Saturday, May 20, 2017


Enjoy is a verb.

For some people, this verb comes naturally. They wake up, and they enjoy life. For some people, this verb is a choice. A lot of people experience both of these paths of "enjoying."

But doesn't it feel good? Once ya choose it of course... To just---ENJOY. 

To wake up laughing at your two year old screaming for chocolate milk first thing in the morning. (Instead of groaning...which is what I tend to do)...

To taste food. The way it's meant to be tasted. Like you haven't eaten in 3 weeks, or if all you've been eating is potatoes. I once heard of a diet in which you pick one food and you ONLY eat that food for a week. When the week is over you start to eat healthier foods and you can taste them differently because you "reset" your taste buds. Do we need to really be resetting our taste buds? Because we have so many food options that we forgot to just taste or enjoy our food?

To stare at our children. Remembering them just as they are now, with our own eyes. Not with a camera lens. Enjoying the ability to have them, and see them grow, and be in their presence. It's one thing to feel gratitude...but is there something requiring more of us---to not just be grateful, but to enjoy?

We move around in our busy lives so quickly. And every spare second we get we are looking at our phones. Believe me this is not a chastisement for anyone more than it is for myself. But I know I am not alone in this. I often think of the way people lived hundreds of years ago, and I wonder if they enjoyed life more than we do today. Food required a lot more work. Having babies was WAY more risky and often resulted in death for either the mother or the child. Time was spent completely differently---as was money. Treasures were often small and simple.

So, whether your life is spent working to travel, or traveling to work, enjoy it. Whether you have a family you're raising, or still being raised, enjoy it. If you are living to work, or working to live, enjoy it. If you are living a dream, or wishing you could dream more, enjoy it. If you are like me, and folding another load of laundry, cleaning the same rooms over and over, and making more food just so you get to do the dishes...enjoy it. Whether your life will end in triumph or tragedy, enjoy it---because it's yours, no one else's. Each of our lives have blessings and burdens...but just...enjoy em'.

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