lemon bar thing. do i know how it happened? no. but was the lemon bar still good without the powdered sugar? yes:)

Oh another awesome moment of that day- we had a tour group of teenagers come in saturday night (about 40 people) and for some reason the credit cards that that particular tour company has been using haven't worked on our system. do i know why? nope. the cards/ our system are both stupid. so long story short i had to get on the phone with the company and then they wanted to speak to the specific card owner so i had to go get the tour guide and bring him up to the office... that sentence sounds like its going in an inappropriate direction- but its not dont worry :) hahaha. anyway i was in a hurry because these movies start at specific time and he was missing his movie so i was going up the stairs as quickly as i could (something i should have thought ahead of time as not a good idea) and i was running in front of him because obviously he doesn't know where to go so it couldn't be one of those situations where you look around and think 'oh good no one saw' OH no - he saw, i totally biffed it. i just picked myself up and didn't look back at him because i didn't want to see his reaction because im not a fan of the i-feel-bad-for-this-person-whom-i-dont-know-so-i-dont-wanna-laugh-but-that-was-freaking-hilarious face. But overall he was pretty nice about it. and the embarrassment passed quickly because i was too rushed to stop and think about it. anyway there ya go. have a good day. a good week. and a good month. and for the record- a small piece of advice, dont run up stairs.

Friday, June 26, 2009

One of the top 5 saddest things you will ever hear about.

No, not the fact that michael jackson died, however sad that may be.

Remember a while back, when i posted about my herculesnephite jelly shoes? ..... sniff sniff.... well, a couple of days ago i went tubing down the river with nicole ryan and mckay, and this little boy's purple toy was floating fast down the river and i stood up to go and get it or at least attempt it, either way my intentions were good, and then i slipped and somehow my shoe came off and i immediately stood up and looked right where i was standing i didn't even move and it was gone! i looked downstream, nothin! everywhere! nothin! no sign of my shoe. i have no idea what happened to it. LUCKILY, i know they still have them at wal-mart so i will be returning there to purchase a second pair. but seriously. SAD sad, SAD, news. somehow ill make it through the week. but, i must say, if you minus the shoe loss, the tubing trip was freakin rad. oh and minus my wretched sunburn. but really it was a fun trip everyone should do it in their lifetime. anyway, i hope you all have a wonderful day. :)

Friday, June 19, 2009


age on my next birthday- crazy. sweet.

this is one of my fav. views, my front porch. one of my fav places to be. but....this is my favorite place. KOLOB. beautiful:)

this is my fav. color- blue gray, and that'd be sweet to have a diamond that color, but you'd have to be rich first...which i am not so ill just enjoy its beauty.
favorite clothing-- i love summery dresses, they're colorful, comfortable and cute.
favorite song, dont have one that'd be the hardest question of my life to answer so this is just what i've been listening to most lately, rascal flatts new cd unstoppable. its way good.

where am i from? good ole hurricane utah, and guess what i'm most likely to never leave and totally okay with it. i'm grateful for the beautiful place we live and i'm fine with livin here :) me likey

first job- still job- good place to work its fun.
Dream Job- truly is to be a mom. always has been, its a mix of every job there is! teacher, nurse, driver, therapist, travel guide, manager, haha many names, for one great job- the most important one in the world i'd say. something to do before i die: marry in the temple. beautiful place, full of beautiful moments.

name of 'crush'... i think its a smidge more than a crush.... a LOT more. Colten Iverson.

random pic of him trying to figure somethin out when we were doing homework together haha dang CIS class we had to work on that so much and at that moment i didnt feel like workin so i snapped a shot of him. cute huh.

Nerds. two nerds that like each other.
i didn't really wanna do any more pics so thats all folks. but funny story- tonight me an nicole treated ourselves to a nice lil dinner at olive garden anyway on our way home us old ladies have to get our kicks somewhere--- haha we were in my car we pulled up to a stop light and right next to us was these two high school guys on a mo ped thing and the one on the back was somewhat attractive (says nicole...) anyway she rolls down her window just to play around and the one guy was like oh hey and they scoot their moped back to see us better lol and he was like how are you guys and she's like good (im not gonna use proper punctuation in conversation just read it) and he was like where you from? and shes like hurricane and he's like oh i'm sorry- and nicole said where are you from? and he goes, bloomington... and she just gave him a ya-your-a-lamehead look as she silently rolled up the window and we drove away LOL. he laughed but didn't look at us again cuz he just got BURNED. me and nicole have some good times. anyway have a good day.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


well, i'm at work, and im a smidge bored only because its wednesday and for some reason we are very slow. so here i go, on a little shpill, hopefully it makes ya laugh, hopefully no crying, and if nothing else... just smile just because. k? k.

things that really just make me angered.
-bad drivers- ok ok i am NOT the greatest myself but sometimes i really feel like pulling out a siren and pulling some people over.

-chick flicks that are so hilarious and awesome and then there is some dirty part that they just had to through in there.

-when its southern utah, the month of June, and the one day you plan on going swimming with yer buddy Nicole, and it rains.

-shaving my legs

-opening up a chip bag expecting it to be Full of Bliss, and you notice its only 1/3 full of bliss

-angry, non-understanding, management hating, firebreathing customers

-And, waking up thinking i'm gonna eat a lil healthier today...going to bed thinking- yes, i really did eat that cheeseburger and strawberry shake, AFTER dinner.

-serving sizes - u know no one in their right mind is gonna only eat 10 chips.

Things that really make me smile: :)
-my paycheck

-finishing a great book- and reading it too but it always feels good to be done with it

-when my dog turbo starts wagging his tail just because i looked at him and said his name :)

-getting letters and emails from colten

-when i have finished a long day and look back and think dang i accomplished a lot today

-the days that i do eat healthy and work out which has been surprisingly more often than not recently minus yesterday

-yoga (new found likeness, thanks jenny for introducing it to me)

-being sore from working out

-rainy days (if i didnt happen to be planning on going swimming that day)

-some of my pedicure regulars just make me smile they're nice people

-my family and colten's family all make me smile bigtime

-chocolate peanut butter ice cream in any form- georgia mud fudge blizzards-subway sandwiches- Chocolate really in any form- rootbeer and lemonade mixed (weird i know)

-my fellow employees at coral cliffs cinema 8 (hurricane's fine choice for movie entertainment)

-music- singing- attempting playing the piano and just anything country makes me happy

-writing poems

-AND last but certainly Not least- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- i love having the gospel in my life- i'd be crazy without it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

way late. but, celebration- GRADUATION

gosh i wish i was that hot.
sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters. many people tried to break us up but no one can, oh help the mister, who comes between me and my sister, oh help the sister- who comes between me and my man! haha if you know what movie thats from you get 10 points.

this cute girl loves getting pictures, i can't say its her best angle, but dang aint she freakin cute!

Ran into one of my bestest friends ever. kinda blurry we couldn't get a great picture. but hey. shout out to mckay.

this one you can hardly see but her hat was pretty blinged out... following in her sisters footsteps:) haha hers was like seriously bejeweled tho it was rad. it was colorful and fun and shiny i was lovin it.

Monday, June 1, 2009

possibly boring- only read if bored. just some random thoughts

well wanna know how sammy's life is going? its full of awkward moments ill tell ya that much. but its good. life has always shown me that even the bad things have positive parts. i really am happy to be back at the theater, its fun. i'm just workin my tail off all the time and its good because it feels good to have really worked. this week i have a weddin i'm helpin at i work 4 days at the theater and thursday i have pedicure appointments. fun huh? ya. well. i must say this exciting news. i went to my first yoga class thanks to the help of jenny (susannah also attended) and honestly it was hard, but it felt quite good so im plannin on goin back. i used to do pilates a lot but i really enjoyed yoga. i have a song suggestion- listen to telluride- by josh gracin and or tim mcgraw either version is good. susannah's graduated- weird. colten said in an email last week, something to the effect of tell susannah congrats i cant believe its been a whole year of school even since i been out and now i'm freakin livin in africa! haha made me laugh. he is doin well by the way- just got made district leader in an area with a name way too long- his area is called korle-bu and the district is called lartebiokoshie. now dont go checkin the spelling- he said he just spells it how he thinks we would pronounce it i think so idk thats just what he wrote. kinda crazy. ooo another song y'all gotta check is "cant take my eyes off you' by lady antebellum. oh my gosh one of the sweeetest slow country songs you'll ever hear in your life. well there ya go. thats my blog for the day. maybe ill post the pics of nana's grad another day. but im at work right now. haha. so i gotta go. much love to y'all. peace.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

fun- back at coral cliffs cinema 8

so i'm back at good ole CCC and its way fun. i love who i work with and i love free movies and popcorn. and i just really think its one of the funnest jobs ever- now that i've worked other places. which are still fun but dont quite come close to the fun that the theater is. actually doing weddings at the bell tower is pretty much way awesome too- love coltens family they crack me up and are so fun to work with. BUT, i do NOT enjoy, being yelled at over the phone by older folks (ok it was one guy today but i'm still pretty heated up) who DONT understand technology, and who CAN'T properly check their credit card accounts, and who dont LISTEN when a completely innocent third party assistant manager is actually trying to HELP them with their situation and is more than happy to give them money back if they actually shut up for 3 seconds (not 5 cuz it really only woulda taken 3 seconds to understand the concept) and waited for the innocent assistant manager (who happens to be wearing a very cute blue dress not to be prideful or anything, they prob woulda been nicer but they were on the phone so they missed the dress) to explain that everything was going to work out and that NO we do NOT intentionally charge credit cards mischeiviously (jenny it'd be awesome if you commented with the correct spelling of that word) to steal money from people who are most likely living off retirement. long story short. no really tho, i do love my job. moments like that tho tend to make me forget... i love my job i love my job i love my job. have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


this quote is very blogworthy. i came across it in my readings... haha here ya go!

"I would not lift my little finger to defend the western world against communism if I thought that man were just a machine with no spark of divinity in him" -Dwight D. Eisenhower

Monday, May 11, 2009

Relay For Life

this weekend i participated in the relay for life with the employees at coral cliffs cinemas- lots of people in my family have had cancer- not any that were extremely serious but still and all it feels good to participate in something not just for those who have experienced such an illness in my family but for all the people that are going through it today. Its gotta be one huge trial- i can't even imagine the kind of pain that they endure. All i can say is i know, without a doubt, that the Lord gives those kinds of trials to the people who He trusts can handle them, those are the kind of people we all look up to, the people that even through so much pain they still wake up with a smile on their face.

all together i think i walked like 6 or 7 miles, as the night got later tho i swear i was like on drugs or somethin- i was bein a spaz. but it was fun, i bonded with my co-workers they are so awesome they make me smile lots. and i also got in some goood talks while walkin with my buddies. the next morning tho i felt like i'd been run over by 6 or 7 trucks, ya. ow. still recovering.

Got to talk to colten on sunday- allll i can say about that is- it was AWESOME. just awesome. through and through. i loved it. happy mothers day to all those mothers out there.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

OH happy day.

I passed my Theory Exam for a Nail tech. SCORE so i'm halfway there just gotta take my practical test. again.

this is one of our baby goats named heidi. freakin cute huh

this is the perfect picture of my mom. she loves animals like no other and she loves taking care of everything- haha literally. i love her so much and im thankful for such a wonderful mommy. p.s. i think she could be a hand model... she just didnt pass that on to me...its all good tho.

this is both of our baby goats, my mom came up with the names just an fyi its heidi on the right and gretel on the left. haha.

Random pic of beau i just thought it was cool, its midday perfect shadow time. sweet concrete reflection dawg. hahahaha.

Friday, May 1, 2009

"practical" test

notice the title, let me just assure you before i tell you the story of my horrible 'practical' exam experience, that these tests are no where near- not even remotely close- to being practical.

i will try not to drag on forever i'll just cover the main points

-first procedure we had to show the examiner how to do was the manicure - idk about you but LOTION is kindof an important part of the manicure- its a general item that does so much for the skin that people tend to apply it daily so of course you'd want that to be part of the manicure. WELL, as i began the procedure- guess what? i was missing lotion in my kit- guess what i found out? taya had it in hers....

-still in the first procedure- at the end of my pretending to massage without lotion step, i began to paint the nails. (blonde moment approaching) after i had them all painted i looked around the room and realized i was the only one painting... awesome... so i felt pretty lame for a moment but i was still upbeat haha so then when i finished the examiner asked me, "can i see your hand?" now just think about this moment, me+blonde hair+ nervousness= me answering back, "sure" and handing her my own hand, rather than the hand that the test was being graded on. and then halfway through handing her my hand in that split second i realized "wow, that was dumb" and she said "no, uh," and rather than having her actually have to explain it to me i luckily...not really luckily at this point but still luckily, i managed to catch her drift and i handed her the actual hand she wanted.

-next procedure- how to put on a nail tip. DIDN'T even know i was supposed to do this procedure, so that kinda stunned me but i had all the equipment so in the 2 MIN allowed to put all your stuff away and get all the other stuff out and clean and disinfect it all i managed to miss grabbing the glue. if you've ever had your nails done, you know just how important that glue is. so BASICALLY that section i didnt do too hott on because i couldn't perform the procedure. awesome.

-the other procedures i thought i did alright on, till we recieved our test scores.

a smidge of ventage for a second- can i just say its freakin lame because the company that tests us don't regulate all the rules with the state completely and they didn't give all the information to our teacher so theres no way we could have known all that we were supposed to- because even if you know how to do all the procedures properly and you do it cleanly (im making that a word if its not one) - if you dont dispose of the proper crap into its proper trash bags you get docked points - if you dont break every orange stick before throwing it away- you fail OH and one more detail thats just AWESOME, when you do fail because your first time its just about guaranteed that you will, they dont tell you what you missed points on... so basically ya gotta ask around town till ya figure it out on your own. how do i feel about this all? pretty dang angry.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

bramall humor.

just an fyi if you happen to read this blog and think- gosh sammy that was dumb...just remember one thing bramalls have a strange sense of humor- and some like it some dont. so latest funny moment that was blogworthy- i received a gift card for target for 25 buckaroos from my dear friend and possible future sister in law taya and so because i spend a lot of time on my own running errands working at my kazillion jobs and such i decided today to go spend that money. so i went and found some sweet swim trunks haha and some cute shoes (idk what number they are but i think i'm still in the 70s and ill have you know i resisted buying two pairs this time and i only bought the one AND they were on clearance so i did like triple goodness shoppin) and side story just for my own purposes i shall mention that uh as i was tryin on my next pair of shoes i heard a teenage girl say to her mom 'why are you laughing thats dumb mom stop blah blah blah' and i thought to myself that was kindof rude of her to talk to her mom like that (we've all done it but still the thought adds a little somethin to my story) and i looked up and lo and behold- colten's ex-gfriend...(which by the way they were together like years ago and she is an awesome gal but still awkwardness goin on if ya catch my drift) good thing i had just got back from doing baptisms for the dead- hair wet, no makeup(really thats not noteworthy i never wear makeup) and i was shoppin by myself which at the time i didnt think was too weird- i smiled at her but it was just a tension filled moment and she turned the corner and walked away... so if that wasn't cool enough i got home and nana gave me a piece of advice. she said sammy, Friends dont let friends shop alone. Partially because she was jealous of my sweet shoes and possibly partially because she felt bad i had to walk the target alleyways by my lonesome as i encountered awkward acquaintenances. and i know i spelled that wrong- in fact my computer is telling me with a red underline its spelled wrong but im not in the mood to fix it.

AWESOME news.... i hope everyone senses my sarcasm when i say stuff like AWESOME news... and i hope you realize whats about to come up next is actually about the least awesome thing on the planet. Monday, April 27th, the day after my birthday- at approximately 3:15 i found out my score of the practical for nail techs. i wont tell you the exact percentage but lets just say- there was some major failage goin on. me AND taya failaged. i wont go into detail about how completely and utterly retardando the psi exam company is- there are too many details and frankly i dont wanna get too riled up at this moment in time. good news- and this really is good news- taya passed her theory test which i have yet to take so i do have hope that i will also pass it but since she passed it that means that she and i will both prob retake the practical you have to pass both tests to get licensed and if i fail them both miserably i may just stay a forever apprentice because paying 87 dollars to experience major failage is only fun so many times. i take my theory test on saturday. good luck to me. gotta wait 30 days to take practical again. OH i'm starting back up at the theater this saturday i'm excited:) AND i wont be working any kids shows this summer HALLELUJAH. hope my jumbled mess of words and thoughts made sense:) i heart everyone who takes time to read me blog. peace out. maybe ill tell about my nail experience another day- my friends that have heard about it basically almost peed their pants laughing. yes i shall blog it at some point. i can only handle so much embarrassment at a time. peace dawgs.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

just read it. might be dumb, just read it anyway.

so i've been readin good quotes for like 2 hours- long story. someday i'll post about that too. but anyway i started eatin some chips and ya know my mind just started producing all this wisdom- and rather than keep it in my head, i thought i'd be kind enough to share.

i came up with this fantastic quote. Fantastic is really the only word that comes to mind when i think about this quote. here ya go.

"He who throws away the crushed little pieces of chips at the end of the bag is wasteful and it shall not be well with him in the life after this. However, he who believes himself to be 'all that in a bag of chips' for him, it shall be even worse."

just might be the dumbest thing i've thought all day, and yet it just might be the smartest. I'll let you be the judge of that.

think about it...

"If ever American society and the United States government are demoralized... it will come from the voracious desire of office--- this struggle to live without toil." -Abraham Lincoln.

I didnt say it, Lincoln did. Man i miss the good ole days... founding fathers rock. Abraham Lincoln rocked too.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trip to Zion :) love it...

Zion National Park. + River. + Overcast w a little rain. + Springtime = PRETTY. we're so lucky to be so close to such a beautiful place.

i love the colors at zion- so beautiful.
Brycen is so stinking cute. i love this pic. always gettin into trouble.

i said "brycen give me a big smile!" and this is what he pulled off. its so big i think he had a hard time seeing me...

the word that comes to mind here, PRECIOUS. love this little boy.

like uncle like nephew.... i guess ? cute huh...

im gonna be completely honest. #1- i took this pic, and im proud of it. but hey its not hard to do when, #2 my lil sis is a freakin hottie.

not my best photo, but hey, look behind me, dang.

He is definitely into what he is learning...

my brother jesse, my sister susannah, my sister sara, and her children brycen and tucker, all went to zion national park to enjoy the great outdoors and accomplish some homework that jesse needed done. it was really fun. cold, but fun. :) and i didnt realize this but did y'all know like 2.5 million visitors come to zion every year? INSANE!!! but way rad.