Friday, November 6, 2015

My Response.

I have stood at the pulpit in a few different wards, in front of hundreds of people on quite a few different occasions and shared my testimony. Over the last 5 or so years I have written my testimony and published it here in multiple posts, and all written on different subjects and addressed in different ways. I don't profess to be extremely knowledgeable, but I like to write down the lessons I learn in life, and how and what the Spirit teaches me through life experience. I don't ever try to sound "preachy" but for goodness gracious all I want to do is  "talk of Christ, [and] rejoice in Christ" 2 Nephi 25:26. Yesterday's announcement has not changed my testimony.

I STILL know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints is the true church and at it's head is Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know He has called a Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, and with Him a First Presidency, and 12 Apostles. I know that He leads and guides them and they are His mouthpiece.

Here's my testimony in a poem I wrote years ago. Publishing it for the world. Do Not Copy. Because it is published here I have certain copyright rights that you cannot infringe upon!

This sums up how I still feel, and will always feel. 

By Samantha Iverson

The truth sometimes rings out bright and clear
It's special, unique, different and dear
The truth often hits somewhere inside
Some people try to make the truth hide
Sometimes it isn't always what we wanna hear
But for some reason when we do, our hearts cheer
Sometimes the truth makes us cry 
That's why someone came up with a lie
But lies never last--though they seem like they do
And though sometimes it’s hidden- at some point it pops out--
             the good ole' truth

The truth is steady, it's patient, and real
It’s something that each one of us will feel
Sometimes we notice the truth by our tears
Most times the truth doesn't speak to our ears
No, our hearts hear it best if they are fine tuned
Hearts always listen even when the head doesn't want to
And someone's heart is feeling that yearn
That desire, that with Faith we may learn,
That Want for the truth about our lives before
The truth about after, when we leave this life's door

I know the truth, for it has spoken to my heart
It's something with which I never will part
I've felt it in goose bumps from the gift of a song
I've felt it when a tear fell down my cheek sad and long
I've felt a burning inside my chest
One so strong my heart couldn't rest
I wanted to share it with everyone I knew
And through this poem that's what I hope to do

The truth is, the truth has been restored,
When it spoke to me, it didn't rain, it poured
The truth I felt was that I have a Savior
One who will redeem me if I change my behavior
If I repent when I falter, and try to do my best
I know now He will be there to help me pass my test

The truth that I know is that there is a book
It's the keystone of my religion and if you'll just take a look...
You'll find some things in there, like stories and lessons
You'll find the truth and you won’t be forgettin'
It's called "The Book of Mormon"--it's special to me
For it's everything and only the beginning of what I believe

The truth is, a boy only 14 years old 
Saw Heavenly Father and His Son-and it's not just a story he told
Joseph Smith was a Prophet, a Revelator and a Seer
And it's the truth he found and gave that I hold so dear
The truth of the gospel of Jesus the Christ 
Has been restored in its fullness and for the last time

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 
It's the only true church-with quite a long name
I know it, I believe it, that this gospel is true,
And though I make mistakes, I'll try his works to do
To have faith, hope and charity
To show by example and teach with clarity
All the things I've been taught and the things I will learn
So that I can help fill the void of a heart that yearns

If I can help give them the gift of the truth
Then His work can continue
And one day what I've said, we will all feel
The truth in its brightness, and we'll know that its real
God loves His children-each and everyone the same
You might be surprised how much more he knows than your name
He wants us to come back with Him to live in His presence
Not one, Not a billion, but ALL back in heaven
That is His work and His glory
To bring eternal life to all men--
                It’s not just a story

This is the truth and if you already know,
Then don't forget how important it is that its told!
And remember what a gift that it is in your life
Don't leave it on a shelf and walk right on by,
Share it, Love it, Live it, and always learn
Because it is a great feeling when your bosom starts to burn
And you know that it's true, with every part of your soul
For peace, happiness and eternal life is the reward
           And I believe--that that, is everyone's goal.