Saturday, October 10, 2015

No Strings Attached. Poem.

This poem has been sitting on my desk for a couple of weeks now. I wrote a large portion of it and then thought it was done...but I kindof... asked the Lord if there was more. And there was. Please don't steal. If you use this give me credit. I'm not posting it because I want credit, but I have a book of  my poetry that I have lost, and I have learned that it is beneficial to publish poetry somewhere like this setting so that I can always have it. If you take the time to read this, maybe you will feel what I felt...maybe you will get impression that come not from the words but the meaning underneath them. Or maybe you will just see a story. And that's fine too. The latter part of the poem is obviously more spiritual, but the entire writing is meant to pull at your heart "strings" mine were being pulled this particular day. Anything I write comes from a place that's very personal. I always hope that whatever I say people will take with open hearts, not assume anything, and just know that they are from and for me. Really, they're not even from me. This one really wasn't- it was more from my Heavenly Father. I know for the people closest to me- they appreciate what I share with them. But not everyone does. So I hope you'll find some appreciation in this. And again, don't steal :)
p.s. all my poetry is imperfect. deal with it ;)

No Strings Attached
by Samantha Iverson

There once was a Young Man, who gave away a lot of things
The funny thing was, was that each item he gave, had a string!
His generous. Or at least He thought it was so,
But when people saw him come around they let their eyes a'roll
For pretty soon they realized that the gifts were never theirs
Because the gives could not be given away--they could never be re-shared.
For if you tried to sell them, or even to give them to the poor,
That Young Man would come a knockin', right up to your door!
He'd say, "Remember, I gave this to you! That's why it has a string!
Because if you didn't want it, you must give it back to me!
I know each, and every thing I have--the strings lead to my home
I spent money on these treasures here! 
That's something you should have known!"
So people gave the gifts back, or left them on the shelf
And that Young Man walked around puffed up, quite proud of himself.

Then one day an Old Fellow crossed the path of the Young Man
He saw the Young man walking, with lots of strings in hand
Inquiring, the Old Fellow asked, "What are all those strings?"
The Young Man replied, "These are attached to all my things!
Isn't it a great idea?" he said, to keep track of what's given away?"
The Old Fellow had a puzzled look, and wasn't sure what to say.
He began with, "It might not be good business, and your stockpile might run low,
But I know how you don't have to keep all of your strings in tow."
He said, "What if you gave away your gifts, and didn't want them back?
What if you gave them, if it's possible, with No Strings Attached?"
The Young Man replied softly, "But I love the treasures I own"
He said, "If I just give them, then what will I have to show?"
The Old Fellow smiled, and said, "What matters most is not the strings back to your home, 
But when this life is over God wants to see how much your heart has grown."

Something inside the Young Man made his fingers finally let go
And the strings he held so dearly, disappeared before they hit the road.
The Young Man, surprised, said, "What happened to all the strings!?"
The Old Fellow smiled and said, "You must be forgetting about your things,
Some call it integrity, to do things for others when nobody knows
Some call it charity, pure love deep inside...and kindness is how it grows
These are just of few of the 'things' God wants us to carry around
And inside our homes he hopes only these good 'things' will be found."
The Young Man said, "I understand now, what I am to give, 
It's not about the things I buy, but it's about how I live!"

The Old Fellow said, "Yes, when we get to the other side,
Heavenly Father wants to see if we have let go of our pride."
The Young Man started to leave, feeling much different than before
Then he turned around and asked, "Do you have time for something more?
What if I get caught up selfishness and pride?
What if I am weaker than you think I am inside?"

The Old Fellow answered, as a tear fell down his face,
"My heart's been there too, it's a terrible, awful place.
I thought I was doing well when I looked down and saw more strings
These ones were more like ropes...and they were tying ME to things.
Addictions...on the ropes I saw each of their names
Things I thought were harmless---at least that's what they claimed.
Selfishness, Anger, Gossip, Lying, and even the one named Unkind
I hadn't even realized that all of these were mine!

That's when I discovered, I needed Someone to help cut the ropes
to help me see what I couldn't---help me gain some control.
I had to fill my life with good things, like Charity and Integrity
Like Love, Patience, Kindness, and the one named Trustworthy.
So I began to look for who could help me get rid of what I'd found
For I could not just drop these ropes---they now held me bound.

That's when I found Him. His name is Jesus Christ.
He is really the One who could help me in my life.
He took upon Himself all the strings, and ropes, yes he knows all their names.
He took upon Himself every bad thing, even the one called Pain.
Because He was Perfect, He conquered all that is not Good.
That is how He knows how to help us have the 'things' we could and should.
Not only will he cut the ropes, if we let Him help us so.
But He gives us power so that if the strings start tying we'll know.
He is the One who will change the size of your heart.
And as you do His work He will not fall short on His part.
Then, eventually, who you will have become, is an Old Fellow like me,
Trying to teach a Young Man about Repentance, the Atonement, and letting go of strings.

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Jen said...

Sammy, this is wonderful! I love it. Beautiful work, beautiful message.